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How A Lost Non-techy Charted Your Path To Website Hosting Success

Light A Fire Under Your Audience.

Where would you begin? You know you want a website or you have one but you want to reach more customers and potential customers.

How A Lost Non-techy Charted Your Path To Website Hosting Success

From The Beginning The First Hurdle Has Been Hosting

There's nothing worse for your business than being with a hosting  company that provides slow service, no technical help, and masses of technical problems. 

I'll show you WHY and HOW to get some of the world's best hosting, at a reasonable price. You also the tech support you need to turn a pile of problems into the website that matches your dreams.

You're probably not as old as I am. In long past dark days I began my first effort at “Internet Publishing. ” It was the year 1993. There were no reliable hosting companies. The way to build a web page was to use a “computer program” on your home computer.

Mine habitually broke down just when I was almost finished. It was torture on a CD. Getting hosted was a complicated expensive, slow and insolvable problem. 

Today things go a lot better. carries most of the small and medium size websites the world sees. Most “Themes” are the “program” replacing FrontPage and the bug ridden "Expression Web" which followed after it went obsolete.

Using a combination of WordPress and a Theme creates most of what you need to publish a page or a thousand pages.

You'll need a way to get what’s going through your mind onto a “page” and I'm developing a free booklet I’d like to give to you discussing “Page Builders” and Page Editors.

I have my favorite and after going through several and spending too much to get more disappointment and confusion I came out of 6-months of such trials feeling like I was emotionally traumatized for life.

I’m better now. I certainly had my confidence shaken.

As we go through this discussion together and you soak up all of the big ideas, you'll realize that I really have charted a course to take you from the confusion you suffer to the bright dawn of excitement, as your website looks and behaves like a business that is earning profit!

The more you see here, the better you'll understand, the the better you understand the better you'll feel. so....

...Please Stay with me as I explain what you can do to avoid unnecessary expense and misery. Get started properly with the right host. If you'd like to read this, that's great. But, if "not Now" go here, sign up and I know you'll be glad you did!

Is FREE really free?

Some will start you for FREE, but there’s a price to pay later and you need to know about this before you fall into a trap!

Themes control the design of your site, but allow you to make variations of color, word size, fonts, spacing and come out with good looking work at nearly no expense.

A Theme is installed with your WordPress connection and then you can easily transfer what you’ve written on a WordPress application (as for example Microsoft Word, or Libra Office,) to a blank page, finish a few details, and finally “Publish” and there it is. Your sales letter or news item, speech, story, or theology message is available for the world to see.

There are other details you’ll need. Be be warned, going to the wrong place can create havoc. Believe me, I know because I’ve been to “Havoc” and back and lost a lot of money and a few hairs along the way.

You’ll need A Web Host. The wrong one will do nothing for you when you desperately need help. They have your money. You have your grief.

Out of the many, I’ve found ONE that I can recommend. 

It's impolite to write names of firms I did not like. One with a name that sounds like "Zeit-Roundt" is huge and boasts about their 2-million domains hosted. They have offices in England, and IF you can reach the technical help for advice those people are in Romania. Nice people in Romania, and well mannered, indeed. But, I have a little trouble understanding their English, and reaching them requires knowing the deep dark secret passage to their desks.

I’m sure the office in London knows this, but they insist on preventing their customers from speaking to technical help.

I think they want you to read their entire library first.

You can read their expansive library and see a man giving advice on YouTube but reaching anyone for real help is prevented.

Finally, and quite suddenly, the London office raised their prices. My inexpensive hosting bill suddenly became over $300 per year, and I thought that price was exorbitant, as did my technician Mr. Molde who also said, "That's too expensive."

Additionally they insisted on payment by credit card and wouldn’t let me pay via PayPal.

...And....They wanted all the money up-front. 

It seemed obvious they no longer want "small-fry" as customers.

A Japanese firm advertising in Manila gave NO HELP whatsoever. I’m convinced their technician is an introvert who hates other humans. After a year with them and all of it wasted time and money, I was still searching.

  • A firm in Utah I’ll call “Color”-Host is well mannered and even kindly. They have ONE server. The server carries your website.
  • What if the electricity stops flowing in Utah?
  • What if there’s the winter storm of the century, like the one Christmas 2022?
  • What if the winter storm of the century is followed by an EMP attack that shuts off power everywhere, or comes from an explosion on the surface of the sun??
  • What if there’s a banking system shutdown?
  • or a terrorist incident? or
  • the volcano at Yellowstone Park has a super explosion?

These are the reasons I don’t work with Color-Host. And a major store on-line platform works exclusively with Color-Host so I don’t work with them either.

You see, you must investigate everything or fall through thin ice where water can be astonishingly cold.

What you need is a server or several in many places. Mine is in Singapore. If for some reason the Singapore server stops working another server will pick up where it left off.

Strange as it seems, theoretically all the Internet moves at light speed, so we imagine it shouldn’t matter where the host is located. But there are cables and switches between there and here. The closer your hosting server is to your customers, the faster and more responsive your website will be.

I’m a patient old man, but there are apparently other people (and robots) that will time out if they don’t get response within ¼ of a second or some ridiculous timing like that.

I can’t prove any of this, but everyone insists speed is important, and I’m happy to say the firm recommend is among the fastest and most reliable in the world, and in South East Asia.

Their services also are reasonably priced.

MOST important to me; They have a technical staff that can be reached and they DO respond immediately to requests for advice or help.

I complement their management. I’ve watched many managers. I was born into a small business family and I’ve been near or involved in small business all of my life.

What sets the Host I recommend apart from all others is a Management team and an honest work ethic.

They're here

  • They want to provide to you the sort of hosting experience they want for themselves.
  • They care about their customers.
  • They follow up and make sure we are satisfied that the job is done right and
  • They make sure we novice customers understand what we need to do to handle a question or small technical problem. That’s why I recommend them!
  • When I have a problem someone will contact me from somewhere in the world, often within the same hour! That is positively wonderful. 

They are A2 Hosting in Michigan and Around the World!

No one else is providing this kind of “old fashioned” good service.

Don't Chase The Newest Thing

Now, I want you to understand, I’m older now. That’s a good thing in the advertising industry. Young “hot looking” women and men are not equated with good sales capability. This youngest generation has an especially large percentage of people who have been trained to be ignorant and arrogant.

Most of them have never done any face-to-face selling and the big name ad agencies admit good salespeople make the best advertising copy writers. ("Copy" means the words we write. You're reading "ad copy" right now.)

These younger people have never sold anything. They have never studied the works of the great women and men who have moved MILLIONS of dollars of products in direct mail and other forms of advertising. Some of them have rescued dying companies!

They may say, "I know advertising" but if you ask them basic questions they have no answers. Why would you pay someone serious money if he admits he doesn't know his business? 

Then they want to tell you that the website has to be "beautiful" and that will bring more sales and more traffic.

Not so.  A good looking site is a readable site. Words Sell. Pictures draw the eye.

Arrogant Ignorance

They don't know what they don't know, and they believe they're the greatest people who ever lived. I've never seen so many, so confused in my entire life-experience. The US education system has done an efficient job of leaving everyone behind. U.S. young people are behind Singapore, behind China, behind Japan, even behind Uganda!

If you want a person to help you sell a product you need someone who has worked successfully in sales and marketing and studied (and still studies) the work and advice from the most successful names in the advertising world.

I didn't get publicly awarded in Seattle by a big corporation because I'm a genius. I got awarded for making a lot of advertising space sales and helping my clients have more customer traffic thanks to what I wrote for them.

Some Do, Some Don't

Some phrases sell and some don’t. There are many ways to organize a sales letter. Do it wrong and no one buys. Do it right and the letter does the selling for you, which of course makes you much more efficient.

You can write the letter once and perhaps 10,000 or many multiples of that number will respond and become customers.

What a pleasure! And…I will teach a little to help others understand but mostly, I write for those in need of a man who knows how to sell in print and has awards to prove it.  

Yes, I’ve seen several YouTube young men in their crisp white shirts, and $50 ties, cloaked with an immaculate black business suit-jacket, telling you that they have the answer. They generally never do.

In truth most of them lose their audience within the first 15-seconds and when they get no sales they stop advertising and then blame You Tube or the audience but never, ever, blame themselves for their lack of true understanding about how to write advertising. 

A2 Hosting management is the "King pin" in the hinge.

They are the key to making their company work so smoothly. Without their wise guidance the entire business would fall apart.

I well imagine they put in a lot of hours thinking and working with their staff to get great results. This doesn’t happen in 8-hour days. This business operation indicates women and men in management putting in 50-hour weeks and even think more about it while riding home and during their weekend time off.

They constantly work to keep up with the new technology, provide more , do better, and CHARGE LESS!

They couldn’t find any hosting company that provided the hosting they themselves would want so they decided to do the job right and show the world they knew how to do it better. They HAVE done it superbly.

The company you need is A2 Hosting  -- in Michigan and Around the World!

They're here

As you’ll see when you click the link you’ll get offerings for several levels of service starting at a budget starter price and moving up to more extensive service for the website operator who knows what he’s about in this “Wild West,” and knows what s/he needs for speed, memory, or any other feature necessary to keep his or her business developing.

Your First Concern

In these difficult economic times we must constantly concern ourselves with company growth and development. Business history has proven by the experience of many companies all over the world, those who persist through difficult times come out bigger and stronger while those who gave up and did the minimal, lost their business and finally went out of business.

A2 Hosting 

  • offers technical help,
  • advice,
  • an extensive, and I think superior library, of free articles to aid us in our efforts to add another website or a subdomain, or to change to a different theme,
  • and You can even use the tools they recommend to build a website.

The entire staff imparts to me a feeling that they are morally upright, honest, concerned, intelligent people who are serious about doing well by the business they work for, and are concerned about doing well for we who are their customers.

Those customers include me and I think should include You.

You’ve read this far and thus have shown me you are extremely intelligent and thoughtful. You are an analytical, logical thinker. You're not the person we should try to overwhelm with a lightning storm of impossible promises. You're the type who wants to make a carefully considered decision and that’s why after you make all the comparisons for price and service, I’m convinced you’ll find A2 Hosting to be your very best choice.

FREE is a disaster

My experience is; Rushing off to some business that offers a “Free” website and free domains and more is running the route to disaster.

I’m writing near the end of October 2021. The cold winds of the Northern reaches of North America are gusting over lakes and ponds. Wise residents know they must not walk out onto thin ice, and be suddenly captured in water so cold they can’t survive.

An Important Lesson

Surviving cracking ice!

I had that lesson once years ago. I lay down on the cracking ice, spread my weight out as far as I could and inched my way back onto the thicker ice and then crawled and then walked back the way I had come. I never made that mistake again. Don't you make it now while seeking a better website hosting company.

In the same way, for you to rush to Wix, or Squarespace, or Weebly for a FREE website is equal to walking out onto thin ice and perhaps losing everything. I don’t trust them and my experience trying to use their introductory free sites have ended as another failure and another emotional upset.

I am not a formally trained “Computer Sciences” graduate from any college. I had to begin from “How do you start the computer?” and worked up from there. If you’re a beginner too, you’ll appreciate the route I’ve charted for you.

More Help From Me

My technician Mr. Molde and I can help you find the best products for your website at lower costs, many for free. Mr. Molde builds sites and is available to help new clients. You'll get old fashioned honesty when you deal with me. If you decide that you’d like someone with awarded successful experience in sales and advertising to write advertising words for you, I’ll be happy to help for a reasonable fee. I'm a well trained advertising "copy writer."

A lot of the other technical issues you can study and handle for yourself and you can make yourself better educated and more capable. But advertising writing is another variety of problem.  You won’t learn to successfully do that overnight. …and….If your first language is a Chinese dialect or Filipino or Indian or Vietnamese dialect you’ll be in much more trouble.

Do I believe that computer applications can write advertising for you? NOT in the LEAST! 

Just one wrong word or phrase will immediately identify you as a writer who does not speak English well and that leads to alarms going off in the mind of your prospective customers. Cultural differences can be misunderstood too!

You Need A Native English Speaker

If you intend to reach English speakers, you’ll need someone to write for you. If you run a firm in Singapore or Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China and have been advertising with someone like Alibaba, or Made-in-China, I can give you a 98% guarantee your writing and grammar are incorrect and potential buyers must constantly remind themselves to ignore these mistakes and continue to attempt to do business with you.

Or….they simply seek a familiar distributor closer to home.

If you want to do business in the USA, England, Dubai, The Philippines, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, even Germany, Switzerland, or the Scandinavian nations, you need an advertising writer who was born in an English speaking nation and knows sales, advertising writing and marketing well. There are precious few such talents around. I am one of those few.

A Recommended Technician

Good honest technicians are very difficult to find.

I have a recommendable technician who can, for a reasonable price, “collaborate” with you to correct mistakes and change a website that won’t behave, into the website of your dreams. There are too many who will promise you the moon for a price you’ll never afford.

screaming promises of success

There are too many from all over the world who will claim they can get you an overwhelming hoard of customer traffic. (Every one of them screaming and waving money, no doubt.)


I don’t trust people who make those kinds of promises and you shouldn't either.

Don't Chase The Newest Thing

My advice for now is that you should not chase after the newest thing because it’s usually promoted by a young new huckster who has no idea what he’s doing and thinks “If I don’t know, no one else does.”

Use what we know works. Attempting to make your site look like a movie is a ridiculous mistake done by desperate people who don't know what actually SELLS products.

Men who think, “If I don’t know, no one else does” are the truly arrogantly ignorant of this world and they only rush into personal disaster. Never follow them. 

Their attitude will quickly rid you of wives or  girl-friends, and money. Such people will soon part you from your money but provide no profitable results.

Get your start with A2 Hosting in Michigan. Use the tools they offer to build a first site, and contact me for more information about products and service that will help you get what you need to develop a website that draws in prospective customers and sells them what they want and need.

If you want my further advice and help in this Charted Path to Developing Success I’m easy to reach by email. To keep it very simple I like to use

Of course I can use my name at my website address but I see no good reason for doing so. I’ve heard the stories about that issue, but ultimately email reaches me at Google anyway so let’s not add another two steps to do what one will.

Get yourself started today with A2 Hosting in Michigan. You’ll get the services you need at a price that makes sense, and without evil surprises about payment issues. 

Please read this linked page carefully. What he says and shows is important.

Go and Visit A2 Hosting in Michigan Right Now

PS.    There’s something more I need to tell you

My New Friend, 

Permit me a few more moments of your valuable time. I must say something as a good friend to another, as a brother to his brother, or as a father or grandfather to his son or grandson.

I will tell you; almost never have I heard of someone laying out what may happen if you don’t take my advice.

I’ve been a student of economics, geo-politics and it’s relationships to Biblical Prophecy for the past 40-years.

If you know nothing of The Bible you may already be laughing at me. But, I can tell you that prophecy never fails. Men misunderstand it, but indeed it all has come true on schedule and much of it is duel. It has happened and will repeat. The signs of the year 2022 being a Monumental Year, are all around us.

If you are one who believes the Bible is nonsense, yet have never studied it, you're accepting someone's non-analytical thinking. Must emotional thinkers like those who accept the latest "narrative" are neurotic. Would you follow the advice of an insane pilot and crash your ship on rocks? I hope not!

You know that logically you can’t draw an opinion on something you know nothing about. We must draw logical conclusions after looking over all the evidence.

Serious Evidence

The evidence indicates we are being approached by the twin star of our sun. It brings with it several orbiting planets and a lot of asteroids many of which are coming so close to Earth it’s giving the men at NASA the chills every week. A deep impact could happen.

The world economy is being set upon by various extremely wealthy people who want chaos because they live by a belief that out of chaos will rise a New World Order with them ruling the world. They work to make the situation ever worse and as real estate prices fall and farms go barren they buy the property so they can do with it whatever they will.

Mark Zuckerberg is changing the name of Face Book to Metaverse and preparing to launch a new higher technology that can overtake the minds of Billions of world citizens. They will be lost in a fantasy world where what they see and hear will be believed as if it is real.

He and several others want to rule the planet and claim to have great ideas for it, but they completely discount any “God Factor.”

They do this because they’ve been told in their ultra-liberal educational experience that the Bible and religion are nonsense.

There is no proof that the universe just fell together accidentally, but they believe this ridiculous fantasy anyway! If life is accidental, there's no reason for tradition or upright moral behavior and the result will be society at war with itself. Everyone will be sick, poor, and miserable.

Volcanoes are opening on the sea floor all around Japan, and all along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Shipping companies are scrapping ships because they can’t afford to maintain hundreds of them with no cargo to carry, because there’s no demand for it.

The USA is still in the throes of an opioid crisis, an economic crisis, and politics that threaten a civil war!

We both know what you need!

You, my friend, need a business that will provide for you when other sources of income cease to feed you!

If you want more discussion and questions about these issues listen to this rather entertaining, eccentric and thought provoking preacher for 20-minutes after you have read this letter’s ending.

What about me, Steve Newdell? Am I real? You naturally might want to know more about with whom you might be considering doing business.

I’m serious. Are you? If you’re like me I know you want to prepare and make a platform of stability for your income and those you love and live with, or whom you live to love and help.

If you deal with a hosting company run by confused management you'll never be able to depend upon 99% up time with fast, and reliable transmission of your message to your potential buying public.

I have another website that discusses theology and it ends with the number 2030. I chose that number because I knew something monumental had to happen in 2030 and it appears my worst nightmares are coming true.

I wish I were wrong

I would like to hope my calculations were wrong and that these problems were afar off, but my calculations have been right thus far and, you might say I am "intellectually" frightened.

We face many real probabilities that the monumental difficulties and emergencies that will appear between now and the end of 2022 will reduce our present income.

We need stability for our websites, and the ability to reach customers and provide to those customers goods and services that they want and need, at a price they can justify paying for.

YOU NEED STABILITY and hosting is the most important foundation for your website. You can write whatever you like, but if you’re not on a solid foundation, all the work you have done is, or may be, off line or not seen.

Do you want your potential customers to see a 404 page or your site?

That’s why I’ve recommended the one hosting company I respect and appreciate most. They’ve rescued me and I think they can rescue you too!

And remember again, after you've seen all of this, if you realize, "I can't write like that. I need Steve to help write ads for me" I'm here to help you.

It won’t cost you anything to look further right now AT THIS LINK. Read it all carefully because what they show you is important to you, your business and your financial future. 

Go Visit A2 Hosting in Michigan Right Now

Thank you for reading and please accept my kind regards,

Trusted advertising writer and marketing advisor.

SteveNewdell, near Cebu City.


You can find me at Facebook

Before you go please click on the cover page, the picture of the young woman banging a gong. That will help you receive reminder notes about this site. There are so many details in your life, I want  to prevent you wracking your brains trying to remember me and where you found me. 



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