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Classic Massage CDR Lessons

Career Development Report Lessons


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You have made a wise decision. We're very glad to have you as a prospective student and we sincerely want to encourage you to read one of these lessons daily, and continue into the Manual Back-Pain Therapy Course volumes.


Return to this URL to gain access to all of the lessons.

Thank you for purchasing the Career Development Report. 25-Lessons to understand the career and it's financial potential for you. You'll begin learning and doing Classic Massage. This is your introductory information leading to becoming a Manual Back-Pain Therapist making an Excellent Income.

This is your receipt. Please copy and keep it. Keep this URL handy so you can be sure to reach the newest lessons.. 

Click on Lessons you want to read. There are 25 of them and they should be read in their numbered order. If you're new here, add your name to the mailing list to receive occasional notices about additional articles to help you build a big, busy practice and earn the living you have secretly always wanted.  

You are welcome to download the singular lessons and/or the two "booklets." I think the single lessons are easier to use because they are between 15 and 25 pages each. However, you may have a good reason to have all of them together in two bigger files. If you want them, download whatever you need  to help you learn conveniently.

Singapore NEEDS at least 8,000 Back-Pain Massage Therapists. The US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and many other countries need a great many more!

You're in good and honorable company, and destined to earn a terrific living. Just read and follow as instructed. It won't be very long and you'll be helping patients and earning an honest, and enviable income! 

You may have a reason that you want to download all of this material at once in two PDF booklets. You can do that from links below the list of lessons.  You are welcome to have all of the lessons and the download of the booklets. 

With your purchase you're entitled to free articles and video recommendations arriving as a head line and blurb page in your email inbox. I send these out approximately every 10-Days. Please GO HERE to be placed on the emailing list or receive Push Notifications. With that sent to me you will not miss anything. 

Your name and email address are safe. I never will sell or in any way share your name, or email address. It costs you nothing to sign up and receive this valuable information.

The book is 2 volumes, color illustrated, and lengthy. It is very certainly worth its price and much more!  I think the short lessons are a better option for some readers. 

Lessons are Directly Below. Come back to this page to get the ones you want.  It's best to read them in the numbered order.  The Lessons on the table below are all linked. If you download this page you can click the lesson you're ready to read and your browser should take you right to that lesson to download, save and enjoy reading.

This table looks right when your computer page size is set to 100%. To enlarge or reduce on a PC Ctrl+ roll the mouse wheel.   If you have set your page to view larger it may look a little odd.

Everything opens in a separate tab. You will not get disconnected from this page. But, if I'm wrong press Ctrl+H to get to your browsing history and you can find many pages you have viewed the past few days.

Lessons Table. Click Each Link to Download individual lessons.

 Click Each Lesson Title To Download As A PDF 

Lesson # Click Each Title To Download As A PDF  Read A Lesson Every Day.

1  Lesson 1   
 Lesson 2 
3  Lesson 3 
4  Lesson 4 
5  Lesson 5 
6  Lesson 6 
 Lesson 7
8  Lesson 8 
 Lesson 9
10  Lesson 10
11  Lesson 11 
12  Lesson 12 
13  Lesson 13
14  Lesson 14
15  Lesson 15
16  Lesson 16 
17  Lesson 17 
18   Lesson 18 
19  Lesson 19
20  Lesson 20 
21  Lesson 21
22  Lesson 22
23  Lesson 23
24  Lesson 24 
25    Lesson 25 
26  Tables of Contents -- Oct..16.23

You may have reason to want all of this compiled into 2 large PDF files, as two booklets. You can click these to download them. 

CDR Compilation Pt 1--9.21.23 from 8-29-23 <Booklet Part 1 

CDR Compilation October .23 -- Part 2 Lessons 17 - 25 <Booklet Part 2 

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