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Damsel In Distress At Christmas 2022

Rescue of A Damsel In Distress On Christmas Day 2022

This happened Christmas 2022. A friend referred her to me. She is age 35, a mother of 5 lovely children, one still nursing, and she couldn’t stand up straight! A visiting friend took this video with his phone.

She posted this video on Facebook. I don’t know how to copy the video so I’m taking still shots of it.

Jo-Anne is really in trouble She's doing her best to ignore the pain and put on a happy face and laughing to avoid embarrassment, but she is anything but happy. 

Jo-Anne braces herself against the wall in an attempt to stand through her pain.

She is experiencing too much pain to climb the wall,

 so she’ll go back to trying from the floor.

She’s obviously in pain.


She’s gotten her feet under her pelvis and wants the center of gravity where she can stand and balance, but she still can’t stand up straight. She’ll be climbing her legs next.

With a left hand braced on the wall she’s trying ….

Bracing on her legs she can force her way to close to standing up. A medical doctor has no experience or training with this and has no idea what to do other than prescribe pain relievers and muscle relaxers which will make her sleepy and unable to work with her husband or care for her children. 

If she gets pulled into the medical system, she’ll go from doctor to doctor, X-Rays, perhaps CAT-scans, more tests, they might try to convince her she needs exploratory surgery. This family with a small auto parts supply business will be wiped out!

I am not being overly dramatic. They could lose their home and their business over this issue. Would you like to be the hero that saves their lives?


I have made my entire living from age 27 to 50, that is over 25-years curing problems like this! After I retired from practice I continued caring for friends on a Part-Time when called basis. I was a traveling therapist from age 55 through 57. 

I started working on patients in the clinic at Palmer College of Chiropractic beginning in 1974. I was also working on a girlfriend and then more friends visiting my apartment.

I graduated from the college got licensed in Washington State, and opened a little practice in a small community.

I finally left practice in 2000. We’re looking at 26-years full-time working on painful patients and several more years working when called, as I still do today. All totaled, it's almost 49-years now.

The MD’s cannot fix this and I don’t know ONE Massage Therapist who really understands the cause and cure of her problems. Would YOU like to know what to do to help this patient? I'll be pleased to teach you.

I'm asking you AGAIN!  Would YOU like to be the one who can cure patients and be well paid to do it?

Jo-Anne is one of the nicest women I’ve ever met. I could almost weep over her pains and the future this might become for her, her husband, her husband’s parents and their children and the business they have worked so hard to build.

Jo-Anne is still making the painful climb.... oh, it hurts me to watch!

 She progresses to close to standing upright.

She looks up to speak to someone. She’s trying to put on a happy face and express good natured laughter but this is no laughing matter. She’s in a lot of pain and it’s going to get a lot worse without the help she needs.

She still cannot stand up straight and reaches for the wall in an attempt to maintain her balance on her feet.

Most massage therapists would see this patient and think, "I can't do anything for her and I don't want to risk doing injury. I will refer her to the hospital emergency ward.

That would be a terrible mistake!  The best those people can do is offer "exploratory surgery." They quite truthfully have no training and experience in re-aligning spines and restoring muscle balance to patients with this sort of pain syndrome.

You CAN help. I will teach you. We natural healers know from painful observations that patients who take the medical route for back pain with surgery involved are never normal and healthy again. At best, 20% say they had a reasonably satisfactory outcome. That leaves 80% in pain for the rest of their lives! Some statistics are a bit better now than they were in 1977 but they have made very slow progress since then.    

This last photo above is the last half second of the story. Someone in the home was recording the video and cut it off right there. She and her husband arrived at my apartment with one child. (I’m supposed to be retired but that never really happens when people know you can cure their pains.)

I worked on her back and she left standing straight and feeling 85%  normal. Most of the rest of her pain was coming from swollen soft tissue around the previously misaligned joint and pressing the nerve root.  I told her it would clear up in 2 or 3 days. I made a few other recommendations. She wrote a note back and said I was right and the pains did resolve.

While they were at my apartment, Jo-Anne also told me her husband had been in a motorcycle accident three months earlier and still had pain in the upper back with difficulty about use of one arm and he also had a bit of a winged-out scapula (shoulder blade.)

He also was much better after a treatment and wanted another follow-up treatment.

January 2nd, She and her husband came for a second treatment and they're both doing much better. July 2023, they visited again for a general "check up" including massage and spinal adjustment. They're happy to know I'm available. Their son also had an injured foot playing soccor (foot ball). I had him back to moving comfortably in 5-minutes. This is not hard to learn. I can teach you how to do what I did "in no time!"

I’m asking you AGAIN; Would you like to know how to rescue the lives of a young family like this AND be paid very well to do it? Can you imagine what your friends and neighbors would say when they see you making these sorts of improvements with your patients? You would be the hero all over your neighborhood!

I’d really like to help you have that skill.

You do not need courses in biochemistry, physiology, obstetrics and so much more. You need specific training about massage and how to work on and around spinal joints.  It's easy to learn and you'll use this set of skills for the rest of your life. These skills will repay you again and again for many years.

To get all the information about the course I offer, and even learn  how to get started helping friends and family who will probably leave donations and pay for your first steps into the course, just buy the Lesson Series for a measly $14.98. The total Lessons amount to over 550 pages. All this illustrated with bone and muscle illustrations and a list of recommended videos for further training -- BETTER than you could get in a college classroom.

How could anyone think to want more information for an introductory "give away" price of just $14.98  ?


Don't tell yourself, "I'll get around to it later." The strange thing about this idea is that "Later" never comes! Your future depends on doing something serious NOW. 

Laterday is after Wednesday, after Thursday, after Friday and Saturday and Sunday and ....what happened to Laterday?  Oh...uhhh, I forgot. Don't forget. Don't hurt yourself or me that way.

You can't lose a penny. Place Your Order Today, in about 2 minutes, but  First, I'm just making sure you've seen this. 

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