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Buy Classic Massage Course

To purchase each volume click any colored link. Prices are in Singapore Dollars. The PayPal computer converts for other currencies automatically. Start today. Prices may rise after the mid 2023.

Volume 1 & 2 = Just S$99.50. I’m GIVING volume 1 to you FREE as a “Beginner’s Encouragement Discount.” For technical reasons I cannot put several sales buttons on one page. Each of these links takes you to a separate page with a PayPal Sales Button.

Volume 3 = S$99.50

Volume 4 = SS$99.50

Volume 5 = S$99.49 is 3 big sections making up over 500 pages. This 3-Sections Set guides you through several videos, explaining and critiquing to make you far better than the therapists who produced these.


Click any link to see what is there. You won’t be moving money yet. You’re “just looking.” 

 The best way to learn is to read through the text book volumes and then see the videos for further review and reinforcement while practicing on a friend/patient. You’ll get a good beginning by viewing the (9) Free Videos at the end of the Career Discovery Report Booklet>>>.

Send email to Dr. Newdell   use this address>>>


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