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FREE Classic Massage Therapist Career Discovery Report-January 2023


They walk past you every day…and

They’ll Pay Handsomely For Your Help.


  Your friends, neighbors, and community residents will pay you well for your skills.

Begin learning how to

care for painful patients, 

… and relieve their back-pain.

Begin today learning Massage and Back-Pain Massage Therapy from an experienced Specialist Back-Pain Doctor, and earn the best living of your life! Restore patients to normal posture and spinal health!…And you can do it for them dressed like this. That makes your new patients much more comfortable, reduces your overhead, reduces wasted time, allows you to see more patients every day. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful. I’ll even help you get new patients! To understand…

…Start Your Discovery Now,

FREE of Charge.

I have too much to tell you and it’s too important to read it on line. Get My Free PDF Report Booklet Now! You’ll begin learning some valuable and immediately useful information right away in this…. 


….Free Career Discovery Report!

Click any red link



The booklet will go into your downloads file, or look at your top right corner for a folder icon. Click that icon to download and save to your desktop.

I’m not “playing games.” This is not a deception.  I am offering a serious opportunity to gain greater wisdom about helping yourself and others to be healthier for life. 

You will learn more than you can imagine, and earn the best living of your life in massage and then in further advanced studies, Back-Pain Massage and much more! In this booklet I actually begin teaching you to massage a friend or family member who is willing to help you learn, and he/she will gain great health benefits too!

Could anyone compress a Life Time of study into a course of videos and 5-volumes totaling about 1,000 pages? I am doing it. The Books and videos are available now, but to be sure this is right for you, please go through the Career Discovery Report and get started the right way.

You’ll also get links to 9-Sample videos. You’ll see work being done and you to get a feeling for what Massage Therapists do. You’ll learn a lot just watching these. If you have someone to “work on” a bit you’ll learn by doing and gain some confidence. It’s intuitive, easy, and a lot of fun. 

I think you could learn so much in 2-weeks that you will be able to take care of friends or family members and they probably will donate to you to continue paying for your education. They want you successful too, to help them and help you have the proud, happy, successful life they naturally want for you!

The way I teach, it’s FAST, EASY, and it’s FUN to Learn.

Discover Yourself As A New Kind of

Back-Pain Massage Therapist

  • Earn An Enviable Living
  • Reduce Patient’s Body Pains, Routinely Cure Back-Pain
  • Return Normal, Healthy Lives to Presently Painful Patients
  • Help Family Members
  • Express Love to Your Partner. Massage fills in the missing pieces to the expression puzzle. Discover how!

I, Your Master Teacher and Therapist, am a Specialist Doctor of Chiropractic with additional studies in Nervous system physiology, orthopedics, and Classic/Swedish Massage, licensed and in practice with Over 48-Successful Years of Experience! No one else in the world is teaching what I do. No one teaches this combination of techniques as effectively! I’ve looked to find anyone else teaching what I’ve been doing. This is not hyperbole. I’m just stating facts here. 

No one else in the Massage world is so well qualified to teach you so much and Change Your Life, for the better.

Dr. Steve, Change it? How?

I’ll explain much more in my FREE “Career Discovery Report.”

It’s too important and too long to read on line. You need to relax and read this at your right time, a little at a time over several days until you feel comfortable with the ideas presented. I’m not rushing you. I never try to rush students. 

Get all the information you need. Please accept this FREE Career Discovery Report. It costs me nothing to send it to you and you’ll have it in less than a minute. There is no request for further information from you and no one will call. Simply Click any Red Link Below.

Get Your Free Career Discovery Report!

>>>Download it Now!<<<

You’ll also receive: 9-Classic Massage Sample Video Links included with this booklet. In one or two weeks, for FREE, You’ll Learn a Lot, and Have Fun Gaining Valuable New Skills!

Go through the booklet, and when you’re sure this is right for you, then make a purchase decision. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or You’ll Get Your Money Back!

Volume 1 and 2 are available immediately to purchase at a “beginner’s holidays discounted price.” We’ll start the New Year of The Rabbit right together. 

When you have skills to make people able-bodied and well again, you will never suffer through poverty! That is why, if you have any inclination to be a healer, you need this course! I really go the extra two miles to help people like yourself to become successful and make an extremely good living. Naturally I would want to do that so that you’ll tell friends and encourage them to take my course too.

The Career Discovery Report is a FREE booklet, photo illustrated, and quite beautiful. An editor friend said as much and called it “completely comprehensive” and said that he liked the writing style very well. It’s yours Free of Charge. I want you to have a copy.

Please click to get yours as a PDF Download directly to your computer or phone. No obligations, no strings attached. Please Do it right now.

I hope you’ll tell friends about it too. This city needs thousands of well trained, Back-Pain Massage Therapists. Together we are building a new profession and a community of healers who will make Singapore healthier, more productive, more prosperous, safer, and happier.  I would like for you and your friends to be involved. 

Get Your Free Career Discovery Report!

>>>Download it Now!<<<

If you need a free PDF Viewer go here: If you’re home using a PC the PDF will open onto your desk top so you can read it immediately. It’s lengthy but certainly worth going through. The Firefox browser opens PDFs automatically. So also does Chrome and Avast Secure Browser. You may have to do something with “settings” but these browsers will open PDF’s immediately if you set them to do so. But, you’re still online. The Adobe free viewer is  best. Adobe is trusted across the Internet publishing industry, and they have been available for many years. With Adobe you can download many PDF booklets and save them on all devices. Also refer to this. So far my experience is that they all are very good, and Free!  

How to use the Chrome PDF viewer | Adobe Acrobat

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