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Dear Madam/Sir,

This is to give you a better background about me, and an understanding of what I’m seeking to accomplish. This is the sort of information every “Human Resources Manager” should get from a job interview.  I may have been found at a job board, but more likely you’ve found me on the cover page of this magazine and saw something in social media or YouTube that brought you here. Maybe I wrote to you. I’m grateful for your interest. 

My emphasis really is on YOUR bottom line. My objective is to do whatever I can to draw interest to your publication, or your business, whatever it is, and help you sell whatever it is you’re offering.  That requires for me to write good quality work. No one writes in a vacuum. If you can give me information or copies of what you’ve had done for advertising, I can probably build something fresh, new, different and capable of drawing more customers through your door, or to your website. Ultimately that must convert to more sales. If you need sales advice I can offer that too.

You’re sitting in the middle of a website that I built with another more technically-minded partner. We agree it needs more work and I’m planning a major project about that soon.

The site is something of a general interest magazine and city shopping and traveler’s directory.  I have written all the advertising copy and articles here. My techy partner speaks a bit of broken English and doesn’t write for commercial purposes. If you cruise through the HOME/Cover Page you’ll see many ads. The bigger ones on the cover are prominent because I hope you might venture to look through them to see some more elaborate work I have done.

I mostly write advertisements and health-related articles and you’ll find several samples Here.

I’m a 72-year-old Doctor of Chiropractic, and most often remarkably healthy and in good physical fitness. I expect to be available to help a selected few publishers earn more of their daily bread and help me earn a living too.

I spend most of my life living near Cebu City, In : Phabulous Philippines.” I can’t abide the politics in the USA. I’m also a student of economics, trend analysis, and Biblical Prophecy. When you consider all of these information sources as I did in 1975 and thereafter, you can see that the US has been headed for economic trouble. Now many emotionally driven, non-analytical thinkers are beginning to realize something’s  extremely corrupted. One thing that’s wrong is that several-thousands-of analytical thinkers left the U.S. recognizing what was coming.

I generally fit well into the very conservative demographic.

We’re walking a hotel hallway on the ground floor. There are two big meeting rooms. One is for serious discussions hosted by Hedge Fund managers  <<<Peter Schiff, and Ray Dalio.  The other is a disgracefully wild party. I’m going to listen to Peter Schiff and Ray Dalio. I’m NOT a party animal.

Personality and I.Q. Tests are fun. I last tested and scored 135 (long ago when I.Q. Tests were more stringent,) and an aptitude test said I’d be happiest in sales, marketing, advertising, and in business management. You can immediately see such a personality doesn’t like parties.

While just “doing an honest good job” I was surprised to learn that I won a best district salesman awards for advertising space sales work in Seattle. I only mention that because ad copywriters generally admit the best copywriters were salespeople. Salespeople are teachers and learn to present in a way that persuades. I’ve been involved in healthcare teaching too, and loved doing it.

Born into a small business family, I watched and learned management methods in small businesses. I saw the very bad and a few better styles.  I read some business books now and then, and I’m getting deeper into Search Engine Optimization and presently looking forward to reading more advice about email marketing.

Advice is helpful but sometimes reading ad copy is also the better way to understand. I used to read Clayton Makepeace, famous most notably for long-copy ads for publishers of investment advice. We lost Clayton 20 years too young! Now I still recognize and I read some of those who learned while working with him.

I read Drayton Bird (the grand old man of advertising, arguably the best copywriter and creative marketing strategist in the world.) His style is unique and I’m not sure anyone can ever duplicate it. Drayton Bird is getting too old to carry on much longer, but his younger partner in London is a valuable and competent man.

I’m also blessed to read John Forde. He does a lot of teaching via email. There are many others whose books I buy and study.

You can never learn too much in the ad and marketing business. The more success I can generate by converting readers into buyers of whatever you’re selling, the happier it will make me.

I’m looking for more income stability, and I like to write. I have an elderly friend who was a big-name reporter in Washington D.C. between 1945 and 1969. He was in fact, “the fly on the wall” in the white house for most of those years with NBC Radio and later NBC-TV. He was busy taking notes and was a friend to several of the Presidents. He always praises my writing saying I express myself well.

What do I like to write? My specialty work is in Nutrition and Healthcare, but I suppose I can write about many things if a publisher wants me to research and work on it. I seem to do well writing restaurant  and merchant advertising and articles about travel and small businesses.

I’m happy to learn more! If you send editorial constructive critiques to help me become a better writer, your advice will be gratefully received.

This page length with the Font size/typeface I’m using (Clarendon-Regular 14 points) is 319 words. Based on that, I should imagine an article of about 2200 words is something close to average. (The web page  editing software may not render Clarendon well. That’s changing. You are presently reading  Georgia type font. I’ve also made this letter available for you as a PDF using Clarendon. I think you’ll immediately see the difference. DOWNLOAD IT by clicking This Link>>> Resume 5.16  .

I’d like to be “settled” working for a small list of editors and stay busy approximately 22 days each month, producing perhaps 12  to 15 articles. That is probably as much as I can manage. I’ll do my utmost to follow your directions and meet your requirements.

If you don’t know where to start, as for example with advertising “copy writing” leave it to me and trust me to know what works and what will fail. I would be pleased to write ad copy, but that sort of creative work requires more time, and I need to be paid an up-front advance, and a commission for sales. This is a highly skilled profession and requires years of work and study to attain mastery.  

Clayton Makepeace would tell clients, “We’ll do the job for $50,000 or a starting fee, plus 15% of sales.” That works out better for you. It’s always better that you pay for performance. I’m listing several bigger Advertorials for you to see further down on this page. Everything on the home page of is my writing or improved reworking.

For writing articles; You are invited to tell me what you think is a fair wage offer to help us get comfortable working together.

Make me an offer I’d be foolish to refuse. When you know me better and are pleased with my performance that would be the time to talk about paying a bit more. There’s a lot to consider, and the economic environment will be, of course, factored into your decision. Of course I recognize you’ll need to consider this carefully.

I’m not expecting instant miracles. I’m seeking something rarer. I want honesty.


I’m in The Philippines. Communication is not always perfect. We tolerate occasional power interruptions and Internet problems. I really prefer email and/or notes via Facebook Messenger. I can wear headphones and speak via Messenger too, and it costs nothing. Most calls have good sound connections. I avoid cell phones like we avoid the plague, partly because I can’t hear well and the headphones work out much better for me.

This is the UpWork resume format for more baseline information and links to selected articles and advertorials. 

Dr. Stephen Newdell

Present Residence: Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines

Last Residence: Cape Coral, Florida

Born 1950 Bayport, NY.


  • English: Fluent


  • High school in Bayport, Private Schooling in Boston, MA.
  • State University New York, Stony Book Campus; 7 semesters of Human Physiology. 
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic 1974 – 1977 8-years total for more Physiology credits and Chiropractic doctorate degree.

Bachelor’s degree, Human Physiology, Orthopedics, Nutrition, Dr. of Chiropractic, 1000 hours of local Swedish Massage Schooling.

Retired Licensed Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Article author, Ad-copywriter.

I completed credits for a BS in Human Physiology over 2-years, and continued 12 quarters to finish a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. (6-years in total with no vacations.)

Completed specialty studies in

  • x-ray orthopedics analysis,
  • Applied Kinesiology,
  • Studied on my own in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Naturopathy

Skills, Experience, Interests

My skills are Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, discussions about orthopedic conditions, Nutritional supplementation. I can write advertorials for nutrition supplement products and I write to explain various health conditions and how they can be mitigated or cured with nutrition combined with other therapies. I will write for you about pharmaceutical products, but we both know they are intended to cover symptoms. I’m interested in reaching the root cause of a condition and curing it. I write more about natural healing cause and cure issues.

You know how it goes. When you must earn more writing…you write what the editor wants!

Experience: English is my first language. Raised in New York. Attended top-rated high school. College in Stony Brook, NY, then matriculated into Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. Also attended Massage School there. I combined both disciplines and nutritional advice caring for patients in Washington State.

  • Additional Interests: I’ve worked in advertising space sales B-2-B part of my life. Won awards for it. This experience leads to excellence in Ad copywriting. I’ve studied books and ad copy from many of the great names, notably Clayton Makepeace, Drayton Bird and several others. Please see com/ to understand me and what I can do for you, including many writing samples.


  • Article and ad-Long-Copy writing
  • Employment History
  • Chiropractor in Practice until September 2000; | Nature’s Way Clinic

July 1977 – September 2000

I’m a retired American Chiropractor, with BS in Human Physiology,

  • Licensed Chiropractor and Massage therapist,
  • Graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, •specialties in nervous system physiology and orthopedics,
  • I maintain constant personal study in nutrition and Herbology
  • Strong writing interest and many years of study in Advertising Long-copy sales letters, and booklets,

Sample Advertising-Articles I’d Like You To See:

These are mostly linked to the big advertisements on the cover page.  Please be sure to see Lavo and Cartier, and of course, see what I’ve done with everything related to Raffles Hotel and restaurants. In some cases I researched many articles to dig up information from which to start. Reading these will give you a better idea of how I can change my writer’s voice to fit the audience we’re reaching.

 1. Grand Elegance Fit For Royalty~Raffles Hotel, Historic Grace (Maybe someday, we’ll meet for lunch at the famous Raffles Writer’s Bar.)

2. La Dame de Pic French Restaurant at Raffles Hotel

3. Jiang-Nan Chun Cantonese Restaurant  at Four Seasons Hotel

4. Proper British High Tea -The Grand Lobby at Raffles Hotel 

5. Raffles Courtyard Restaurant

6. LAVO: The Best of Modern Italian-American Dining. 

7. Cartier When You Insist On Giving Her The Very BEST: For YOU, The Movies Are FREE. 

8. Yan Ting Dim Sum at The St. Regis Hotel

9. Li-Bai Cantonese Restaurant  Grand dining beside a water fall!

10. Massage Patients’ Back-Pain Away

Sample Health Articles I recommend:

  1. 5 Effective Tips To Lose Belly Fat
  2. Dietary Seed Oils Reduce Coronary Heart Disease Risk In Singapore
  3. Resistance Training Exercises for Fitness From Home
  4. Low Glycine Foods: A List For Weight Reduction
  5. Causes-and-concerns-of-swollen-ankles-and-feet/

Find more Health Articles Here   You may discover some are missing photos after a technical glitch which is being worked on presently.

I sincerely hope these articles and advertising “Advertorials” will help you and give you reason to ask me to write for you. I also thank you now for looking and reading.

Best regards,

Dr. Stephen Newdell, AS, BS, MT, DC

Send a Message, Click the lightning bolt in the white circle >>> to open and write, click the same circle again when finished to send. The message will go to me at Facebook, even if you do not have an account with them.


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