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BLACK&INK                                                            City East

A Singaporean Fusion Cafe Bistro  

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Dishes at BLACK&INK are often inspired by the founder, Roy, and his personal experiences. He’s an intelligent and interesting man, and has added to his view of food as an art-form, by naming dishes after his life experiences. They look good, sound interesting and are really delicious meals.

May I recommend….“Crash Landing on You,” comprising stir-fried udon with shredded kimchi and Gochujang paste topped with crispy chicken cutlets. This is the brainchild of his wife’s newfound obsession with the K-drama of the same name. For drinks, try their signature coffees like the Lavender Caffe Latte and ondeh ondeh-inspired The Baba.

BLACK&INK  – 10pm, Fri-Sun 9am – 10pm. Delivery is available via foodpanda and their website.

9620 1022
BLACK&INK is a traditional espresso coffee bar where coffee is the main focus featuring a specially crafted signature house blend “From The Heart” which literally embodies the passion the owners have for coffee and how they want to bring the best out from the beans they are serving.
Opening Hours
Tue – Fri
11:00 – 20:00
Sat – Sun
10:00 – 18:00
The Editor of wishes you more good business and dining at Black & Ink!


Business names like BLACK&INK, Seriously Keto, and Starter Lab immediately tell me, the intelligentsia of the world are attracted to live in Sg. As they bring that natural capability, they raise the society to what it has become. Singapore is the brightest light, and the smartest example of what Free Enterprise and a Representative Republic can do and be. I just love it! I pray in time darker forces fade into oblivion and the light of a smarter, kinder, loving, friendly, helpful society from Singapore infuses the entire world!

I should add: It required the mind of a gentleman like The Right Honourable Lee Kuan Yew, First Prime Minister of Singapore, to give all he could to uplift a society and in so doing, light a torch for the world. Blessings on him, and Singapore.


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