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Atlas Coffeehouse

Atlas Coffeehouse           City Central/South
Cafes in Singapore with Takeaways and Deliveries

Atlas Coffeehouse delivers unique cafe bites that deviate from the typical cafe offerings. If you love that just-right combination of sweet and savory, try their Candied Bacon Waffle. Try their Salmon Soba Bowl and wonderful flavored Summer Chicken Stew. Coffee lovers will rave about Atlas’s bold and comforting coffees brewed from Two Degree North Coffee’s blend consisting of 70% Brazilian and 30% Guatemalan beans. You won’t find better!

Atlas Coffeehouse is run by very good people, doing excellent work, concerned for everyone’s health, safety and welfare; and their food is ahhhh, delicious!

Atlas Coffeehouse is located at 6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886, p.+65 6314 2674. Open for delivery and takeaway 8am – 6.30pm daily. Place your orders through GrabFood or call/WhatsApp +65 8489 31176 for takeaways.


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