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Contact About Advertising (Three Easy Steps!)

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Contact About Advertising

(Three Easy Steps)

  • STEP 1:  Fill in this form to indicate your serious interest in having a place reserved for you to get more pointer ads to your page and bring more customers to your cafe/restaurant. I’ll keep in touch with my newsletter every 2nd week.

Copy/paste this insertion order set of information requests to Microsoft Word or similar to make any changes and notes.

Company Information:  (Just type in your information after this arrow symbol. >)

Your name or your Business name: >

Optionally,  Another Contact Person’s Name(s)__>

Your Business Address ____

City:_Singapore_ Postal Code:_>

Yes/No “I characterize my restaurant/cafe as “Up-scale/luxury/more expensive”>_

Your Phone Number>_                     Your Fax #>_

For Reservations or food delivery, I want my customers to call this #>__

Your Best Email address (please :)>__

Tell me anything. Ask me anything. You won’t be lost. I’ll keep in contact with you. Just write your message below the information you have provided. Copy and paste all of this into email, or just type it in the order I gave to you. It’s simple enough. I’ll understand.

Send it to me here:    If you want to talk about ANYthing else, just write to me at the same email address. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

I’m not using a fancy computer form and feeding this through my “professional” address because doing so only creates more steps and several links that can break. I don’t want to miss your message! It should forward to me at gmail, but I don’t trust these things yet.

You’re showing your interest. I will reserve a place for your ad, and I will stay in touch with my newsletter. No payment is required now.


Keeping it simple this way allows you freedom to write your information and add anything else you want to tell me.

I will not let you “get lost.” I’ll stay in contact!

Your email address will be saved and I will send occasional notes perhaps once every 2nd week, including some useful information about bringing in more customer traffic.

I am NOT asking for a credit card number now! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment. 

You may also write directly to me at the same address: —  for advertising insertion orders

I’ll write back to you from: or

I usually use this photo so I’m easy to recognize.


  • Insertion Ad Request = Step 2  Use the same format above again. Just type into the Subject space, “Step 2, Ad Insertion Order.” Send any additional or different photos and other information you prefer to have included.  To this question: “I would characterize my restaurant as “upscale/expensive.” Tell me “Yes or No”.  A YES answer triggers an asterisk (*) before your restaurant name on This Page and helps you serve those you want, and helps potential customers make better-informed choices. If I have your name, business name, and email address that should be sufficient.
  • STEP 3: Give Your Approval For Publication:  You Must be satisfied, or pay nothing! Use the same form above again just type (or copy/paste) into the Subject space,   “I am satisfied with the ad package as I have seen it and I am ready to receive your invoice. I will pay within the following 5-working-days.”

We must wrap this up within the next 5-working-days, please. You will receive an invoice from PayPal or from our local Singapore Accountant.

LOOK HERE For Invoice Example. This will change soon. We’ll be contracting with a local Sg. accounting firm and payments will go to a Singapore bank.

  • Write anything more you want to say. Write to this address:

If you are not getting a response after sending a form to me, it might be there was a broken link. Just send me a note and we’ll keep talking and get everything working right for you. Send any note to my personal business address: or use

Thank you for allowing Singapore Shopper to bring more business to YOU!












Ignore this below. It’s for my reference:

Use this same form for Steps 1,2 and 3 and also to write to me about anything business-related. If the form is not working Fill In HERE.

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Take Note Please: Privacy notice. These forms Do NOT:

  • track users by stealth;
  • write any user personal data to the database;
  • send any data to external servers;
  • use cookies;


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