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Buona Terra Restaurant

Buona Terra means “Good Earth” in Italian, or perhaps Beautiful World. His photos show his appreciation for excellent food and food presentation as brilliant art. 

About Buona Terra

Buona Terra means ‘Good Earth’ in Italian. Buona Terra is an ode to the Italian love affair with food and dining … perhaps the only way to dine! With the whole of Italy as his inspiration and larder, Chef Denis Lucchi personally handpicks the finest produce of its soil. Then, brilliantly reinventing tradition, he transforms these luscious ingredients into contemporary works of art. Buona Terra is Italian food-craft at its most thoughtful and original and gastronomically refined. It is also a return to cherished basics: the conscious, unhurried enjoyment of flavours; the hospitality that makes you feel right at home; and the enduring memories that come from a truly great meal and a special experience.


Housed in a cosy extended wing of Chateau Tcc, Buona Terra’s boutique ambience weaves a spell of charming intimacy. The interior’s understated sophistication evokes the history-steeped, colonial beauty of the main Black-and-White bungalow — yet remains fetchingly casual. Guests amble pass a wall of gleaming, glass wine cabinets before entering a dining space of contemporary elegance. Bright, quirky paintings on the wall catch the eye and herald the bold, innovative cuisine soon to be enjoyed.


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Contact: 6733 0209

Of Course! We Deliver Island wide. 


Visit Their Beautiful Website for more photos and video, menus, and much more:  (Must See!)

Buona Terra

29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224

(+65) 6733 0209 / (+65) 9456 3147        Please say you say their ad in Singapore Shopper Magazine


Delivery Hours: 12 pm to 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm Monday to Friday

6.30 pm to 10.30 pm Saturday.


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