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Classic Massage Therapist Career Discovery Report

Updated November 2023

Their pain is nagging and sometimes intense. They don’t know who to call. If they knew that YOU could help them, they would be on your Massage Table, paying you well, and making another appointment when you’re done with today’s session!


Restore Patients To Good 

 Posture and Improved Health!

They walk past you every day…and

They’ll Pay Handsomely

For Your Help.

Your friends, neighbors, and community residents will pay you well for your skills.

Begin learning how to

care for painful patients, 

… and relieve their back-pain while they're dressed something like this. It doesn't matter where you live. Singapore, USA, Canada, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and many other nations. This works everywhere.

Continue reading to understand  why keeping the patients dressed will make you more efficient, profitable, and effective.

Begin today learning Massage and Back-Pain Massage Therapy from an experienced Specialist Back-Pain Doctor, and earn the best living of your life! Restore patients to normal posture and spinal health!...And you can do it while the patient remains dressed like this. That makes your new patients much more comfortable, reduces your overhead, reduces wasted time, allows you to see more patients every day. Avoiding disrobing makes you far more profitable. I'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful. I'll even help you get new patients!

To understand, read along with me;

Then, Make Your Own Discovery.

I have too much to tell you and it’s too important to read it on-line. Get My Newest 25-Lesson Introductory Manual Massage and Spine Care Series. You’ll begin learning some valuable and immediately useful information right away.

  • I'll teach you some technical information you need to know
  • And intersperse with short stories to teach you how to build a practice
  • How to get more patients
  • And different ways to be paid before you begin!
  • How to keep patients coming in for follow-up care
  • Several effective ways to turn patients into "patient referral machines"
  • Advertising methods almost FREE!

These 25 "Lessons" download as PDF files. You can download and save them onto a file folder on your Desk Top and go through the lesson at your own pace. They are all about 15 - 20 pages with many charts and pictures. It will be easy and fun, and you can put it all to work helping yourself to earn money and help friends, relatives and neighbors starting within a few days. You'll quickly build a good reputation and curious friends and neighbors will call to ask for your help.

Your technique will be improving and they will be talking about you to more friends and neighbors.

I offer a 6-week satisfaction or money back guarantee.  I recommend you read a lesson or see a video daily in the order they're given. Work on patients (family or friends to start.) I'll teach you how to be paid for having them come to you as Practice Patients. The entire course pays for itself before you finish buying it!


Yes, Really! I teach you how to do this and everyone loves it! 

Follow along with me. You too will LOVE This or I'll give you your money back!!!

Scroll Down For Much More!

 (See here for Dr. Newdell's Proof of Qualifications.) 

The lessons will go into your downloads file. Look at your top right corner for a folder or arrow pointing down icon. Click that icon to download and save to a file folder on your desktop.

This began as a booklet originally written for Singapore residents. It has "morphed" into a larger series of  25-Lessons.

There are similar tremendous opportunities for you which I discuss through the Lessons in every English speaking country.

There is enough material here to get you started actually working on patients, starting for example, with friends or relatives, and they'll remain dressed while you work. Some of them will be excited to see you getting started in a new career and will want to encourage you, even pay you to continue working and learning! They’ll help you pay for your education. I discuss early practice building and ways to be paid. I cover all the details. 

I know, I know -- everyone has been afraid about the Influenza epidemic, but most folks have gotten over it. My recommendation is for you to continue reading, and get started caring for someone. You’ll see, the pandemic was not the end of the world. Things will improve and your new career will develop. You’ll earn more money than you ever imagined you could, and life will look much more hopeful and happier.

I’ve been doing this work, and teaching it, since 1975. I am offering a serious opportunity to gain greater wisdom about helping yourself and others to be healthier for life; and honestly, I don't know anyone else teaching what I teach and helping you learn this so easily as I do.  and I want to tell ye....

Since age 24 until now age 73, I have been to a medical doctor twice and both times left thinking the visit was unnecessary and a mistake of my own judgment. I did end up in a hospital once -- after being struck by a truck while I was riding a bicycle. All of my body is still physically fit and healthy. I have no gland, organ or system problems. (My eyes and ears are not so good and I'm losing some hair. Everything still works with no aches or big pains.  ....No I'm not so energetic as I was at age 16, but it all works without any need for medication, diapers, or anything else.)

Do you have any idea how much money was saved through this lifetime by following the natural good  health lifestyle?  I don't know, but I can tell you I have met patients who stopped spending $800 per month on medications after a few visits to my Chiropractic office. That is $9,600/year. That's a lot to pay for medication they didn't need!

You will learn more than you can imagine, and earn the best living of your life in massage and then in further Back-Pain Massage, advanced studies, and much more!

In this lesson series I actually begin teaching you to massage a friend or family member who is willing to help you learn, and he/she will gain great health benefits too!

Could anyone compress a Life Time of study and 48-years of experience into a course of videos and 5-volumes totaling about 1,500 pages? I have done it. The Books for this first course and videos to help you, are available now, but to be sure this is right for you, please go through the Career Discovery Report Lessons in order 1 -  25,  and get started the right way. Even if you are a licensed Massage Therapist, or Chiropractor, you'll realize later, reading these lessons has benefitted you much more than it cost to have them.

You'll also get links to 14-Sample recommended videos. (The list keeps growing!)  There's a huge library of them free to see. You can work on patients and see a new video every early morning for a year if you want to! You'll see work being done and will get a feeling for what Massage Therapists do. You'll learn a lot just watching these.

If you have someone to "work on" a bit you'll learn by doing and gain some confidence. It's intuitive, easy, and a lot of fun. You can work on your patient while you're watching, watch, do, remember and soon the technique is part of your memory forever. You followed along and learned by doing.

I think you could learn so much in 2-weeks that you will be able to take care of friends or family members and they probably will donate to you to continue paying for your education. They want you to be successful too, to help them with their aches and pains, and help you have the proud, happy, successful life they naturally want for you!

I use many reminders in my teaching. The way I teach, it's FAST, EASY, and it's FUN to Learn.

Discover Yourself As A New Kind of

Back-Pain Massage Therapist

  • Earn An Enviable Living
  • Reduce Patient’s Body Pains,
  • Routinely Cure Back-Pain
  • Return Normal, Healthy Lives to Presently Painful Patients
  • Help Family Members
  • Express more Love, better, to Your Partner. Massage fills in the missing pieces to the expression puzzle. Discover how!

I, Your Master Teacher and Therapist, am a Specialist Doctor of Chiropractic, and Massage Therapist, with additional specialty studies in Nervous system physiology, and  Orthopedics. I teach Classic/Swedish Massage, and then how to combine these disciplines to to become a "Natural Spine-Care Therapist." I've been licensed and in practice, or retired and still occasionally caring for patients, while I am living in The Philippines. This adds up to 48-Successful Years of Experience!

No one else in the world is teaching what I do. No one teaches this combination of techniques. I have not seen anyone teaching so effectively! I've looked to find anyone else teaching what I've been doing. This is not hyperbole. I'm just stating facts here. 

No one else in the Massage world is so well qualified to teach you so much and Change Your Life, for the better.

  • How much can you really earn doing this? I'll tell the secrets.
  • How many patients do you need to be fully supported every month? I explain it to you.
  • How long will it take to reach these numbers? YOU'LL be Shocked at how fast it can happen!

I tell all because I have done everything I'm teaching.  With me drawing from 48-years of experience, you'll learn a LOT including what to say, what to avoid talking about, and my opinions about dressing, manners, .... and You'll see several therapists working on patients to help you "get started doing the work" and learn from them too.

I'll Help You Make a Major Change In Your Life.

Change it? How?

I'll explain much more in the "Career Discovery Report Lesson Series" as we read together. You'll see I make everything available for instant download.  

This information is too important to read on line. You need to relax and read this at your right time, a little daily for several days until you feel comfortable with the ideas presented. I'm not rushing you. I never try to rush students.(I occasionally update the lessons. You're welcome to download a new copy any time.)


Put what you'll be learning to good use and experience the change from the days when you felt lost, confused, impoverished, helpless, and unemployed, to confident, successful and very sure of what you are doing and should be doing.

Get all the information you need. Don't waste this visit. Please accept this very serious offer.

I don't want you to forget where you saw this letter. It costs something for me to maintain this website and I pour so many hours into it each week in the hope of helping a few very intelligent people to a new and better life. Let's not waste this opportunity. At very least copy the  website page address and save that to read later.

Now that you're here, get this life changing Lesson Series Today.

Save it to your desk top, open and begin reading any time.  Just click and have it in less than a minute. There is no request for more information. and no one will call. Simply Click any Red, blue or green Link

I KNOW many people are fearful about war, diseases, and natural catastrophes. The biggest potential catastrophe that YOU can control is maintaining your income, and these days earning more money is a big need for a great many people. Waiting to see what happens is begging for trouble. You should not become a victim of someone's action in a Saudi Arabian bank, or Oil production in Iraq, or war over Israel, or the absolute Lunacy going on in Washington, DC.

If you have a good income you can ignore all of that and just continue caring for patients and smiling as you work. During my years in practice I saw all sorts of economic and military actions come and go. The patients continued coming in and paying at the reception deck.

Get busy learning right now, today! 

These first Lessons will help you get started earning a living without any need for a big money investment. 

The best thing we can do for our future is to be running our own little business, and making our living. If you're observant you can see that others working for bigger firms can lose their job anytime it is convenient for the business management.

  • Amazon in California fires 10,000 people, replacing them with robots!
  • Jamie Dimon CEO at Bank of America collects 300 - Million Dollars PER YEAR and is meanwhile laying off thousands of bank workers who still need to eat and pay their mortgage. They worked a long time to get a BS or Masters degree in banking and finance. They thought they had a good career and a retirement ahead. Suddenly their blood ran cold. Just picture it in your mind's eye ... THOUSANDS being laid off --Walking out into the street carrying the last of their belongings, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. 

That cannot happen to you, when you run your own little health-care practice. We become part of those people solving problems instead of those who are part of the problem.

You can work from inside your apartment or home, even from inside a docked boat!  I've done it and loved it.  Give them back-pain care. Invited them to remain a couple of hours for a dinner and to enjoy the water as the sun sets.

Creating a romantic mood like that can certainly make friends remember you and come back again. You can even make a living with a portable table going to homes, hotels, apartment buildings and office buildings, and industrial parks. There are more prospective patients available than any one practitioner can handle in a lifetime! I've done a lot of traveling around with my portable table and LOVED it.  I felt like it was a license to print money! (I really loved the additional money gained for "travel time.") I'll teach you all of this!

Live your life beyond what you think you can be.

You can, and I'll prove it by guiding you every step of your way.

The price for this large Lesson Series is just US-$14.98; and will teach you useful information you can put to good use in less than 10-Days.

Within 3 weeks you can be earning an additional income and loving it!

Why wait? There's no risk for you, so order and download your copy now.

Yes, I'm prodding you a little because it did cost me something to invite you to this page. Before you get distracted and forget where you saw this, buy and download your copy without delay.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed or Your Money Back. You Can't Lose. I'm Taking All of the risk! 

Don't hesitate and waste this opportunity. Download your series today!

Several Classic Massage Sample Videos Are Linked near the end of several lessons. This is like getting MORE than a college course for just $14.98. And ... If for any reason you think I did not live up to my promises, you can contact me, Dr. Steve Newdell and request your money returned. My contact information is on the receipt and in the lessons and on contact pages, at Facebook and in email, and on the LINKS pages of this website. I make myself very easy to reach.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Or Your Money Back!

There are 3 steps here and it will help you if you'll follow them in order, so see the Damsel In Distress Next.

Step #2 I have a Damsel In Distress story. It links to Step 3 so you won't miss anything. This opens in a separate page.>>>Look Here


More here for you. Come closer.... I want you looking right into my eyes.

Are you honestly looking for a career you can settle into and earn an excellent living for life? If you're leaning into the direction I'm point toward, this next is intended to help you.  Read about the Damsel In Distress (Lots of Photos) then when you get to the bottom, Click the #3 underlined red link. Show me and prove to yourself that you have a strong interest, and a good attention span. 

Step #3  Earn a Fabulous Living

As A Back-Pain Massage Therapist

And Love Your Work!  (This also opens in a separate page. You won't get lost.)

Pricing for the course will change a little from time to time to try to balance with inflation. PayPal automatically converts prices into Your Currency. Singapore Dollars, American Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great British Pounds. All prices are very fair and reasonable. You won't spend any money until you have seen all the details so there's nothing to worry about. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed  or you can keep the materials you downloaded and get your money back. I say all of this "from the start" because I'm not here to rush, push, or in any way deceive you. 

Just $14.98, paid through PayPal.

It's a big lesson series, more than 1,500 pages, and one of the best investments you'll ever make. I guarantee it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! We do business through PayPal. I guarantee Satisfaction for 6-weeks and PayPal supports the same policy. 

Click the Red  Link>>>

PayPal is well known and does a great job. You can buy through them with complete confidence. 

The logical choice for those struggling to find good paying work they like is to stop struggling and follow the course I have laid out for you. I've done it for years and I know it works!

Complete your PayPal Purchase on the next page. When you complete the PayPal Checkout payment you will be forwarded to a Receipt PAGE with a table of all the links to download the 25-Lessons and more.

WAIT FOR THAT RECEIPT PAGE TO APPEAR. (Usually it takes just a few seconds.)

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