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Singapore Life Can Be YOUR Shared Magazine Section

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Singapore Life is your life and can keep you informed of the latest happy news. Journalism and photography students are invited to help us build a magazine for social conversation, art, history, culture, events, stories, weddings, new babies, new businesses, exciting events, and special news.

This opens a new chance for YOU to be published and your materials seen. Probably once the article is in the magazine it will be there for a year or longer. It gives you good local exposure and it can be included as a sample of your first published pieces to show to a potential employer in a resume, portfolio, or effort at Freelance Writing. I need YOU, and You are welcome to show us what you can do! 

We can do so much together, and draw more readers. Business owners/operators can find a place for big exposure for their advertising as an unbelievably reasonable price! It’s intended for Singaporeans and locals commuting in and out of the city for work.

That exposure can be similar to the pages you can see when you click on any of the sample advertisements on the cover of Singapore Shopper Magazine

There’s no limit on space. We can display 1, 3, 5, or more photos, interviews, explanations about any decent business, what you do for customers, how that benefits them, any sort of exciting news, and special pricing for sales and holidays.  

Journalists, and Photographers, I’ll pay you a commission for any sold ad space! No one is allowed to work for me for free. YOU Get Paid!!!  Take this great opportunity to consider the sample advertisements. Business owners, contact Dr. Newdell for a Journalist and Photographer to visit, and leave more materials to help you make your own ad space purchase decision at a price no other publication in Singapore can beat, to a readership no others can match!

Draw In More Customer Traffic, and contact the editor to capture reader’s attention in the burgeoning Singapore Shopper Magazine, and linked in the Singapore Life Section. Get More Customer Traffic. Discover  Much More Right Now. Go Here>>>

Creating Together We Can Build Our Story and Continue Singapore’s Growth, Cultural Development, and Prosperity! The publisher is seeking local  college student journalists, and authors interested in writing stories and articles about news and events in Singapore. Start small, grow together. There are many starving writers but, I’ll show a talented few, how to earn a decent income writing, and having fun.

Please understand this is not new for me. I was a star advertising space salesman for a big publication in Seattle. Everyone wondered how I got so many sales and they couldn’t. Well….I’ll teach you as part of my “sales force” and it won’t cost you anything to learn. Just go out there and meet a lot of business managers, and watch your income grow and grow, even while you continue college or another job.  or, Send a note to Dr. Newdell through the Facebook Messenger. Just click the lighting bolt in the circle at the bottom right of this and most other pages.







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