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Explaining The True Gospel Given To Us By Jesus Our Christ (r 20 June 2021)


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Saul, before becoming Apostle Paul, On the Road to Damascus

Explaining the True Gospel

Given to Us by Jesus (Our) Christ

Dr. Stephen Newdell

Free Book, 132 pages

It’s a confusing world.

Our world is overloaded with confusing, and conflicting points of doctrinal debate. How do we find our way through it?

Of all things, should we not be able to look to the wisdom of ancient religious philosophy to point the way?  Yet we find the same confusion there! Religion is plagued by all kinds of serious, fundamental disagreements.

I am writing real modern thinking for a modern audience. This booklet is not for the elder ladies quilting club.

Even within Christianity, there are a variety of different gospels: the gospel about Jesus Christ, the gospel of salvation, the gospel of grace, the gospel of the Kingdom, the social gospel, the Israel message—and many more.  It’s enough to confuse anyone.

What indeed is the true gospel as was intended, given by God, to be spoken by and through Jesus the Christ to everyone?

132 Pages, Guaranteed to make you think. No Charge — Thank God. Please pass this around. I want everyone you know to have a copy!

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