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For now, see the letter below, look around the site to get an understanding of what I’m doing. Stay in touch. This is intended to be VERY good for You and for the Singapore Business Community.

Did you see this list  Your business may already be connected to the home page! Take a look. It’s worth money to you!

Many web technicians want to sell you a web-SITE. They say it’s what you need to get more customers.

Not True!

I will explain the costs involved and why developing your own site, for a small shop, is often a VERY bad idea.

Then I’ll show you the smarter and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again!



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I’m not exclusively “selling advertising!” I’m teaching restaurant/cafe marketing and showing you how you can have more customers coming in at a very reasonable price….  and  …. that’s why you want to stay in contact with me.

When this makes sense to you, you’ll see good reasons to join my exclusive group of cafes and restaurants telling the world what “we” offer, what makes us different, or makes YOU better, or more convenient, and what’s happening “here” at your place for the weekend or holidays. I will make that available for you at a low price and to a tremendous Singapore “dining-out” audience.

and….I’ll show you how you can have a page like THIS one or THIS clean, very direct and effective page at a very reasonable price. Take a look at this one too. 

(These red links open a separate page so look but be sure to come right back. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted and wander all over the internet. Your business is so important now, you have no time and energy for wandering. Don’t watch other people making money. You should stay with me so YOU will be earning more money.)

Included with this there will be many small “pointer ads” drawing readers to look at your “big page.” (I’ll show you pointer ads soon.) Just stay with me! I know a lot of cafes and restaurants have had a difficult year. I’m here to help.

I don’t expect You to buy anything today! I know you have work to do and things to think about. But, I also know you need more traffic and you see the USA is heading for more problems during and after the presidential election. (November through the start of 2021). That IS going to adversely affect world economics. We need to do all we can, aw we work together, to keep YOU busy and earning a decent living!!!

WHAT I WANT NOW from you is your interest. Request the PDF I offer, or read what I send each week, go over it, think, and keep in contact with me. Send me an occasional note, ask questions if you wish. I’ll answer you. When the time is right, I’m sure you’ll come to a comfortable considered decision.

Let me tell you something historic that’s valuable for you to know. Business history has proven many times in all cultures; businesses that advertise during bad economic times maintain business traffic and grow larger.

Businesses that don’t advertise during bad economic times, lose customers to those that advertise. Those managers who think they will “save money” by avoiding advertising lose their customer base and finally go out of business.

As soon as you stop marketing, you are essentially telling the world, “I’m going out of business” and you should never want to do that!

I’ll show you, as we go through all of this together, how we can get more traffic for YOU at an affordable price and improve your business traffic into the future! I’ve successfully done this for small businesses for many years and I’m sure I can do it for you too!

First; Assuming you are the owner of a café or restaurant, you’re probably busy working 10 and more hours each day. You do not have the time and physical energy to learn to build your own website. It is very technically involved. It seems to get more difficult and detailed every week.

Promises of a “free” website are only for a sample. No one can give you a website for free. In the long run, doing and learning all of this can cost a fortune, and even on your own, it might take 2 or 3 years to learn to do it all yourself. Don’t start on that road unless you intend to make advertising or website development a career!

The free pages at Facebook are too restrictive and so drab looking they do little more than waste your precious energy and time. Their computer programs take over and place photos where you don’t want them, or add photos you don’t want. The FB page is a small, free, helpful notice to the world but that’s as far as it goes. I have an FB page but it’s NOT my main way to reach the world.

A website is for doing major big jobs. But for many restaurants and cafes, a single “Landing Page” is sufficient to inform customers and draw in all the traffic you need — if it is seen! (and there’s the problem…!)

For this you’ll pay $300/month!

A website needs software somewhere, and some big computer needs to “host” the site and keep it on the Internet. That means also there are security risks and a big hosting company must be employed to maintain the site and the computer running it.

You will also need people who maintain the site and make sure on a daily basis that it is working. The cost for all of this if done properly is going to be about $300/year and can go into the $600/year range very quickly.

Remember, this is only for their technical work. YOU still have to write the pages, bring in photographs and do everything else. That alone for a new website while you’re learning, requires at least a full day of work for each page. If you have 5-pages it could take up a week of your work-time IF you know how to do all of this. If you are a beginner it may take more than a month.

The truth is, you don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the energy to do it all yourself.

I’m not the only one saying this. The teachers at “” (a very big technical shop for site developers wrote, “When you add up the costs of managed hosting, premium themes, plugins, site maintenance, and support, the costs of creating a website are a fraction of what you’d spend to hire a developer and designer to create a bespoke solution for your web presence and management.”

What that tells you is, hiring someone to build a website for you is very expensive, and trying to do it yourself is not cheap! You could spend so much time, energy, and worry trying to do this yourself it could actually ruin your business and your life. So, that’s the wrong path to follow. (Some of these guys charge $10,000 to build a website — and you’re wishing for a new stove or walk-in refrigerator. Paying someone to build a website for you is often the wrong path to take!)

Yes, there is software to make a website quickly but someone has to write the advertising “copy” (the words) and that is a “skill set” and a job all of its own. (I tested two of those “free” web hosts and they were difficult to use well. I recommend avoiding them.)

I have in truth been studying and applying the writing of many great advertising writers for many years. I began with an interest in advertising at age 15 and now I’m age 70 (very healthy, thank Heaven!) You don’t just cram a library of sales writing knowledge into a young woman or man in a month. Anyone who imagines so is not a salesman and never has been. And….the best sales writers were salesmen. I was a print advertising space salesman in Seattle and won awards for good work and a high volume of sales….and I did help those businesses gain more customers! Those skills to do this did not come quickly!

But here’s what you should remember….


I have gone over many websites for restaurants and cafés. The big websites have too many pages. The website builder justified his price by making up all of these pages. But, he is a web technician and knows nothing about sales, marketing, and advertising. He really never will! Making so many pages confuses customers.

That customer wants to know about your food, the ambiance or environment, and prices. Instead, she is forced to go from page to page and link to link to “discover” that you’re more than a takeaway café. I have seen this on the website of a very expensive Italian Restaurant in Sg! This is no joke. This sort of website building is a plan to waste money and cause customers to go elsewhere!!!

A personality survey of web technicians proved they are “introverted” personalities. This means they like computers and mathematics. They do not like to converse with people They do not like to go to parties. They are absolutely never the personality to be a salesman/saleswoman!

It’s safe to say they’ve never sold anything to anyone in their lives! So, What makes them qualified to produce advertising and tell you that any particular website design will sell more? Truth is, they’re guessing and promoting what they’ve made but they have no idea what works and what does not in advertising. Most big ad agencies don’t have any idea either!!! (Yes that’s true!) It turns out big black serif print on a white background (like we see here) works better to draw customers than anything else. Older eyes cannot see light gray and pastels, and thin, smaller fonts like this demo sentence.>>>   Older eyes cannot see light gray and pastels and thin, smaller font, like this demo sentence.  

Disaster Demo: I am absolutely amazed at the great numbers of websites that produce print so small, so thin, and so light, that their words can barely be read. Why do they do this? I guess they think it’s for style. They think it’s “beautiful,” or perhaps they simply Don’t Care! Whatever it is, they’re wasting a lot of electricity and a lot of money, because readers are leaving them in flocks and herds, running elsewhere to find the information they want, and can clearly see and read!

I lately watched a demonstration teaching use of web page editing software. A young woman appeared covered with tattoos down her right arm, and too much make-up, a leather halter top displaying a tattoo between her breasts, and a bare waist. She topped it with multiple colored short hair. She produced a web page and ended by putting non-serif thin yellow type-style print onto a yellow background!

I couldn’t believe it.

This “girl” doesn’t know anything about eyes! If the eyes can’t see what I write, the reader will not buy. There’s a saying among American hunters. Walk downwind of your prey because if you’re upwind, the turkey will see you, the deer will hear you, and the bear will smell you. You must understand your prospective customer’s needs before you attempt to send him the right message at the right time and from the right medium! No one learning to make websites knows anything about this. That is why they produce multiple pages of confusion at VAST cost and waste business owners’ money as if they were pouring hot soapy water down the dishwashing sink!!!

Drayton Bird, World’s Greatest Marketer

I learn these many marketing tips and longer instructions at the feet of great advertising masters who have done the research, testing, and retesting actually millions of mailed and emailed sales letters, and web pages, changing sometimes just one word and getting better or worse results!

For example, this man, Mr. Drayton Bird, is arguably the greatest advertising writer and marketer the world has ever known. At age 80+ he is still teaching. I listen to and study with him continually.

Many younger people involved in advertising won’t study any of this and they simply don’t know! It’s costing some business operators real money to send out advertising that gets no response!

Web technicians age 22 don’t know any of this and persist in producing expensive web pages that the buyers with real money cannot read!!! Try to write to these technicians. They don’t respond! Many of them don’t speak clear English!

Of course, if you’re past age 50 you already realize this font and black color on a white background, and very dark red and blue colors are better for older eyes.

Who has the money? Mostly mature people nearing their retirement years have the most discretionary income. If older eyes can’t see the page, they’re not buying the product that page is selling.

But, what introvert who never studied advertising ever thought about that, or about A/B Split Testing to see what worked best? I’d guess “none of them.” Their mind is focused upon selling You an expensive website job. They learn more code and technical tricks but (this is a dark secret) they know they have no idea how to sell anything.

I’m sorry to say this, but most of the big ad agencies that are busy being “creative” don’t get good results with their advertising campaigns either. Surveys in London prove this every year!

The firms that get the best results are involved in direct response, mail order type advertising. They know how much they’ve spent and they can test to see what works best. They can tell you to the penny what your cost to get a new customer was.

Agencies that are busy trying to get awards for “being creative” cannot tell you what your return on investment is, and won’t even mention it!

Actually, many of these young people never got any degree in advertising and marketing. They don’t read the great books by the great names in advertising, as I have and do, and as Mr. Bird did and still does. These young people are not qualified to take your money and produce something they imagine is advertising.

I’m also sorry to say, most of today’s advertising writers never sold anything face-to-face, and it turns out (again, by survey) the most successful advertising “copy-writers” are those that sold face-to-face in homes and business-to-business. They write the best advertising “copy.” (Ad copy is advertising words like you’re reading now.)

I began selling when I was younger than this fellow!

I began teaching myself to sell by going door to door offering boxes of Holiday Greeting Cards when I was age 10. I broke the fear of it then and continued learning ever since! I have since then sold life insurance in home and advertising space in newspapers, magazines and privately published phone directories in businesses. I’ve sold many things in my life including men’s clothing, electronics, kitchen ware, and powered lawn and garden equipment. The experience made me a better ad copy writer.

I was an obnoxious flirt in school between ages 12 and 15. I broke all of my fears about speaking to single people and even to crowds in a big audience. Even when I ran a practice taking care of back pain, I was selling by comparing my services to the prices and services of similar doctors in the community. And it worked! I had a very busy practice!

The best advertising writers have sold and studied advertising and marketing taught to them by the great names of the past and our venerated elders. They have “lived the business.” They took what they learned, worked for years as face-to-face salespeople, and finally began writing advertising “sales copy.” They tested and compared more and more until they found the best they could do. That is the way I learned over a span of 58-years. I’m still learning more and intend to use it to benefit you with more profit.

No web technician ever did that. They probably have never sold or written good advertising for anything in their lives. They probably never will! It takes years to learn to do this well.

Why then are restaurant owners in New York or Los Angeles or Singapore paying a fortune to these “web site developers” to produce advertising that only works one-tenth as well as it should? These guys are NOT qualified to write and produce advertising. They’re wasting your money, whilst making ideas up as they go along; reinventing the wheel, we might say.

True, a beautiful website is attractive, but that’s only one small part of the work to be done. Pictures draw our eyes. The words do the selling. If the words are not doing their job well, the sales response may be a financial disaster, and will waste your money!

Trustworthy ad writer

Permit me to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Stephen Newdell. I had two major careers in my life. I’m an advertising “copywriter” (and past advertising space salesman. (I did some radio announcing for ads too.)

I went back to college and became a back-pain doctor and nutritionist. (A Chiropractor. This word is mostly known in the United States.) I’m old enough to retire but I want to continue this occupation I love so much. I can be very helpful for the Singapore community by bringing more customers to YOU for many years to come. That is my intention.

I became interested in advertising and marketing at age 15 when I realized most of it was very badly done. I continued with that avocation all of my life. I spent a few years as a Chiropractic back pain doctor but always continued to study sales and advertising writing. I just love it! I’ll never “retire.” I’ll do something to help bring more customer traffic to small business owners like YOU until the end of my lifespan. And…. There’s a good personal reason for that.

My family ran a small business and worked 14-hour days. What YOU do is not a part-time hobby. This is your livelihood, and it’s my job to help you keep it going and growing! I know YOU want a decent retirement. You perhaps aspire to pay for college for your children, and better things for your family. These are your dreams. This is your life; and it’s my purpose to help you have it! I make my living helping women and men like you, get more customer traffic so you can successfully make your living!

This may surprise you; 80% of everything that happens in our economy happens when someone sells something to someone else! 80% of this economy is driven by sales!!! Selling is not a bad thing to do. It helps everyone live better and earn more. Just remember “Honesty is the best policy.” If you’re dishonest in sales and advertising work or in any work soon you have a bad reputation and no one wants to do business with you. So we always do our best, to be honest, and deliver more than we promise. I deliver what I promise. If I can’t deliver, I won’t make promises I cannot keep.

I continue to learn more from the great advertising writers and salespeople; and this is important to you because you need someone qualified to sell your products and services online, and that is what I do when people pay me to do it.

What is Advertising and Why Should You Use It?

(Advertising is and should be “selling in print.” The only real legitimate purpose for advertising is to sell something. If we’re not selling we’re wasting money.) But even if no one paid me to write for them, and if you only had a fair web PAGE in the right place, you would bring in more customers. If you’re seen in Singapore Shopper, just appearing in that “medium” will help you have more traffic. I’ll explain why.

Lavo Restaurant Bar is a favorite place for fun!

You’re in Singapore and we know nearly 76% of Singaporeans are Chinese. Chinese people tend to eat Chinese food and do business with more Chinese people. They study diligently and become industrious and successful earners. Many strive for excellence. That is part of modern Chinese culture. This culture wants the better things life can offer, and why not? You work for it and you can earn and should enjoy it!

Sometimes buying a big dinner or holding a lavish affair (like a wedding for example) is a way to earn appreciation and respect in the community. (This is common to nearly all affluent cultures.)

If you have a page seen in the Chinese community, even if it is only showing photos of your food and saying for example, “I specialize in Cantonese food,” that is enough to get many Chinese people to decide to visit and try your meals and then continue coming to you.

This may be the first time they have heard of you. If you got only 20 new customers in a year from the advertisement, it probably will earn more for you than the cost of the advertising because it leads to more people referring friends, or bringing them along for a dinner. (With my offer you’re going to see many more than 20-new customers each year!)

Good Advertising doesn’t cost, It Pays and it can, and should pay you a handsome profit! BUT WAIT, there’s something else to cover.  It should enlarge your regular crowd and your reliable monthly average income. More about that later.

On the other hand, if you sell a different ethnic food style, that’s good! Some days that can be just right for anyone who wants a change. But to whom should they go and what style should they try? I can help sway their decision so they decide to visit YOU. I CAN write advertising-copy for you, but you are welcome to write for yourself and I, unless you object, may make minor improvements in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, and publish it.

     (That’s your choice. A few small corrections will cost you nothing. Bigger work is paid work. I recommend you allow me to clean up spelling, grammar, and sentence structure at least. English is a difficult second language! Most writers who don’t make their living writing need help sometimes.)

Just remember, simply appearing with photos and your name in the Singapore Shopper guide will bring you more customer traffic. We know that from years of surveys in the telephone directory business.

If potential customers don’t know you exist, that’s the “kiss of death.” If they never have heard of you, you’re in trouble! Every new “eatery” will draw away some of your potential customers. That’s another reason why You must advertise! You must continually market yourself and your business.

J. Paul Getty and wife Lowes, Getty Oil Corporation founder. In 1967 dubbed, “World’s richest man.”

Years ago a young assistant to a famous business operator observed, “Sir, we are the exclusive producer of this product, so why continue to advertise?” The older man replied,

“Marketing and advertising are the engines that pull the train forward.” That was spoken by J. Paul Getty, the man who created Getty Oil Corporation. Mr. Getty became the world’s wealthiest man in 1967.

If you’re not advertising you’re sending your potential customers to someone else! Getty wouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t either!

Of course, nowadays you need more income and more customers because with the state of the world’s economy and the obvious “New Normal” changes coming on, you want a list of customers coming to you regularly. Without them, you won’t be able to know your average monthly income. Without that number, your life goes into financial disorganization!

You can be angry at the world, or angry about the state of the economy, angry about politics, angry that “the competition” is getting your customers. Whatever it is, the way to win in this game is to let people know what you and I already know….

The word from those who research cafes and restaurants is that your food is excellent. ( I don’t write to everyone. I write to the best!) Your service is pleasant and quick. Customers really like you. That’s why I write to you and not just anyone! I am sending this letter to the owners of cafes and restaurants written up in local publications and considered to be the best that Singapore can offer!

For this moment I’m asking you to simply stay with me and go through every word of this letter because it’s not for everyone. It’s for a very few excellent cafes and restaurants. You deserve to be included!

Your decision can place you into Singapore Shopper Magazine. This guide is like nothing else available in Singapore. It is destined to be the most popular and often referred to café/restaurant guide in the city! That’s why you need to stay with this offer because it’s going to help you maintain stability in your life while many of the others in town are (sadly) drowning in financial trouble!

Get in as soon as you can because I’m planning on at most 250 advertisers (some restaurants and cafes, and some other shops) and those slots are going to disappear fast! I don’t want you to miss your place in this café/restaurant guide. You shouldn’t want to miss your place in it either! For a very reasonable price, you will have the best advertising and marketing in the city for dining places.

Morrisons makes a memorably bad impression.

Your food may be as good as what is served in a big hotel restaurant. But if the reading public does not know you have a café or restaurant in town, they will never come to you. I have seen several cafés open and close because the food was great but there was no money invested in all the other things that make a lasting good impression, as for examples; good signage, a neat, clean exterior and interior, and good looking menus.  (I wonder how long Morrisons Restaurant could continue in business with a sign that looked like this! This negligence made such a bad impression it ended up in a magazine.)

Costs To Do It Yourself. Let’s assume you think you’ll write your own website and do all of this yourself. If you paid $6,000 for a web SITE, Add $300 per year for hosting and maintenance; But there’s more. Now the question is, “How will I get people to see it?” That’s a very difficult and expensive question to answer.

You have paid a fortune for the website and hosting and now you might pay at least $150/month to advertise the website. Add it all up. These expenses are killing you. But, that’s not the real cost. The real cost is, you’re losing customers you should be getting because your advertising is done wrong. Those customers are going to someone else! That’s a loss!!!

When we reach this Techy Created Website the technician has your business name on one page and photos of food. Then there’s another page with more photos of the empty restaurant.

An empty restaurant photo says to me “No one comes here. the food is terrible.” I want to see a busy restaurant full of happy patrons!

Then there is a different page explaining where you are and how to reach you, and a different location for how to order takeaway food, and another place telling your hours of operation, and another place to look for a map to find you.

“Customers are an interruption to my day.”

No email address = shooting your foot.

Many of these brilliant website developers hide the “contact us” page so completely I have had to spend 15-minutes hunting for a contact address! My issue is not that Facebook is bad. It’s alright. It does the messaging job neatly for friends.

My point is, finding your contact information should be very easy. If it is not, this is like saying, “I don’t want to talk to customers. I don’t want your money. Don’t write to me.” Particularly in hotels, potential customers want to reach the restaurant. Many hotels will not display a restaurant’s email address.

The lack of an email address is frustrating. If you aggravate potential customers they will go to someone else! “I’m a businessman. I have no time to receive mail from customers.”  Spoken by a man who wants to shoot his foot.

Actually the purpose of going to work every day is to serve customers. That’s why I’m here writing to you and presumably that is why you open your doors each morning too.

Whether you do business with me or not, my advice for many good reasons is to make your regular email address prominent on your website or web page, or even on your free Facebook page. Not a Facebook or Instagram Messinger address, I mean, you should set up an email address at Gmail through Google, or Yahoo or Proton Mail or some other local service you like. Make that address prominently seen.

Never make Facebook your only internet address. It’s too likely that you’ll never be found or someone will tamper with your Facebook account and your page will be lost. Computer data is fragile. Many things can happen. Own a real email address and a well-done web page. I can make that available to you at a decent price and with more potential customer reach than anyone else in Singapore.

What has been going on across the Internet

Is Absolutely Crazy!

A web developer makes his living by developing complicated and expensive websites. They promote that you should have one of their custom made products. The secret is, they’re young, they love mathematics and writing code and know little to nothing about getting you what you really want. What you want is more buying customers!

Getting your own website developed can easily become a very expensive project! This can become (in “conservative” numbers) $8,100 in the first year with increases each time you ask for a website change and most of it is a confusing jumble written by a guy who avoids people, has never sold anything, and “lives in his computer.”

He honestly does not know there are many books teaching about better advertising writing. He couldn’t name even one truly worldwide successful advertising writer or ad agency if his life depended upon it. That tells you he has never studied under any of them! He thinks whatever he can imagine and write will be good enough! It’s like hiring a florist to do eye surgery. You’re in the wrong place with the wrong “expert!”

You do not need all of their web pages! What does your customer want to know? What they want to know is.“What’s in here for me?”

  • You need ONE PAGE with pictures,
  • an explanation of what you do,
  • what kind of food you specialize in making,
  • where you are located, and how the customer can call, and order food.
  • who to call for reservations right now!

This is not supposed to be a “scavenger hunt!” Her husband is not going to search all of Google to find your reservations number. He’s going to call someone else!!!

Always keep in mind, the potential customer is asking, “What’s in this for me?” So, You Need….

One Page! And….you need to get that page before people who want food and can afford to dine out. Alright, I can agree some bigger restaurants want more pages and photos and I plan to be in a position to provide that at a reasonable price in the not very distant future. This should not be crazy and look like it’s a cross between a website and a movie. I think we can do an adequate job with 5-pages and keep the price to less than $450. But, most cafes and small retail shops don’t need that much. They need ONE page and it won’t work on Facebook. That’s entirely too restrictive! In fact, a potential customer may have trouble seeing it if he/she is not a Facebook member! That free page is pushing potential customers away!

How are you going to achieve one page that works?

  • You need someone who can host that page and reach a broad audience of restaurant food buyers.
  • The advertisement must have the message they want. They want food ads when they’re hungry and thinking about where to go, or from whom to order.
  • They need clean, good looking, well-written copy
  • and beautiful photos
  • in the right place
  • at the right time.
  • At A Cost You Can Live With!

If your ad is in a newspaper next to some article about politics it’s getting you nothing and robbing you plenty! I would no more run a restaurant ad in a newspaper than I would run an ad for ladies underwear in a man’s fishing magazine. The medium (newspaper) is all wrong! If you’re advertising food in a food and small shops guide you’ll earn MUCH more and gain greater return in exchange for your investment.

Superman writing ad-copy

<I’m here to rescue you!  It’s best for customers and for You if all the excellent cafes and restaurants have food ads in one convenient Free Online guide dedicated to restaurants, cafes, small shops and perhaps a few hotels that serve food and celebrate weddings and other big gatherings.

All the restaurants together in one guide create a psychological marketplace for dining. That’s very good for you! It’s like going along a road leading to a hospital and every building is a doctor’s office. It makes finding the right place for health-care easier. In a similar fashion…

The Singapore Shopper guide is a catalog that makes finding and comparing dining places convenient, easy, interesting, and fun.

What Singapore has needed for a long time, is ONE guide or magazine that appears on a smartphone and tells the reader everything she wants to know, even while she’s sitting in her office or standing on the sidewalk! She could be riding with a friend. She opens her phone, and says, “Let’s go here.” (to your business.) Would you like that? You can have it when you’re in

  • This one online Magazine will gather all interested readers,
  • It should do all the advertising at a price you can comfortably fit into your budget!
  • It should tell readers what you offer,
  • It should link to whatever you have online now for them to see your menu,
  • It should show your location and phone number quickly, easily found, and
  • perhaps also show a map explaining exactly where you are located
  • Such a service should consolidate and reduce the costs of building an Internet presence
  • It should reduce your cost of advertising
  • It should reduce your cost of website hosting
  • It should pay for itself and bring you a profit (a Return On your Investment)
  • It could point to review articles about a restaurant if the restaurant owner wants that.
  • The magazine article writer could create an “advertorial” (an advertisement combined with an editorial) to give you the best appearance. There are several articles about hotels and restaurants in this guide for you to see.

Singapore Shopper is going to be a hugely profitable helper to the few that get into it and YOU should be one of them. With over 4,000 restaurants in town, we certainly cannot carry all of them, and we don’t want to do that! We want the best. The few smart ones who take the opportunity while it’s still available will be glad they did. Others will be feeling sorry and left out. The earlier you get in the better it will be for you.

What you’ve just read about in the bullet points above, IS WHAT I HAVE BUILT and am continuing to expand and improve.

It is listed as

Singapore Shopper

Best Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, & Shops in Singapore

And…. If I began writing to you before Early October of 2020, you’re already in it!

I could not explain this. I have to SHOW you what I can do as samples of my work and I did a job for YOU.

I haven’t charged you for it.

I can do much more so you will get more readership and customer traffic, for a very reasonable monthly fee.

A big landing page without pointer ads is like having a new car but no gasoline. Add the rest of what I offer in this excellent package and you really will see a big increase in your customer traffic!

On the left side, page bottom you’ll see a page counter, and week by week and month by month you can check that counter and make a note. You’ll see what sort of viewer numbers you’re getting and you can be certain some of those viewers are coming to you, calling in, buying food, and actually paying for the advertising that you haven’t bought yet! This advertising service is bound to pay for itself and make a profit. You’ll be making a wise decision when you buy into it and stay in for so long as you are in the Food and Beverage business!

Comparing this to newspapers and handing out calendars…. well…. there really is No Fair Comparison!

I’ll point to several examples RIGHT HERE

You will note that the access to this page on the Home Page  is big and bold, displayed on the top of the front cover of the Guide at  It will always be on the top of the page! This is a name listing, useful for those who know your name.  I’m working on the new Advertisers Display Page now.

It also will be listed at the top of the front cover/home page. The Front Cover gives your potential customers further enticement to click and see your big page within this guide. From there, they’ll link to your web pages (whatever you have) or your phone numbers for ordering food.

There will be an opportunity for Your Business to be displayed on the Front Cover! Such an offer is impossible to buy at any price in most magazines but I will make this available for you very soon.

They want to buy beautiful food.

Your potential customers who are looking  to buy meals are going to see these link headlines first, every time they visit the magazine/guide.

The picture of all that beautifully displayed food in a Chinese Restaurant setting has a strong psychological effect and readers are enticed to look further. They’re going to see pictures and names of cafes and restaurants all over the guide and that’s very good if they don’t know who to visit.

So, we have a line listing page of Food and Beverages businesses, ideal for the shopper who knows your name and wants your phone number and address. Your name should be included on that list! But, a line listing doesn’t advertise, it simply helps the reader find your name. He already knows your name and now he can find your page easier. But if he doesn’t know your name we have to help him with these small display ads I call “Pointer Ads.”

We also have small display ads on every guide page and these point back to YOUR own page. One page that tells the reader everything he/she needs to know to order, or visit, and buy! 

You can click these links to see real pages on the live working web-guide right now.

Look at these sample pages please, because you need more customers and your living depends on getting this done right and SOON!!! (Preferably before the end of November 2020 so you can take best advantage of holiday celebration traffic!

1 A Listing of best Food and Beverage businesses in Singapore If you are in the guide your business is listed on this page for a quick find.  (This is an “advertorial.”) (This also is an “advertorial.”)  this is a simple but big page with many photos. He did not have much copy to draw from but I think the effort will send more customers to him. I can do this for YOU too, or I already have. If you send me more information I can add it to the page and improve your customer traffic for a very small writing charge.

6 (You can see what I was able to do here because he has such well-produced photos. When you compare these photos to the others, where would you rather go?)

All of this creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again!

The price IS right.

So… Now you want to know the price.

Remember please I have been in the advertising business most of my life and won awards for doing this work while living in Seattle, in the USA. (Seattle is on the West Coast near Vancouver, Canada. I suspect you know Chinese people living in Vancouver.)

This magazine is gaining more readers rapidly, but I am still new to Singapore, so I cannot charge a high price. My purpose is to get you more customer traffic and that is how I won awards. I got businesses moving and expanding. I helped them grow! Of course, they were happy and the magazine managers heard about it. That’s partly why they gave me an award before a big crowd. (It was a big surprise for me too.)

Huh? Steve, why won’t you charge higher prices?


Huh? Why not, Steve?>

I grew up with parents running a dry-cleaning business. The attitudes we gain working in a family business are not taught in college. We learn by being there. This is Your Living and I’m not here to kill you with high prices. I’m here to help you make a good living even during these “crisis” times. The US developing economic disaster will affect the world. In our defense, we must be busy helping You to have more customers! (I hope you’re thinking, “He arrived at just the right time!”)

I want to help Singaporean society continue to be successful.  I want to help small businesses like Yours to continue making your living. And I understand this because my parents ran a small business and they worked many days 10 – 14 hours and often worked 6, sometimes 7 days through that week. ….and maybe like them… You started with almost nothing!

As you can imagine, I have a feeling for how much work and dedication you have poured into your business and how much you know you must continue. This is your only livelihood and we MUST keep it successful! I want for you to stay successful! (It saddens me to see empty buildings where a small business once was! I know behind those dark windows are families in trouble.)


Mr. Le Kuan Yew, First Prime Minister of Singapore

I am extremely impressed that Singapore was built on honest hard work and a community desire to strive for excellence. It was an attitude that we all pull together to produce something of real value to earn money. This was expressed in a final speech by The Most Honorable Lee Kuan Yew. You probably know Mr. Lee served as the first Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990. It is my opinion he really changed the world and proved the value of the Free Enterprise system in a Democratically elected representative republic.

Many said his ideas were all wrong and he proved he was right. In his final speech, he told us again to produce something of true value and do not seek to gain money simply by some sort of monetary trading or another gain-without-honest-production method. Naturally, I truly want to see Singapore continue on an economically successful path through what I believe will be a few more difficult years for our world. I will dare to say this: After years of my own study of economics and free enterprise I am well-convinced Socialism cannot work. Everyone must make an effort to be employed and self-supporting. The more any government gives to support those who are unemployed, the worse the problems become because that money comes from workers like you. You are working, so I doubt you’ll dispute me too vehemently.

I will tell you the price to advertise with me in Singapore ; and I warn you, this is such a low price most advertising salespeople will laugh and say they don’t believe it. I promise you, there are no “hidden charges.” Nothing like that! This is not a “come on” price. This is the price! We can work up different packages, but what I’m showing you here is the basic package price without any surprises.

I would usually charge $79 per month for a web page plus additional pointer ads. (You’ll see pointer ads. They are small box ads linked to a page within the website.) S$79 x 12 = $948. (I’m talking in Singapore dollars, of course! The entire website is in Singapore Dollars.)

While I’m new and this guide is growing, and gaining more readers, you may have seen your own web page is already made and it’s working! If you look at the bottom left of the page it shows how many potential new customers have looked at the page. You can keep track. If 100 see it in a year, it’s likely at least 20 will call you and buy something. That should lead to the advertisement paying for its cost and bringing in a profit. And because I’m new I’m discounting that S$79 price for the first few advertisers who get started earliest. I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment.

We know and Your Page on the site will always be fresh, clean, and bright. It’s not like a newspaper. It works day and night. It’s always the right message in the right place available at the right time, for the right audience looking to eat. It’s always clean, fresh, and good looking.

Newspapers get thrown away often unread, or they are looked at briefly and then thrown away. Advertising in newspapers is very expensive. Your local newspapers refuse to state a price on their web pages. They want to bargain with you and charge a high price. They might place your ad anywhere, even next to a funeral article! (Oh, please! Not that!!)

Newspapers reach everyone at all distances. That means, 90% of the potential readers are too far away to do business with you or have no interest in your message because they can’t afford to eat out or because they prefer to remain at home. That means, with newspapers, 90% of your advertising money is wasted!

Right now, I will make the first 25 advertisement placements available for $69/month. Pay for all of it at once and I’ll give you a 13th month FREE. 12 x $69 = 828.

The usual price will rise to $79/month x 12 months = $948/year. Or multiply by 13 months and it comes to $1027/year. But you’re not paying that much. Your price is $828 for this year and it’s for 13 months! A generous offer; here’s why.

I’m giving you a package of 13 months for the price of 12 x $69!! So, 828/1027 = a 20% Discount! You save $199 right now when you take advantage of this offer. This is for the first 25 businesses. Don’t wait to think about it because there’s nothing left to think about! Get in early.

    (I welcome any type of decent/proper and legal business; food, clothing, real estate, photography, anything morally upright. On the other hand, if the police don’t want it, I don’t want it either.) Right now I’m reaching out to Restaurants and Cafes as the major focus of the magazine. Join in right away, because I’m sure you want to be listed as one of the city’s best, and at a 20% discounted price!

Of course, the local newspaper seller will say this is impossibly cheap. You can’t even buy a classified ad for that price! I am offering you the advertising bargain of the year! Just observe occasionally as the website gets better and better! I’m learning more and I’ll be hiring technical help to DO more!

If you like me, you understand me already. I want to do more. Like you, I seek for perfection. 

As a courtesy bonus, I often clean up English mistakes and improve sentence structure. This gives your webpage a more professional appeal and helps you get more readers to come as customers.

You’re welcome to send better photos now or at any time in the future. It’s best to hire a photographer who understands food photography and can make photo files that are big enough for magazines. I’ll feature up to 5-photos. Here is an example of a page that came out beautifully using photos he has on his web page. Yours can be just as beautiful and it’s worth doing because it will work for you and continue working for this year and on and on into the future.

I could have done more if the chef said more about himself, his history and career in the culinary arts world, but in any event, the food looks beautiful and I have seen good reports from customers about his work. Those are examples of work done by a professional photographer who understands food photography! You cannot do that with a cell phone. Newer phones are better but they are not able to do this!

Go Here for more information about getting and sending photos for your advertising.>>>

Your ad will appear

#1. as the Big Page (properly called a “Landing Page.) You may have already seen yours, linked within the listing of restaurants. Click the link and see what I’ve done.

If you want more written I’m happy to help but no writer works in a vacuum. You or a young student who likes writing can come to you, take notes about your work, family traditions about cooking and menus; any interesting discussion about food will be helpful. The student can take notes, in English and pass it to me and I’ll work with it and produce a web page for you at a reasonable, negotiable price. 

2. Your ad will also appear on an“Advertisers Grid” (coming soon) page in a 3-column grid with all advertisers listed by categories. (The grid is in development now.)  Restaurants, hotels, clothing shops, realtors, photoshops, there can be categories for every type of business. That grid page will work in a similar fashion to a telephone business directory but it will be much less expensive. It’s also rather exclusive. I will not advertise for the entire city. Probably I will not take more than 250 clients. Likely less. You can see a sample to explain the 3-column grid here.

3. & 4. Your ad will also appear on at least three other pages in the Food and Beverage section. These smaller ads are “pointer ads” and take the reader to your (5) bigger “Landing Page,” such as I’ve just shown you from the listing page and the several red links above.

(6) Your ad will also appear in Social Media at least three times in the year and probably will be ranked and noted in Google Search simply because it’s in my e-magazine website and in my  blog. I update it as new advertisements and news come in preferably each weekend or before holidays. I promote it on Facebook and then show it. See it at Facebook here. This page will remain as a sample to push the reader to see the blog. 

I will very heavily promote the blog all over Singapore and push it to the top of the google listing. (I know how to do this.) I plan to do a lot with this blog and for weekends and holidays this blog can really tell it to all readers pushing them through your doors! This is a major constant effort to get all the “dining out” audience to constantly refer to the blog and the main pages every time they think of going out to eat. After a while, they’ll know the address or have a “favorites” link to it.

Earn big money promoting through me with Social Media!

It’s really intended to be YOUR blog. Never waste a social-media opportunity! You can let me know you are planning a price reduction or something about a social event, Breakfast Buffet, High Tea, a wedding, holiday dinners, any sort of sale, any celebration, anything you dream up for any weekend, and for a very reasonable fee I can include a photo and your announcement as an ad in the Exciting Dining Blog. Everyone connected to our blog and our social media links will see it! Many of them are linked to major social media so they’ll be notified. They can also get a notice directly from my website. That population of Singaporean receivers will be growing constantly for at least a year.

Every week it will be more valuable to you because it pulls in more weekend, mid-week-special-event, and Holiday-event customers. You dream up an idea and we’ll promote it to the entire Singapore population that is inclined to dine out! We can do this for a price newspapers won’t even try to match.

A few blog-ad suggestions: Nightlife spots might promote any weekend, “Two gentlemen walk in with two ladies, one of the ladies gets a bar drink FREE when you show your reservation number. Call for your reservation now 12-1234-5678.” I can do a small job like that for you for under S$30. (The price will rise slowly and level off as the reader population increases.)

This blog with your ads will reach a large portion of the Sg population that can and does go to cafes, and restaurants. I’ll need 4-days or more lead time and the job must be invoiced and prepaid before I broadcast. Set it up on Monday and it’ll broadcast on Thursday,  and Friday. It remains available to see for a week or longer. Saturday, and Sunday watch your traffic numbers grow! You choose the days! Give customers lead time to make their plans. And… it’s gona make you a small fortune!

Yes! You can write your own ad going into the blog, or tell me the details and I’ll write it for you and get your approval before broadcasting (of course!) This is like having me as one of your promotional staff. It’s inexpensive for you and will bring in many more weekend or holiday customers. Don’t pay too much to advertise somewhere like on a radio station. (what a money waster that can be!) Get those “warm” well-targeted customers and their money into your business and your bank account!

Count up all of this offer and we have at least 9-advertisement placements for just S$69/month! I know the ad agency people are going to write to me and say I have lost my mind. “You’re giving the store away.” (Prices will rise after mid-September. Avail of this offer NOW.)

You cannot buy this sort of service anywhere for any price! No one does it! Most restaurants could never afford it. I’m doing it because I want to help you and help Singapore continue to prove that the Free Enterprise System built within a freely elected representative republic is the best system of governance in the world! I want Singapore to be FREE for many more years. I might make my permanent home in the community and I want to be welcomed as a helpful community member.

Avail of this opportunity while it lasts!

In that I plan at most to publish 250 Food and Beverage advertisers on the website, getting in is a rare opportunity, and being included makes your business really stand out as one of the most highly recommended in Singapore! Be sure to take your best advantage; (in very proper British) ‘avail’ of this Golden Opportunity!!! (Prices will rise after mid-September. Avail of this offer NOW.)

     In case you’re confused: On at least three other pages in the restaurant and/or hotel section there will be a box advertisement like those you’ll see at the end of this letter. I call these “pointer ads.” They all link back to your big Landing page. Your big page links to any other page you have online or to your ordering and delivery company. If you don’t have any other online page it will give any ordering or information phone number you choose.

     In that case, I have saved you a lot of trouble and money. Your web page can remain on my magazine website for years. Just continue to pay for it and it will remain there working for you at a small fraction of what it would cost you to try to do all of this yourself!  

         (Just as aside information to you, yesterday I contracted to pay $360/year for further advertising writing study, + S$495 for continued website broadcast [called hosting] + S$28 for more website antiviral protection, and soon I’ll pay over S$550 for more technical website development study, and I’ll soon pay at least $192 to a web developer to help me solve a problem. I anticipate adding MAPBOX Maps which have much greater readability compared to Google Maps. I’ll pay each time someone uses it. And I expect this expense to come to nearly $500/month.  Now you see why I said this is not for you unless you intend to make it your new career!) 

    …. and…I’ve been studying and practicing to be a better and better writer since age 15 — some 55-years! (I get compliments from journalists and ad writing friends.) So you’ll understand, you cannot do this for free. You cannot do this without many years of study. You’re busy running your business. You need the skills I bring to you and you can’t buy them everywhere. Oh, believe me. I carefully read what others write and they are severely lacking in the writers’ arts!

Everything I do is personalized for you.  The forms and email back and forth is all from my fingertips to you. I don’t use “form letters.” Everything I do is personalized to your satisfaction!

You get all of this for just S$69/month= $828 for this first year when you take advantage of my limited time offer. This is for the first 25 new business accounts that send in advertising insertion orders and pay the full year’s fee at the beginning. YOU should be one of them! If you’re one of the first 8 to set up an Insertion Order I’ll have a secret surprise bonus for you to save you more money this first year.

I’ll tell you in a minute how to take action and get me started setting up your package. I am not asking for any money now. I only want your permission to go to work for You! and as you have seen, I’ve already been working in the hope my more than 1,248 hours of work are not wasted effort.

Changes, special notices for holidays, reduced price “sales” can be made to your big page (called a “Landing Page”) at a price of $1/minute. Sometimes the job takes only 10-minutes. Other times the job might require a little more time. Most jobs will cost under $20.

In addition, you’ll get my monthly newsletter FREE in your email teaching more about effective advertising and marketing, and maybe something else important about politics, economics, or health-care in Singapore. I will send that newsletter to you at no charge. It’s a good way for us to stay in contact. When we get near the end of your year the computer will send you a notice requesting your permission to continue another year.

I am also preparing this exciting combination of blog + big page all going to subscribers (Free) each weekend. It’s called Exciting Dining Singapore. It’s tied to a social media effort that will bring many more readers and more customers to you. My little facebook page here leads to This Blog...

Of course, I can write anything there including your notice about a social event or a special holiday or weekend offer — anything you dream up! Potential customers will read this and make plans and reservations, or show up at your door!

Everyone interested in dating, dining out, ordering food to be delivered, buying for “take away” is going to know about that blog and refer to it regularly. YOU should be included in it!

Only YOU know your average profit per meal sold. I suspect if we bring you 100 more customers who buy food for themselves, their family, and tell their friends about you, it will all become profit in your pocket.

The most important point to remember is, you have a web page visits counter. You can look every week and see how many visits the page received and wisely make a note of it so you can compare and even graph the results.

This is far better than a printed advertisement or a give-away calendar. You don’t know if those types of advertising are working or not. With your web page at ,  you’ll always know how many visitors the ad is getting! By the end of a year, you will be able to compare what you paid for each actual viewer. One way or another it costs considerable money to get new customers. Getting them through Singapore Shopper will cost much less and be FAR, and away more effective.

You can buy into a newspaper with 100,000 readers but how many readers actually look at your ad? We don’t know. How long does the newspaper stay in the home? (Not longer than 3-days on average.)

By comparison; If readers look at your pointer ad on and visit your web page we do know the advertising is getting an effective response. That is the big difference between and newspapers.

To do more to get your ad noticed, we also are in social media helping readers find our magazine and find you. We continue to reach out in many ways to potential readers and we are buying our way to the top of the Google Search List in Singapore for people looking for restaurants and cafes.

I invite you to look at the cost of advertising elsewhere and see what you pay. Make a wise comparison. Also, remember; They cannot tell you if your advertisement is getting readers. My web page counter can!

Oh yes, they’ll say they have readers, and that’s true; But, how many of those readers opened that printed media looking for a new restaurant or cafe? Is it near to them and within their budget range to come to visit you? We can’t tell that. With Singapore Shopper we know people interested in dining out are searching. They are thinking about going out for a meal, often with friends or family, and they are not idly browsing the Internet. They are looking in Singapore for a dining spot and they’re developing trust in what they read in Singapore Shopper!


  • Your advertisement is not mixed into the Television News!
  • Your ad is in the right place
  •  Seen by The right audience! This is the dining-out public!
  • At the right time to be seen by that reader
  • With the right message about buying meals
  • Reaching the right reader who wants to buy a prepared meal!  He’s hungry. He has to buy something. The question then is, to whom will he go to buy? My work is to make him interested in YOU!

If they want to know about what you sell, where you deliver, and prices, you can show them all you want. I will help you. We can attach a menu to your page if you need it. We’ll have a pop-up map for all ads very soon too!

If you want a much larger page and more photos, including a menu, I will work with you to develop that larger page. If you need changes, a changed menu, different photos, special pricing for holidays; just send all of that information to me and I’ll get the work done to your satisfaction at a reasonable price.

I cannot do it alone. I need your photos and information. From there I can write with better English using words and phrases advertisers know will get more sales. We know what works from surveys of millions of mail-order letters. I use better advertising style writing and place photos that are big, bright, and capture attention.

I’m hunting and in time I’ll be able to send a skilled food photographer at your request. (Food photography is a specialized skill and is nothing like a quick picture with a cell phone!) I can also ask you to talk about yourself, your work, your food, how long ago you began, and perhaps family history related to cooking and service in the proper styles. It’s good to add a photo of yourself.

You cannot do that in a newspaper or big glossy magazine without spending $10,000 or more! With me, you can do it for a much lower cost and it remains on the website for years, if you want it to stay!

If your family member is a writer he/she can write notes, type them, send it to me as email at no cost to you. That part costs you nothing! For anyone else to write all of this as a completed advertisement would cost at least a thousand dollars. I know writers who are charging much more!

You cannot find better than what I offer anywhere! Yes! Compare and decide. I’ll be available to help. Right now for the first 25 new advertising accounts, the price is just $69/month and the 13th month is FREE!  All of this creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! Remember it works out right now to a 20% discount, saving you $199 for the year!!! (Prices will rise after mid-November. Avail of this offer NOW.)

I am NOT asking for a credit card number now! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment.

Use the instructions and form on this page:>>>

Taking and sending photographs, Look Here

If the “Insertion Order” language is difficult for you, write to me. I will move quickly to have a local accounting firm handle this in English and local Chinese dialects. They will go through it with you so you’ll understand. They will receive payment and account for it — all done with the same office for better efficiency and your convenience. 

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed or Pay NOTHING!

I will do everything you require FIRST.  The pages will be available for you and the world to see! When I have received your approval, THEN I will invoice you. You can pay for it within 5-days. No one in this business is more fair to advertising clients! Presently you are able to pay via PayPal. Soon, we’ll do all payments through a local Singapore accounting firm.

You’ll see, that is my personality. I don’t play games with anyone. I do honest business ONLY. Your insertion order does not require payment and does not request a credit card number. I need only your request and information to do the work as requested with the Insertion Order.

Don’t wait. Get started with my personalized help right away! Your living depends on it! Oh, and I promised you a bonus didn’t I?

Thank you for your kind attention,



PS. You’ll get your first bonus very soon. We’ll include your email in my More Customers Newsletter List. I’m sending this to you FREE of charge. Also please note: If YOUR page needs “more” send me more, about YOU, Your work, Your food, Your traditions, and photos. I’ll be pleased to add this information.

I’m drawing information from many people who have successfully improved customer traffic to many restaurants and cafes, and I’m adding MORE from the great advertising and marketing people of our time and the past 100 years! It’s better than any college course. These newsletter articles are worth at least $200/year, but I’m sending them to you FREE twice each month!

Working on your questions and needs together with hints from my newsletter will bring you more NEW customers AND increase the size of your regular crowd. That means of course increasing the size of your regular average income! This gives you a better estimate of monthly income.

We all want “reliability.” We all want to know our “average” monthly income will rise and we want to be sure we can rely upon that number of dollars in profit coming in every month. If we want, we can enlarge that “regular crowd” at will. Working together we will do that for YOUR business, and I’ll discuss more of that in the newsletter. It will be set up as an archive so you can access it any time at no charge. It will be the restaurant marketing course you always needed and you’ll get it from me for FREE!

An email will point you to the latest articles. You can read them when you have time for it. I’ll keep these articles short and to-the-point so you can get that business help and advice, and continue your regularly scheduled activities.

Work with me and gain these 4 big benefits:

(1) More Customer traffic and more NEW faces coming in, and obviously earning more gross income.

(2) More of those new faces becoming “regular customers.”That brings you greater financial stability!

(3) and a Free newsletter (worth $100/year) about marketing for cafe and restaurant managers. This information will help you bring in and retain more customers. ….AND….

(4) the newsletter is also a good reminder so you can reach me any time without wondering how to find my email address. There’s one other thing: If getting started with me right now is “just impossible” the articles are helpful reminders that I am available to help you whenever it’s your right time. 

(5) opportunities to reach the Singapore dining-out public to announce any sort of “sale” or customer drawing special event in the blog which is developing from HERE. I know what to do to get a big public following this and it will be the lowest cost, big readership advertising for cafes and restaurants in the city. This will be so powerful I can’t even begin to explain it. You will just have to have some faith and see!

What will you lose if you do nothing? I expect you’ll lose a lot of customers who will ever so slowly but regularly drift away to other cafes and restaurants leaving you with a continual reduction in income. What will that do to your personal pride? to your family and home life? and to your business and debt burdens?

Business history has proven many times; businesses that advertise during bad economic times maintain business traffic and grow larger.

Businesses that don’t advertise during bad economic times, lose customers to those that advertise. Those managers who think they will “save money” by avoiding advertising grow smaller and finally “disappear.”

Singapore F&B businesses and small shops have needed a good advertising platform at a reasonable price for many years. Now you have one. Don’t waste this opportunity watching others get all the customer traffic. Don’t waste this opportunity to get into the best cafe and restaurant guide in town at a very reasonable price. This is your moment. Make good use of it!


Make A Big Profit Improvement for Just

SgD69/month! Billed Annually or Quarterly!

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Stop Churning Your Stomach Over Bad Business Numbers!

You can and will make the numbers you need WHEN you get enough potential customers to see your offers! If business is off by 25%, we need to reach 25% more potential customers! It’s that simple!

This really is the smartest and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! We can stay in touch and I’ll provide you with help for getting more customer traffic, and more reliable average income figures. That’s certainly something you want, isn’t it? If it’s just impossible for you to send in an insertion order this week fill in the STEP 1 form to remain on my Newsletter mailing list. 

These below are examples of “Pointer Ads.” We’re hiring help. I’m learning more. We’ll be much more sophisticated with neat grid designs to direct traffic to your page, and larger pointer ads, even moving ads for an added cost, at your option. Soon we’ll have location/direction maps popping up. But for September, we’re doing an attractive job of getting your inviting message to the Potential Customer. Remember: “Pictures draw the eye. Words Sell!” This will move eyes to your page, bring more customers and sell more meals!

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More Great Food! Click & See These!
Arkadas Cafe

Authentic Turkish offerings from Arkadas Cafe.

Enjoy a change from more common Western Foods, you’ll be excited by authentic Turkish offerings from Arkadas Cafe, Fusionopolis’ hidden gastronomic gem. Enjoy famous Chef Mustafa’s fabulous Turkish style.



Amo GroupAcqua e Farina As its name Acqua e Farina(Italian for water and flour) – suggests, the restaurant’s goal is to spotlight a return to good solid basics of Italian cuisine: simplicity, tradition, and top quality ingredients. Amo is from Amore which is to express love. This is the Italian restaurant you’ve been seeking.

Acqua e Farina, Traditional Italian made with Love.

More like These will be placed into a tighter grid format very soon. I’m working on this NOW.




Adrift by David Myers

Adrift by David Myers 

Asian-inspired dishes and after-work drinks

Adrift’s flavour-forward menu includes small plates, healthy salads, seafood, and meats grilled over bincho charcoal on a traditional robata grill. Dishes are prepared using fresh Californian produce and paired with wines or cocktails.


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