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contact = Ag at 

Ag is very good at his work, very well qualified, and he’s a decent, honest gentleman. If you need website help contact him. 

Also, take my advice after a very bad experience, if you’re connected to SiteGround, avoid their “partner” like you would avoid bubonic plague!

The man who arranges jobs to be done there is a machine talking to other machines. His English about pricing for work is misleading. He charged double what I expected. He’s quite brusk. He doesn’t want to talk with people. He’s an introvert happiest working with his computer code.  (“Brusk” is an uncommonly known word. It means “rude” and implies someone gives you the “brush off.”)  Definitions of brusk. adjective. marked by rude or peremptory shortness. synonyms: brusque, curt, short discourteous. showing no courtesy; rude.

After a lot of time and money spent he sent me the job done, but it was hidden behind a code, which I never cracked. In the end the entire job was 2 weeks of wasted time and nearly $100 of wasted money which I could ill-afford to lose. It was a total loss.

Honesty is the best policy in everything we do, including referrals and warnings to new friends. I’m not being nasty. I’m being honest. I’ve been in business nearly all of my life starting with learning in my parents’ business. Treating customers properly is how you keep a business. If you treat customers like they’re an interruption to your day, your business will die.

I will never deal with again, and if you are a normal human, and not a machine or a full-stack technician, you should avoid too.

Excellent Honest Hosting

I’ve been “through the mill” truthfully. The hosting issues over these past 10-years nearly made me decide to quit all of my dreams for a website that would bring some sanity, and perhaps more income to my life.

HERE IS The Best Web Hosting I Have Found. Better than Site Ground. Better than Anyone else I’ve connected to. Great Customer Service, Reasonable Prices, Excellent help with migration, billing issues, and any other trouble you can get yourself into. (I’m really good at getting into trouble.) Click the dark red link and get your crazy life settled at last! I’m certain you’ll be glad you did, and if I’m wrong you can get your money back!   See Why I recommend them HERE.

What Does It Mean To “Write Copy?”

The words that make up an advertisement or long sales letter are called “copy.” Knowing what phrases and words turn prospects into buyers, how to best organize a sales letter, and what to do with a headline to get readers and buyers, is a life-long study with some of the greatest advertising copy writers the world ever knew. And those three are just the start of what we need to know in the advertising and marketing world.

I started reading these men and modern women of renown at age 15 and now at age 71, they’re still teaching me. I’m available to write for you. Get personal. Write to me at and tell me about your project and what you want to accomplish. You’re likely to realize you made one of the best business discoveries of your life. 

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