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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

4 Seasons Hotel Bldg
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

I never expected such a view of the world’s most amazing city!

(I have big photos for you. Scroll slowly and allow me a moment….)

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


+(65) 6734-1110

4 Seasons Citywide View

It was like a dream, really. I never expected such opulence and yet it all fits together so perfectly.

Four Seasons Entry

These days especially everyone is concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. Just looking into the lobby, I never saw any place so clean!

Ultra Clean Lobby
Lobby 2
The Grand Staircase

The entire building sets a standard of opulence that others only wish they could reach. Even the moderately priced rooms are gorgeous!

The furnishings, the colors, the interior decorator’s overall theme. It was dreamlike perfection.

Several room prices and sizes to choose.


Huge, comfortable spaces. I’ve never been so comfortable in my life!



Comfortable and beautifully appointed
I’ve never been so comfortable!

Beautifully designed and executed bathroom.

The bath lighting, first quality countertops, and sinks, sufficient closet space, everything here makes perfect design sense and engenders a knowing of cleanliness and comfort.

It had been a long day before arrival. He was thinking of a drink and dinner. We both love Chinese culture and for us, this was the perfect dining introduction.

Jiang-Nan Chun

Jiang-Nan Chun provides the most highly regarded elegant Chinese dining; inside the hotel. Very convenient and so relaxing!  More about elegant dining here

Really, sometimes I think Chinese culture combined with the best the modern world can provide is so superior.

We’d be several days here. He was visiting people doing advanced pharmaceutical chemistry. I am his personal assistant and also educated in physiology and pharmacy management. I learn with him. Together we get a lot of work accomplished.

Dim Sum was a lovely beginning to something more filling. Such excellence of cuisine is not only about texture, and flavor, or beautiful presentation. Fine chefs are concerned about nutrition too! They want to be sure they satisfy all aspects of their patrons’ needs and dining desires so these patrons will return and spread a good reputation. This was just beyond excellent!

I wanted a walk and to look around and get better oriented. We would be here for a few days and I longed for some exercise and swimming. Two pools, can you imagine? Two! On the 20th floor, a family pool to better keep an eye on children,


and, this fitness pool for laps. It keeps him younger and helps me maintain my fit figure.

Indoor Gardens

Indoor Gardens, so like Singapore. They maintain a view about caring for the environment, thanks to one woman architect involved in city planning for many years. All of the city is wisely planned for comfort and wind flow to ventilate the entire city.

This is part of what I mean by speaking of Chinese culture. Gardens and parks are placed and buildings built around them and arranged to allow prevailing soft tropical breezes to pass through keeping the air fresh. This best of cities is always clean and beautiful. City planning taking into consideration what Singapore was in the 1800s has been a task for a genius effort and it has been magnificently done in Singapore.

The entire community learns the laws and rules and agrees to follow them. The result is peace, prosperity, healthy living, and ideal living space. No wonder everyone living here and visiting feels love for Singapore!

Massage at spa


My employer is always so considerate. I was chatting with the massage therapist in the spa entry….. and looked in on a treatment room.


He left me there for a minute and went back to the lobby to talk to someone at the front desk.


I walked with him to look in at the fitness center 

And the Terrazza, just to look. It’s kind of a secret. You’ll have to come and experience it yourself. That’s what makes Terrazza “ever so cool.” 

He’s always so considerate. I’m an employee in love with her employer! He surprised me. He had arranged a gift for me. Their personal shopping service had it waiting for us. When we got back to our room there was dessert and coffee, and this beautiful gift.

Real Estate is all about location and this hotel is at the end of Fabulous Orchard Boulevard, just near the highest class shopping in the world and near to many gardens and destinations around Singapore that everyone wants to see.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Tomorrow, Saturday, we plan to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens. I love plants for food, medicine, and beauty. I’m looking forward to that!

Lots of people will tell you why they love Four Seasons Hotels. Here’s my best reason.  John Davison, President, and Chief Executive Officer. said in an interview. There is no big secret to our success.  It’s part of the corporate culture to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Can I tell you something I’m thinking before I go?

A man speaking at a seminar once said, “You can’t make anyone richer by being poorer. You won’t make anyone well by being sick. Being part of the problem doesn’t make you part of the solution.” Quite to the contrary. Those smart enough during these difficult days to have seen the future and stepped out of the way of trouble deserve to be safe and comfortable.

If the crazy world out there is tearing itself down, that’s not your doing; you’re not to blame.

Ignore the lunatic politics, disinformation, and ridiculous propaganda. Just live your life and reach for the civilized comforts for yourself and your family. When you do, you actually benefit the wider world.

Handing your money to a government agency won’t do a fourth so much good as your purchase of services from a corporation that provides honest work and beneficial wages to employees. Let free enterprise distribute wealth and sort out the problems. the government cannot and will not.

You make the world better by enjoying the best, working diligently yes of course, and paying a little more for the very best, so that others can have better employment, a living wage, and a decent hope for their future.

You do yourself and the wider world a favor when you take a day or reserve a few days at a high star luxury hotel like Four Seasons on Orchard Boulevard, in Singapore. So, just do it!

Harbor view twilight

Shop in Singapore, do business in Singapore, and support the world’s only nation-city-state that proves the Free Enterprise economic model works best!

I’m going to give you more information. Be sure to copy this address.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


+(65) 6734-1110

When making reservations be certain to call this phone number and confirm that you’re speaking to the 190 Orchard Boulevard Address. Do the same when you get into a taxi. There is another location called Four Seasons. Be sure you go to the correct address.

I recommend you make your reservation directly with the hotel, and if from the United States, fly Singapore Airlines connecting from San Francisco. If you’ll be so kind, tell the reservations desk operator that you are calling after visiting Singapore Shopper Magazine. Four Seasons also offers a private jet service. The Reservations Desk can help you with that.

There are two hotels in town under the name Four Seasons and a too-quick glance at Google Search can cause confusion. You want 190 Orchard Boulevard.  This places you within walking distance of Orchard ROAD, offering some of the highest class shopping in the world!

You’ll note you are surrounded by many higher-class hotels, shopping malls, and more places to visit than Google will show on their map. Anything you want for “creature comforts” can be found here from pocket change priced items to the highest fashion for those who have attained to that pricing economic strata. If you’re staying a few days you’ll see everything is close and easy to find. If you have a cell phone in hand the maps can point out anything to direct you.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


+(65) 6734-1110

Reliable Excellence

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is a high-end luxury hotel with the view that we should treat our guests as we want to be treated. They do an excellent job, consistently. You can always rely upon them to treat you well.

Located around the corner from the famous Orchard Road shopping community, the hotel offers the utmost in convenience and comfort. Lately, the rooms were renovated. Now they’re more beautiful than ever. The cuisine constantly competes to be at the top of the list of the very best. 

In a city-state that considers fine dining something like a national sport, a stylish thing for the upscale income earners to enjoy, this makes for fabulous food in several higher-scale hotels. Looked at from the opposite angle; The hotel cannot be “upscale” unless it hires a highly regarded executive chef and several other chefs working with him.

Running a restaurant is a very complex endeavor. It’s too easy to lose money in that business and finding the right balance of excellent food at a price that makes sense for everyone requires constant minding. We must consider that when going out.

The 20-story hotel has 215 rooms and 40 suites. The Four Seasons is not a huge hotel compared to others in town, which is a good thing because you have less crowding and better attention to your requests and other details of general daily maintenance. The hotel suits business and family travels equally well. I think it is reasonable to say it’s the place for a “conservative thinking” population.

If what you want is a younger crowd and wild nights, you might better enjoy visiting the Marina Bay Sands Casino hotel. Sleep in quiet comfort at Four Seasons. Go out one or two evenings to the Casino Hotel if you prefer.

Some Important Details

The hotel is located in a quiet location close to Orchard Road and Orchard Road MRT Station. The real estate division was very careful to find the right property for this hotel and they did very well indeed.

You’ll enjoy exquisite buffets that focus on quality and presentation. Portions are adequately large.

There is a Family pool with cabanas, food, and drink service in addition to an adults-only lap pool. Relative to other Singapore hotels, Four Seasons is intimately sized. Consequently, the right size for the family pool here is smaller.

There are amenities intended to cater to children, and a willingness to customize menu items for younger palates.

Happy hour hors-d’oeuvres buffet is included with drinks at the One-Ninety Bar. For more Asian dining, look into One Ninty Bar and Restaurant for nasi goreng and Char Kway Teow Noodles.

There is a remarkable 1,500-piece Asian and international art collection.

Four Seasons beds are the best. The management has placed a strong emphasis on comfort that you can tailor depending on your preferences

Must-Know Details:

The hotel can arrange car service and taxis, however, the Grab app is the local Uber in Singapore.

A 5-minute walk brings you to the underpass to ION mall and Orchard Road. We’re 1 degree above the equator. Dress for sizzling summer weather and bring a folding sun umbrella for sun protection, or expect to buy one locally. There are new sun protection umbrellas appearing in department stores where I live in The Philippines. If they have them, surely you’ll find better quality ones in Singapore.

Two of the four tennis courts are indoors and air-conditioned. This is a good way to enjoy the game and get good exercise in comfortable temperatures.


Marina Bay is a 10-15-minute taxi ride away depending on where you’re headed and upon traffic. Also, based upon traffic density expect the ride to and from Changi Airport to take approximately 30 minutes to reach the hotel.

More Notes About Dining

Everything is relatively close. Some runners cross the city on foot in a 45-minute run! This means you can enjoy a half-day of sightseeing and have time for a wonderful dinner at this hotel or in one of the many other venues.

Jiang-Nan Chun is the signature Cantonese restaurant known for dim sum and also Peking duck. The newly-renovated décor draws inspiration from the architecture and culture of Chinese river villages. Jiang-Nan translates to “south of the Yangtze River” after all and that’s where rice was perhaps first cultivated over 10,000 years ago.

Cantonese cooking is of course close to what most wealthier Chinese eat, so naturally, it fits for those Chinese who come to visit or live in Singapore. If you have never had Cantonese cooking, read a bit more about it, and ask questions at the reservations desk when looking at the menu. Some of their meats can be rather eclectic. Be sure you know what will be on your fork (or between your chop sticks) before you place an order.

Canton city and Canton Provence are older names. Today “Guangdong” refers to the province and “Guangzhou” refers to the name of the city formerly known as Canton. Guangdong is just across the bridge from Hong Kong.

One-Ninety bar and restaurant offer all-day dining including a breakfast buffet with loads of fresh fruit, house-made pastries, salads, hot dishes, Japanese, Chinese, and Western selections. Special requests can be made at the table. Just try kaya toast, and you’ll know why everyone loves it.

Children may choose from their own menu if they like, but lunch and dinner semi-buffet with the choice of an entrée is the best way to let them make choices.

The One-Ninety Bar & Terraza is not a dank, dingy bar! It’s one of the world’s most beautiful restaurants offering buffets and proper British High Tea. If I were managing I’d rename it One-Ninty Terraza Restaurant.

One-Ninty Lunch Semi Buffet

One-Ninty offers an a la carte menu with the exception of an evening appetizer buffet to enjoy with a drink. The patio is a wonderful place to take a chair and enjoy a drink. It’s a perfect place for a drink and a snack before heading off on another short adventure. Their burgers are perhaps the best you’ve ever had. One-Ninety also serves afternoon tea. They also are conveniently located at The Four Seasons Hotel.

My only problem with the Breakfast Buffet is, there’s SO MUCH it was impossible to take good photographs of it!

A robust food and drink menu is also available at the family pool, 20 floors (about 220 feet) above the world. This provides panoramic views of the city to Marina Bay. Cabanas and umbrellas provide shade while ice water and periodically passed around fruit sticks keep guests hydrated. The family pool offers a selection of floats and pool toys for children.

I, your author, should tell you, that I earned a BS in Human Physiology, have done a considerable study into nutrition and Swedish Massage, and then completed four more years to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and ran a practice for several years. Now at age 70, I’m still physically fit and active. As they say at NASA, “All systems are Go.” When I drop hints about health maintenance, you can rely upon my knowledge and experience. I know what I’m talking about. I also write about it and blog about it within this website.

Chefs are not exclusively interested in aroma, taste, texture, and presentation! They are aware of good nutrition and make the effort to provide excellent nutrition to their patrons. In a hotel like this, you’ll be well-fed and there are facilities here to help you improve your health if you’ll put some effort into it.

Here’s a hint that will help you.  A bit of walking in the sun (wearing shorts) will help you beat jet lag. There’s a little-known nervous system “trick” here. The backs of your knees have nerves related to sunlight and sleep timing. So if you’re feeling jet lag, take some walking time, wearing shorts.

To improve general health or recover from too much exercise or walking “give your body” to a massage therapist at The Spa. The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore provides massages, facials, wraps, nail services, and more. It was the first L’Occitane Spa, in Asia. The spa offers products from Provence, France. You’ll love them.

I think this is what makes Singapore amongst the best of cities. A man can buy a suit tailored just for him. Women can find dressmakers to provide clothing just for their requirements. The food, the sights, the education, and so much more are always an effort to reach for the very best. Even during the virus crisis, Singapore is still showing improving economic numbers.

Embark on a sensory voyage with a custom set of treatments tailored to you. Keep your hands and feet looking their best with our menu of manicures and pedicures. Experience the world-exclusive Néroli & Orchidée facial treatment by L’OCCITANE at our Spa, known for their anti-aging properties and exceptional floral and fruity notes.

Age-defying and skin-protecting facials restore balance to sensitive skin.

The Singapore hotel houses an intimate Four Seasons Spa, a luxurious oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Boulevard.     Nail services are available through the Four Seasons Spa and can be performed in the privacy of your room.

Need a workout? The Singapore hotel offers a well-stocked 24-hour gym and a lap pool. And don’t forget to test out the facility’s two indoor, air-conditioned tennis courts — the city’s first.

Four Seasons Hotel Gym

The family pool, located on the 20th floor of the luxury hotel, offers a selection of kid’s toys and games to keep little ones busy and a children’s poolside menu for when they get a bit uncertain about dining. Just be aware of the sun. More than 15-minutes the first time out might risk sunburn.

The Rooms

    Each of the Singapore hotel’s 255 rooms combines soothing earth tones with stylish furnishings, such as an executive ergonomic chair with a large work desk.

    The luxurious guest rooms include elegant furnishings, original Asian artwork and gorgeous vistas through floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Rooms and suites provide extra large marble bathrooms with a private toilet and bidet, a separate shower, a tub, and a double vanity.

    High technology amenities include 42-inch LCD TVs with DVD players, MP3 connections with speakers and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The Restaurants

    One-Ninety serves up a balanced combination of Western plates and Singaporean specialties, like spicy laksa and warm noodles. The trendy restaurant is also known for preparing many of the dishes, like the seared codfish, on an Applewood grill.

    For breakfast during your stay at the Four-Star hotel, there’s a large Asian and Western buffet filled with the classics. Those who dine at lunch can nibble on the appetizer and dessert buffet.

    Try Jiang-Nan Chun for fine traditional Cantonese cuisine served in a more modern style.

    You can’t visit the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore without stopping by the One-Niney Bar and Terraza, offering the best of both worlds with an indoor and outdoor area to relax and enjoy.

    The bar at the Four-Star hotel also serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea with sweet and savory delights like scones.

Fitness and Tennis

Work off the glorious Singaporean cuisine at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s Club. Ages 12 and older can utilize the 65,000-square-foot facility including four tennis courts. Two courts are air-conditioned. Hotel guests can take advantage of complimentary tennis rackets for adults and kids, balls, and tennis clothing in addition to lessons at a reduced rate.

Or, work out in the fitness facility with cardiovascular equipment, steam room, sauna, personal training (by appointment), yoga instruction (by appointment), weights, and the adults-only lap pool.

Room service can be ordered to the little lounge. Not to worry if you forget workout clothes as they have them here and will even shine your shoes complimentary while you workout.

Singapore with Kids

Sg is one of the most kid-friendly destinations in the world.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore has always been an easy place to stay with children. It never feels busy. It’s relaxing and there are many little details considered, just to delight children.

There are extremely few reports of crimes and those happen where one finds bars and sex workers. I know you’ll stay out of those neighborhoods, so the subject is not an issue.

Many Visitors Return For Good Reasons!

190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646

TEL:  65-6734-1110

Singapore does luxury hotels well and among the best of them is this Four Seasons Hotel at 190 Orchard Boulevard. Call for a reservation +65 6734 1110.

I am not presently paid to promote the hotel but I’d like them to hear my magazine name often enough so eventually, they might wish to support my efforts (and theirs).

This tourist’s and shopper’s magazine is developing by degrees, into a shopper’s guide, and I want it to be the “go to” reference for everything going on in the world’s most brilliant City-State.

         I am writing this all at my own risk. I’m pouring my time, effort, and money into developing this magazine free for you.  If you’ll be so kind, please simply say to the reservations desk that you read about the hotel in Singapore Shopper Magazine      ….. with my advanced “Thank You.”

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