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Earn A Fabulous Living As A Back-Pain Massage Therapist and LOVE Your Work!

This Message Is For YOU, 

Even If You Have 

No Previous Health-Care Training.

A World Renown Back-Pain Doctor Will Teach You How To Help YOUR Patients Get Healthy Naturally And Cure Their Back-Pains. Earn a Terrific Living and Help Those People Get Their Lives Back! Scroll Down For More

Let’s Talk About Natural Healing, and Manual Spine-Care Therapy for lay-persons, Patients, Students, and Professional Therapists.

(Layperson: a person who does not have expert knowledge of a particular subject. The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus)

Are YOU one of us, too smart to stay on the Big-Pharma Misery-Go-Round?  Discover long-proven, low-cost, viable alternatives.

Be appreciated, and well paid by YOUR patients. Develop a brilliant career, earn an excellent living helping others heal the Causes of their Back-Pain and restore their Natural Good Health! Receive training from one of the acknowledged World’s Best Chiropractors, who is additionally a Licensed Massage Therapist with 48-years of success caring for patients, and teaching.

He has created this mixture of Chiropractic and Classic Massage. The Technique is called Manual Back Pain Therapy. He created it especially for readers like yourself, who might have little or no health-care training.

YES YOU CAN go from “I don’t know anything” to an expert Back Pain Therapist and Learn while You are Earning!   He’ll teach you how to build a practice, be paid to care for family and friends in your local neighborhood, and become more knowledgeable and competent every day! 

Get Your Introductory Lessons. Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

This is a warm welcome and encouragement to Discover an addition to your practice,

or …


A New Career Beginning for:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths
  • and New Students!

Get out of the storms and into the warm light of prosperity! 

The Posture Zone is Our Prosperity Zone!

When you know what to look for, this woman’s body tells you what she needs!

I will teach you to read body posture and know what’s wrong and what you must do to help the patient.

You’ll Discover How You Can

  • Observe Posture and KNOW What’s Wrong.
  • What muscles to massage
  • What Spinal Vertebra to work around to encourage their natural re-alignment
  • How to manually realign a spine GENTLY as you massage.  Patients LOVE it!
  • Learn Enough to get started caring for patients and earning money. Your first practice lessons will repay the cost of this first book! I teach you how to arrange that and how to build a practice.
  • Continue to learn with me and I’ll train you to be an excellent Manual Back-Pain Therapist, EARNING Much MORE
  • Your patients will experience reduction of Back-Pain and…
  • Improvement of range of motion,
  • Comfortable movement,
  • Comfortable sleep (at long last.)
  • Ability to return to normal life and working habits
  • and….They’ll tell their friends who will be calling YOU for help too!

If you have not seen these pages “Damsel In Distress” yet, LOOK HERE>>>

follow along to discover MORE and it will finally lead you to here:

>Earn a Fabulous Living

As A Manual Back-Pain Massage Therapist

Presuming you’ve been following along with me through these several pages, it’s really time now for you to decide about making a Very good living this way. Are you going to watch other people build a big practice and earn a big living or are you going to join our growing profession?

This Lesson Series will get you started and you’ll benefit with more income, perhaps beginning within your first month. You’ll enjoy more friends, more knowledge, and more personal life stability.

And if you go through the lessons over 6-weeks and decide that I can do nothing to benefit you, demand your money back, and you’ll get it! All of the risk is on my shoulders and none is on yours. The information is already in your computer and it is yours to keep. You cannot lose a penny. Click the link, buy the 25 Career Development Lessons. You’ll learn much more than you can imagine, get a great overview of the real life of a busy Classic Massage Therapist becoming a Manual Back Pain Therapist, understand how much you can earn, and much more.  Remember, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!  Get started reading Lesson #1 TODAY.

Start Lessons Here>>>


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