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Hello Business Builder,

I’m here to help you have more customer traffic. That’s what I’ve successfully done for small business owners for several years.

Please write to me directly at  Your patience with the changes I’m presenting making will be well rewarded. I have a secret gift for the first 8 advertisers to help you more and save you money!

I’m completely approachable and happy to receive your letter or customized request for a price for something else as for example a cross-page x 3″ tall “banner.” You’re helping me by telling/teaching me what you want, so please do send me a note and tell me.

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The Smartest Ways To Get More Customer Traffic

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1. The Smartest Way To Get More Customer Traffic

For Your Cafe or Restaurant    

The intended result of this letter is to bring understanding as to how you can most efficiently, effectively, and economically tell consumers in Singapore that your restaurant or café will meet their needs and desires for dining. All of this must lead to bringing you More Customer Traffic! Request this letter in 8-parts to your email: Send any short note to Steve Newdell:   (Yes, of course I have addresses at the website but they all forward to gmail and that reduces chances of losing a message.)

2.  Use This Page: Advertising Insertion Order As copy/paste format  This is a good way to make up your own information and add anything else you want to tell me. Forms can stop working at any time. I prefer this method because it is completely reliable and allows you the freedom to tell me anything.

3 Insertion order similar

The Legal Discussion in Step 4 is an option. You are not required to read it. It is here for my legal protection.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee and legal notes>>>

Send Steve a note!

If you did not get an acknowledgment note from me, Go HERE That is: to submit your information by a simple email or If for any reason you can’t copy/paste information or you want to talk about ANYthing else, just write to me in email and we can talk it out via letters. I’m happy to hear from you. I’ll do whatever I can to satisfy your need and meet your requirements.  Use this address:

PHOTOGRAPHS:  About Getting and Sending Photos 

Example Invoice Page   These low prices will rise after mid-September. Get me started working for you NOW!


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