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Did You See What I Said About Your Business?

Good Morning Business Builder, ‭ ‬ 

It’s December‭ ‬14,‭ ‬2020  We’re getting closer to Christmas and the New Year. What can we do to bring in More Customer Traffic‭?

Today is a good day to see how I can help YOU have much more customer traffic at a petty cash price‭! ‬I’m not asking you to buy anything today.‭ ‬I’m asking you to look and think and get into a conversation with me.

I might have produced a landing page for the world to see made for YOU and YOUR business‭!‬ It’s worth money to you,‭ ‬and since I wrote possibly about your business,‭ ‬you might want to see what I said‭!

In these difficult times you need more traffic to remain profitable and we all need to remain persistent.‭ ‬If you give up,‭ ‬your life is finished.‭ ‬There ARE ways to get more customers through your door or calling for more delivery orders.‭ ‬It’s my job to help you know how to do that efficiently,‭ ‬effectively,‭ ‬and economically.‭ ‬I’ve been doing this for years with other publications.‭ ‬Now I’m doing it for my own publication and YOU are invited.

Yes,‭ ‬I’m new in town,‭ ‬but so were you once‭! ‬As a reward for taking a chance with me,‭ ‬you’ll be given much more advertising space than you’re paying for and you WILL get more business traffic,‭ ‬and more profit‭! ‬The advertising won’t‭ “‬cost,‭” ‬it will PAY‭!

Don’t turn your eyes away from this chance to get into the best cafe and restaurant guide in town at a very reasonable price.

I know this year has been enough to make every business operator angry but there is hope and there are other cities coming out of these difficulties,‭ ‬and rebuilding their customer volume.‭ ‬We can do that together and I’m trusting you to contact me between today and the end of January so we can begin talking about it.

I’m not asking for money right now.‭ ‬I’m saying,‭ “‬Let’s talk about it.‭” ‬Is that asking for too much‭?

What will you lose if you do nothing‭?‬ I expect you’ll lose a lot of customers who will ever so slowly drift away to other cafes and restaurants leaving you with a continual reduction in income. What will that do to your personal pride‭? ‬To your family and home life‭? ‬and to your business and debt burdens?

As a reward for taking a chance with a new developing Restaurant and Café guide,‭ ‬you’ll be given much more advertising space than you’re paying for and you WILL get more business traffic,‭ ‬and more profit‭! ‬I’ll go out of my way to bring more business to those first few who help me as they help themselves‭!

Singapore F&B businesses and small shops have needed a good advertising platform at a reasonable price for many years.‭ ‬The lack of such a platform is enough to make any restaurant operator a bit upset‭!

But now we have hope and an opportunity to reach more potential customers with special information.‭ ‬We can draw more of them into your place to dine in,‭ ‬or place an order for take-away or delivery.

Singapore Shopper Magazine is the platform you’ve been needing.‭ ‬But it’s for a limited group of advertisers!

This is not a repeat of Trip Advisor with‭ ‬9,500‭ ‬listings! ‬With that many listings,‭ ‬one wonders,‭ “‬What’s the point of looking through this‭?” ‬ No one is going to look and compare all of it.

I know,‭ ‬it’s December and you’re concerned with the big run-up to Christmas and the New Year’s Celebration.‭ ‬In January,‭ ‬let’s get seriously busy.‭ ‬I want YOU to take a serious look and make a decision about getting my help to bring in more customer traffic,‭ ‬at what presently can be called‭ “‬a petty cash price.‭”

Don’t watch others get all the customer traffic.‭ ‬This December,‭ ‬and January/February is an excellent time to get started.

After the troubles of‭ ‬2020,‭ ‬You need to earn more money and that equates to your need to gain more customer traffic.

Prospective customers have a problem.‭ ‬They ask‭ “‬Where should we go to eat‭?” ‬and don’t know who to visit for meals other than the old familiar places,‭ ‬because there is no really good restaurant guide to help them.‭ …‬.‭ ‬Until NOW.

I am constantly working on improving this developing ‭ ‬restaurant guide,‭ ‬and it will quickly become the ONE address everyone goes to when someone asks‭, “‬Where shall we go out to eat‭?”

You don’t want them going some other place‭! ‬You want them coming to you.‭ ‬Now we have a way to help you solve this distressing problem.‭ ‬With‭ ‬more potential customers will call or walk in to YOUR place‭!

I probably already have a sample page for YOUR Business there for you and the world to see. A lot of the work has already been done‭! ‬Potential customers are already looking and may be calling you.‭ ‬The ad may already be paying for you to buy in and gain much more ad space and customer traffic.

Now you should ask yourself,‭ “‬Do I want to make much more of this opportunity‭? ‬Of course just as it is,‭ ‬the guide and the page made for your restaurant will do something good for you.‭ ‬Look at the page counter on the bottom left and see how many views it had.‭ ‬Can your other advertising forms do that for you‭? ‬But we can do much more when you send me more photos and information.

I am also inviting you again to see this first of‭ ‬8‭ ‬parts of an information letter intended to help you bring in more customer traffic at a price you can afford,‭ ‬even during an epidemic like the one we’re taking precautions about presently.‭

Look at this link:

Stop Churning Your Stomach Over

Bad Business Numbers‭!

You can and will make the numbers you need WHEN you get enough potential customers to see your offers‭! ‬If the business numbers are off by‭ ‬25%,‭ ‬we need to reach‭ ‬25%‭ ‬more potential customers‭! ‬It’s that simple‭!

This guide really is the smartest and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again‭! ‬We can stay in touch and I’ll provide you with help for getting more customer traffic,‭ ‬and more reliable average income figures.

Start a conversation with me here: I’m happy to hear from you.‭ ‬I’ll do whatever I can to satisfy your need and meet your requirements. ‭ ‬Use this address:

Please write to me directly at 

Below are some links to be sure you have seen everything.

 There are many samples to see:‭ ‬You can reach many from the‭ “‬Cover Page‭” ‬at

YOUR Business may be on this list.

Here are a few good sample pages to see:


I made a bigger production about

Here too: 

But,‭ ‬I can do a lot for a small café,‭ ‬and I’m happy to do it‭!‬ ‭ ‬Look at this:

Another sample‭ ‬

This came out well:

There was not a lot to work with here but even in that situation I can make something good of it.‭ ‬The more information and photos I have,‭ ‬the more I can do FOR YOU‭!!‬

It can be a big corporate operation like this one:

Or a fast food restaurant like this:

Or a moderate restaurant like‭…‬

I have a list of‭ ‬79‭ ‬of them here.‭ ‬What about you‭? ‬All of these‭ ‬79‭ ‬are samples.‭ ‬You may be on this list. 

 But this is only half of what I intend to do to draw more customers into YOUR business.‭ ‬To get the other half,‭ ‬I need for us to start working together.‭ ‬That’s why I have been saying: This is destined to earn serious money for you and getting started costs nothing until I have your final approval for a more expansive advertising program.

Let’s begin a conversation to bring you more customer traffic‭!‬ 

Some of these restaurants say almost nothing about themselves and have very few photos,‭ ‬so there’s little to work with.‭ ‬Others provide enough information allowing me to make up enticing pages.‭ ‬I custom make pages that draw in more customers.‭ ‬I also will custom make a page for a sale for this week or a big celebration for this holiday or future special days and special events and I can do it at a very reasonable price.

This is important particularly because there are many young men making web pages,‭ ‬but they don’t know anything about advertising writing,‭ ‬and marketing,‭ ‬so they charge a lot of money to produce a page that does not work for you‭! ‬I produce “less busy” pages that come up fast, get to the point, and draw customers in.‭ ‬Pictures draw the eye.‭ ‬Words Sell and you need someone SELLING for you‭!

To do anything I need more photos and information.‭ ‬I can guide you and take what you send making an attractive page that  brings you more customers and more profit‭! 

If all of this is new to you,‭ ‬click this link and see the‭ ‬8‭ ‬letter series that gets you started:

Thanks again for looking today‭! ‬I know this was longer, but I hope it has taught you something very valuable.  I’ll chat ye again next week. Have a good one.

Better Days Are Ahead‭!

Steve Newdell

Get More Customer Traffic. This Series Explains It.

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