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Dr. Newdell’s Qualifications

Doctorate Degree












X-ray Proficiency Cert











Washington State License To Practice

This is a qualifications page for readers who would like assurance that I’m truthful. There were many more certificates, as you’ll find with many doctors who take additional courses and continuing education seminars, but we need not belabor the point. You can rest assured, I’m not a lunatic out of the shadows. These are from the year 1977, very old photos shot through plastic covers with a cell phone. They are a bit discolored, and one is a bit twisted as it was not quite flat when photographed, but they’re authentic….and so am I.












Erhardt X-Ray Pathology Seminars

When we finished the course, we knew how to identify bone disease on sight. I am not a radiologist and if I meet a patient and suspect bone disease, I send the patient to a local hospital radiologist for X-Rays and their official diagnostic report. I thought the course was useful in that it provided a better understanding of bone diseases, broken bones, and what they look like on X-Ray photos.

If you care to know more…

I developed an interest in human physiology around age 12. My sister was attending New York Medical College and a work-study internship at Flower 5th Avenue Hospital. Quoting from their college online information:

“New York Medical College Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospital (FFAH) offered a three-year basic nursing program through its School of Nursing, resulting in a Diploma of Nursing from 1920-1960. The basic nursing program was two years in length and the clinical specialty program ranged from one to two years, depending upon the area of clinical specialization. In September of 1961, New York Medical College Flower-Fifth Avenue Hospital opened a graduate nursing school, which awarded a Master of Science in Nursing with training programs in select clinical specialties.”

I must have been age 14. She stored her text books in our home and I began reading her books on basic anatomy, physiology, nursing, including a chapter about Swedish Massage, and found it all interesting and easy to remember. It was all completely understandable. I realized I might follow as she did and continue in Medical College. I read more books and studied on my own learning some Swedish massage. Many years later I got formal massage school training and employed these skills in my clinical practice.

I took a 2-year degree study in Boston, and then after some time working in advertising sales, I matriculated into the more formal study in Human Physiology at State University, New York, Stony Brook Campus. This campus also hosted a well regarded medical college and was near my home where my family lived.

That study was nearly another 2-years. I also took some Massage study during those two years. That led me to enter the Doctor of Chiropractic degree program at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Palmer College offered additional study and credit hours in physiology leading to receiving my Bachelor of Sciences in Human Physiology. I took these additional credit courses while also taking the Doctor of Chiropractic degree classes. It was a bit more demanding but I was thankful to learn and complete my BS degree. 

In those years Palmer was considered the Ivy League “Harvard” of Chiropractic colleges. I thought I was not good enough, but they looked at all of my transcripts and welcomed me. I studied all the more to prove I was qualified to remain there and make the most of my opportunity. I studied more, took additional seminars in X-Ray pathology studies, Applied Kinesiology, Nervous System Physiology, and additional seminars in different Chiropractic spinal adjusting techniques.

I was invited to be a clinic internist inspector, (watching others work and giving approval)  and at one point was invited to be a teacher’s assistant. I passed the National Basic Science Exam on the first try (which was considered to be unusual,) I also passed the Washington State Licensing Board Exam on the first try which was also unusual. I found it practical and reasonable. Their exams were reputed to be reasonable and focused on practical “doingness” of our work. I wanted that sort of exam. 

Anyone can claim they are a doctor but no one shows you their diplomas. I have, and I can assure you there are several other certificates. This has been more than half of my career life!

The other years were involved in sales, marketing, and advertising, which I used to help build a practice, and I have been writing about that subject to help my students build practices. I want my students to be successful. For me personally, failed students are a failed course and a failed teaching development effort. That would mark me as a failure! Of course I want every student to succeed and enjoy a satisfying career and a very good income! I plan to work at this course development and improvement through the rest of my life. I have no interest in “retirement.” I want to accomplish work that will improve society.

If you’re local on Cebu Island contact me with a txt message. I care for patients on a donation basis. I spend about 25 minutes per patient visit combining Massage and Chiropractic. Pay what you think is fair.  Click the blue and white circle with the lightning bolt in it seen to your right on most monitors. That will open a message form at Facebook. I visit FB often and this is the fastest way to get my attention. 

My Present Location:  Stephen Newdell  Purok 2, Cambuntan, …. Dr. Baritua Complex, (on east side of National Highway, about 1 miles south of the Rotunda/traffic circle, and Save-More Grocery Store.)   Carcar City, Cebu 6019








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