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Advertising Insertion Order & Legal Notes

 Advertising Insertion Order

and Legal Notes

If we use a “professional address”  it just creates two more steps. This gets mail to me quickest. Use  We’re only exchanging company information here. I will not request any payment or payment information until I have your final approval. You can write me a letter if you prefer. Don’t panic. I’m happy to hear from and converse with you.

 Copy/paste this insertion order form (below) to Microsoft Word or similar to make your changes and notes. If you don’t have a word program or google docs it’s OK, just send me email and we’ll chat about anything related to your ad.

This is for (check or X your choice)  Big Display Advertising> ___    Classified Display>___

Company Information:  (Just delete lines and type in your information.)

Your name or your Business name: ____________________

Contact Person’s Name(s) __________________________________________________

Business Address ______________________________________________________

City:_Singapore_ Zip Code:________________ Yes/No “I characterize my restaurant/cafe as “Up-scale/luxury/more expensive”______

Phone:__________________Fax:________ For Reservations or food delivery, I want my customers to call this # ______________

Your Best Email address:_______________________________

Tell me anything. Ask me anything. You won’t be lost. I’ll keep in contact with you. Just write your message below this sentence, copy/paste to email, and send it to me here:    If you cannot copy/paste OR want to talk about ANYthing else, just write to me at  I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Please answer this question:  “I would characterize my restaurant as “Up-scale,”or, “a Luxury restaurant” or “more expensive.” Just answer “yes” or “no” to this query above.  (skip if not a restaurant or cafe.)

If “yes” I will place the listing on the listing page with an * before the business name. This will reduce problems for you and distress for potential customers.


I’d appreciate your opinion. Some technicians think it’s so “professional” to have forms as you see on this page =   I prefer to copy and paste into an email and send it. What do YOU prefer? It’s your option, you can tell me what you think if you want to do so. Thank you.

I’m also setting up a grid with photos and a short blub for each advertiser on an Advertisers” page. I can separate this into Luxury Restaurants and the rest are Restaurants and Cafes. This seems like it would be helpful to everyone.  Again, if you want to, tell me what you think. I could also separate the North, South, East, and West sides of the island. I plan to show “Dining” in one grid and a separate link to a grid of Shops.


If you are not getting a response after sending a form to me, it may be there was a broken link. In that case send your note to my personal business address:

PLEASE INCLUDE any notes and requests in an attached page explaining what you want. If you’re not much of a writer, it’s okay. Just stumble through it as best you can and I’ll work with you for the rest. Send photos I can use either of yourself, or your business exterior or the reception area, or you and a patient smiling and pleased and anything she said about your care. The more YOU give me to work with the better I can do. No writer works in a vacuum. I need information with which I can build your advertising referral page. 

Your email address will be saved and I will send occasional notes perhaps once every 2nd week, including some useful information about bringing in more customer traffic.

I am NOT asking for a credit card number now! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment. You must be pleased with my work or pay nothing until I get it right!


Presently the price for Classified Display is Set-up total charge S$63, and the monthly charge is S$30. That can be billed or paid via Credit Card in various increments. The price for big display ads (as you have seen on the cover) is $79/month and will rise perhaps another $10 later this year, also billable in increments. You won’t find a better offer anywhere.

This address will come directly to me:

You may also write directly to me at this address: —  for advertising insertion orders

I’ll write back to you from:


  • Insertion Ad Request = Step 2  Use the same form above again just type into the Subject space, “Step 2, Ad Insertion Order.” Send any additional or different photos and other information you prefer to have included.  Also include in the message section your answer to this question: “I would characterize my restaurant as “upscale/expensive.” Tell me “Yes or No”.  A YES answer triggers an asterisk (*) before your restaurant name on This Page and helps you serve those you want, and helps potential customers make better-informed choices.

Go HERE to fill in a Microsoft Word style insertion order form to copy/paste and send to me. This is also your opportunity to write anything more you want to say.


  • STEP 3: Give Your Approval For Publication:  Use the same form above again just type (or copy/paste) into the Subject space,   “I am satisfied with the ad package as I have seen it and I am ready to receive your invoice. I will pay within the following 5-working-days.”

We must wrap this up within the following 5-working-days, please. You will receive an invoice from PayPal or from our local Singapore Accountant.

LOOK HERE For an Invoice Example. This will change soon. We’ll be contracting with a local Sg. accounting firm.

  • Write anything more you want to say. Write to this address:

If you are not getting a response after sending a form to me, it might be there was a broken link. In that case send your note to my personal business address:  If anything is not quite right just write to

Thank you for allowing Singapore Shopper to bring more business to YOU!

Send your information (above) to me. Use this address. Everything forwards to this address. When you use it we remove two steps and two possibilities for problems.


Legal Discussion

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or You Don’t Pay!

This long long text LINKED BELOW discusses legal considerations that are often a concern in the USA (the origin of this form) because the US is a “very litigious” society.  But to keep it down to one sentence, I will tell you, I PERSONALLY will work to correct any problem. I will work to make you satisfied that the job is as you want it. If we can’t satisfy you completely we’ll agree to a reduced price or you won’t pay! I’ll bill you when you give me your approval that the job satisfies you.

You have never heard an advertising company say that before and probably you never will from anyone else ever again!

This is on page 4. It’s an option. You are not required to read it. It is here for my own legal protection.



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