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Short Lessons Series 2 Getting More Traffic Can Be Easy

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Short Lesson Series

More Customer Traffic

Short Lessons from

Lesson 2

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in these next days, you’ll be seeing, or receiving via email, short tips to help you, and often the cost to implement them is nothing or “minimal.” These are drawn from many authors interested in, and writing about, Restaurant Management and Café/Restaurant promotion. I’ve done the research for you and intend to continue to do so as it is part of my work to treat you as if I am a consultant.

You’re not simply “a customer.”  You are a client in my thinking, and I am your advertising and marketing “coach.” This is the sort of service you get from the most expensive ad agencies, but I don’t have to be overpriced. I want you so pleased you’ll stay with me. Your business, life, and family, are important to me. I want you to remain prosperous.

I don’t “use” people so I can make a living. That’s a path to self-destruction! I help business operators prosper as we all work together to benefit one another and all of Singapore. To do less, leads to disgust with yourself and your work, and losing your self-respect. When we do honorable work and please our customers they continue to return and we enjoy satisfaction with our work and our lives.  The young Americans think only of themselves. The elders know to put You First in their life and they trust the income flow will take care of itself.

These understandings are what made Singapore the greatest city in the world, and we must not “lose sight” of it.

Keep Your Web Message Clean, Simple,

and Easy To Read

Another author agreed with me, that most restaurant websites are too complicated. There’s little justification for paying a huge price for many pages. In most cases, 1 to 3 pages can be quite sufficient. Keep the site easy to understand. Big photos are very helpful. Food photography is a specialty of photography and when you can, hire a photographer who does a lot of that work. If you don’t know one ask me. I am doing my best to find one as of this writing. I can refer you to the photographer. He/she will call you.

The ONE Page should show your contact information at the top or bottom. If you require reservations there, in the contact information, is where that phone number belongs. If you arrange takeaway delivery there too is where the numbers and information should be placed.

Avoid automatic music playing, rotating photos, (several shown on “a slider”) because these elements demand more Internet bandwidth and slow your page loading down. If a page becomes very slow readers will leave and look elsewhere.

Advertising agency studies have proven the best background is white or an off white. The best font is similar to this one with serifs which create a “track” that guides eys to see along the length of the sentence easily. Use #0000 BLACK color, not “automatic” which is a gray-blue and disappears for older eyes. If they can’t read it, they won’t buy. I recommend 14 point type size or larger. You’re looking at Black color type, “Georgia” font in 14 point type. I will be experimenting with softer “off white” color backgrounds, but nothing “radical.” Just soft enough to reduce glare.

Many “Web Designer” shops are run by young people with good eyesight. They’ve never learned any eye physiology characteristics of older eyes, nor have they studied advertising writing to learn what works and what kills sales! They unwittingly waste MILLIONS of dollars per year worldwide.

Maybe they secretly want to be movie makers.  We’re not in the movie business. We’re in the Sales Business. We “sell” the idea that customers should visit You!

A “beautiful” website by my definition is one that is easy to read and easy to navigate with photos large enough to draw attention and entice the viewer to visit you to see, smell, buy, taste, or pick up and use what he or she saw on the web page.

If I build a beautiful web page or site for you, my purpose is to draw more customers through your door or get them to call! I am your inexpensive salesman in print and I’m all over Singapore!

I have been studying this information and applying it face-to-face and online in sales work for many years. Ad Agencies often say good salespeople make the best “ad copy” writers. Often they hire a salesperson to rework a “male order sales” presentation and then they rewrite and test the publication again based upon his recommendations. I am one of those salesmen who also wrote and tested ad copy most of my adult life. Now, writing ad copy is what I do. I earned awards in Seattle for most sales in the district when I was selling on my feet and now I intend to bring what I’ve learned to help you.

The next tip will help you further. Thanks for reading.

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