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Bread Yard Cafe    Affordable and fuss-free brunch done right,

Sonya the Seamstress

Clothing repairs, alterations, and More.  I work on everything from altering blue jeans to repairing gowns.

Click any red link to see a landing sample page.

Yes! I'll do all of this for you with a promise of a 1-year commitment. Right now until mid 2022 $33/month for the entire job. 

Read on to get the entire explanation and arithmetical breakdown. 

NO ONE else on Earth gives you so much for such a low price. Go look around and see -- and you're reaching a general interest audience, (not exclusively financial business people.) this is the right place for you. Place your order right way.   send me a note. We'll make it go right!

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Your Ad Can Fit Here And Really Improve Your Income.

Small Classified Display Ads

Classified-Display-Ads  This is due for an improvement. I will be replacing what you see with a neater grid. It's coming soon.

Each of these listing spaces allows a photo and up to 20-words, AND each ad can link to my landing page or your website. I can link to anywhere. I'll make a small ad like these, and a short advertising page for you using your photo and your words. No One Else that I have ever seen will offer so much service for such a low price. Here's the thing to remember. If you want to do this, make a commitment to do it for at least 6-months. I'll set up a PayPal subscription payment that withdraws S$33 each month to make your life easier = S$396 for the year.... or.... take advantage of the discount. Read on and I'll explain.

Your Ads will be occasionally displayed in a side column or bottom of page bar throughout the entire website, AND in the developing social medium . You'll get tremendous exposure and service for a very low price. Your ad will stay clean-like-new and be available 24/7. No newspaper or printed magazine offers that!

The truth is, most printed newspapers are wet, dirty and ugly within 3-days and then the lady of the house can't stand to look at it, and throws it into the trash. That's the end of your effort. What money you invested to be seen in that home is wasted! But in a web magazine, your ad is always available and it always looks clean and perfect.

Find a way to afford to pay for the entire year at the time of your advertising insertion order and I'll give you an additional discount. You will not pay $396. Instead you'll pay S$363.

I'll give you the 12th month FREE! You really should buy the year at once because this is a low sale price for  the holiday season and into the new year.  Don't wait. Borrow a little money from family and friends and buy in now while the offer is available!

This price works out to 11 x 33 = S$363 for an entire year. You're getting 12 months advertising for the price of 11. That's extremely unusual in any magazine anywhere. And at this price, for all of this service, it's really the best offer you'll ever see!

As you see, Classified Ads are pointed to FROM THE COVER PAGE! That's the best offer you'll ever see! 

It calculates out that just $33/month is approximately $1.06/day. TAKE NOTE AND COMPARE: Most small newspapers would charge 25 cents per word X 30 WORDS=$30/month with no photo, and no additional link or landing page written and produced for you. I'm doing all of that labor free for you to get you started and keep you as a friend and future customer. And be advised, it's wise to continue advertising because readers come back looking for your ad when they suddenly need your help.

When you realize that more customers are calling and coming to you because of the ad in Singapore Shopper Magazine and the social medium,  you'll know with certainty, this really is the advertising bargain of the century!

Compared to an average 15-word printed classified ad .... well you get very little viewing that way. It's like making a donation to the newspaper. Almost no one looks at printed words-only classifieds or responds to them. 3-days later the newspaper has been thrown into the rubbish bin and that's the end of your money for this week's edition. But...

When your ad is displayed in Singapore Shopper Magazine it's always clean, dry, bright, new, and available 24 hours of every day of the year. There is NOTHING better for this price!

Pay for a year's service at the time you place your order and get 12 months advertising for the price of 11. 

Usual Price $33 x 12 = S$396 On Sale Your Price Just S$363 for 12 months of advertising.

As this section grows the services will be set in category sections similar to what you see in a telephone directory. Repairs in one, food in another and so on. You don't have to be a small start-up business. Even health care providers and bigger merchants and restaurants are welcome!

Contact Steve  to begin promoting your business today. Sale offer ends in mid 2022. 

 Place Your Ad Contact me today. Begin getting tremendous exposure and more customer traffic!

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