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Editor’s Note To Restaurant Operators

Editor’s Note To Restaurant Operators

Dear Sir/Madam,

The page you just saw from the earlier link was part of the blog page I send out once a week. That is part of Exciting Dining Weekend Edition which changes weekly. There is a growing collection of these blog posts, made into pages for your review.

2020 was, for many restaurant operators, quite the painful year. 2021 will not get instantly better, but things ARE destined to improve. All of this website is intended to help you restore, recuperate, and recover.

Our neighbors and friends in Singapore will continue to dine out and visit merchants and adapt to the changes as they come along. This new magazine Singapore is designed for these times It is intended to help readers find restaurants, cafes, and merchants quickly, and see what they offer at no cost to the reader.

Persistence is the key to your survival! There’s a lot of business history to prove that. 2020 was unpleasant but you can’t give up and take up window washing for a living. Your customers still want your meals and you want to continue earning a living at what you do best!

Advertisers will have the opportunity to reach a broad readership all over the world, but my promotion efforts are focused to reach the Singaporean audience. Prices are extremely competitive (and might presently be called ridiculously low) and expanding sections for Weekly Sales and Weekend News will make it easy for advertisers like yourself to improve customer traffic at a very low cost.  In truth…

Good Advertising never “costs.” It PAYS because, if it is done well and properly, it will return your investment and bring in enough customer traffic to make a profit.

Look at these Links, get familiar with the magazine, and make 2021 a pleasant and profitable year!

Reasons To Advertise With Singapore Shopper Magazine

  • Reach The Dining-Out Audience
  • A most efficient and cost-effective way to bring Excellent Exposure to your business
  • Appear in many places in including….
  1. Cover Page
  2. Ethnic categorize grid or listing with photo (works like a “classified display ad)”
  3. Pointer Ads
  4. Social Media
  5. Subscribers get Emails when blogs and weekly and weekend specials/sales pages are released.
  6. Your satisfaction is guaranteed before you pay for anything!
  7. Change words and photos upon request.
  • Your business has a custom landing page made for you at no additional charge. It works like a 1-page website
  • Buy at your option 3-page websites within and “Advertising Articles”
  • We’re connected to Google Search Ads and Google Ad Words
  • Your Ad Always Looks fresh, clean, and new.
  • ALL of this is exclusively for Singapore….
  • ….at a petty-cash price.
  • Receive restaurant marketing articles FREE in email
  • More Articles to help you at little or no cost to bring in More Customer Traffic. It’s all in THIS GROWING ARCHIVE.  This archive could be offered for a serious price but it’s yours to make useful FREE. Please take good advantage of it.

DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR FIRST 50 New Advertising Insertion Orders. 2-months ad placement just $50. Total! That’s just $25/month to help yourself get a start and see all of what I am offering you. The regular price to advertise here is $69/month but while the discount lasts get $138 worth of advertising space for just $50. That’s the introductory offer of the year and YOU should snap it up while it’s available.

Please send your insertion order or simply write to me with more questions.  

  • I’ll work to set everything up. (No technical details for you to handle.)
  • I’ll use your photos and take anything you want me to say and write it for the best advertising language effect.
  • I’ll show you pointer ads for your business to be on many pages and in the “Quick Find Grid.”
  • I’ll make sure I have your approval so you’re satisfied, and
  • after you give your approval I’ll publish and invoice you. Pay through PayPal easily with any sort of bank card.

No one else in the community is doing this for you at such a low price. When you help me develop this publication you are helping yourself, AND I will record you as one of the early clients and continue to provide discounts and more advertising exposure than you’re paying for, for at least 2-years. Who else can you name that will do that for you?

Please take action and contact me today! Send a “hello, let’s talk about this” sort of note, tell me anything you want to say. I’ll write back and we’ll develop what you want. 



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