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Cartier of Singapore

This is an art piece advertorial done to express my appreciation for the grand art of Cartier. I’ve produced it to see what I can do with my present skills and newest software. I can create a page like this for your retail shop, or for the Cartier Jewelers Group including a map for all stores, pointer ads for the group, a grid with more photos of jewelry, handbags, and any big lush photos you can arrange from the corporate office or have shot with a local photographer’s studio. The whole group can agree to contribute just $65/month for each store, and we must be at least 4-participating stores. All money you invest with me will be applied to bring more Google Search Ad readership. 

For a modest additional charge, I will also place a big picture and headline about Cartier Jewelers on the Home Page for an entire year for 5 or more dealers. This points to the landing page similar to what you’re reading, changed to meet your requirements.  I’ll list each store, address, phone number, any person to ask for there, and whatever else you want listed. Additionally, advertising for weekend specials and daily specials goes out to subscribers each week. Here again you can be included in these pages brought to the prospective customer as a message. S/he has given us a request to send information and merchandise advertising rides with it. The prospective customer has indicated her interest. It doesn’t get much better than this!

We’re talking to an audience that can afford to dine out. They are the same affluent and influential people who are interested in luxury items such as an investment in the world’s best jewelry! They want better clothing, hand bags, real estate, insurance and investments too! To get the attention of this population segment we must speak to all of their similar interests and be seen where they are looking, and they ARE looking for all the better material goods our modern world can provide.

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