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How to Lose Belly Fat Part 2 | 22 Oct. 2021


6.  Avoid refined Carbohydrate foods

We’re talking about white flour and white sugar foods here, and drinks made with sugar sweeteners, most of the bakery products. And (sorry to say it) “Well milled” rice.

Where I live these days, in The Philippines, the lower income people survive mostly on white rice. A great many of these people over age 25 are overweight. Poor people who are not overweight are starving or working very hard in farm fields and they burn off the calories they eat with rice. Brown rice is much healthier for us, but most won’t eat it.

All of this sugar intake leads to several dangerous conditions.  These include, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease, cancer and, heart disease and probably fibromyalgia, feeling cold, tired, like s/he has the flu, sexless, sad or depressed, disinterested, grouchy, and generally emotionally and physically painful .

It also affects your nervous system, your mind-body connection, and several other glands and organs. 

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a chronic condition causing pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints. It is also characterized by restless sleep, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and disturbances in bowel functions.

Additionally, covered more fully in my Long-Life, Good-Health series, it raises many problems with the digestive system, leading to many more illnesses and allergic reactions.

Studies show a relationship between high sugar intake and increased abdominal fat. This has been well documented, and I want to make a very important point to you, dear reading friend.

For many years various weight loss diet books were published in the US and nearly all of them, and all the recipe books that followed, were discussing calories. Do you walk around with a calorie counter in your pocket? (I don’t either.)

The human body is not simply a carbon-oxygen machine that operates on the thermal dynamic principals of more calories in = more energy out and if you eat too many calories you’ll get fat. The entire calorie counting concept is a completely wrong approach that never did account for human physiology and nervous system and endocrine system response. I am continually shocked at how “authorities” write nonsense, it gets printed, half the world believes it, and it is completely wrong because the author knows little to nothing about practical physiology. .

The human body and most animal bodies gain fat from eating an empty high calorie diet. This is to say “empty calories” are calories that arrive without any useful vitamins and minerals, which are the catalysts for the completion of the chemical processes that lead to energy production. 

What you just read is the definition of “simple refined carbohydrates” such as sugar and white flour and white rice. These products do not contain sufficient vitamins and minerals. Your body cannot complete the chemical reaction to turn them into energy, and the calories get packed into a fat cell and (in theory) await sufficient vitamins to release the fat in the cell and combine it with vitamins and make it into energy.

The obvious problems are (1) The person is not taking a big vitamin pill with every sugar laden meal so there are insufficient vitamins and minerals when the food passes through the digestive system, and (2) Most modern people are never working so hard that the fat cells are called with hormone messengers to open and release the fat for energy use.

Consequently, a bad digestive system, poor intake of vitamins and minerals, and MORE food eaten leads to MORE weight gain.

To really lose fat we need to eat right and exercise, and particularly we need to exercise the larger muscle groups in the abdominals, chest and shoulders, either side of your back bone, and the legs and buttocks. We need to do this EVERY day or if past age 55, 3 or 4 days/week in 1 or 2-minute bursts of exercise.

We must really work those muscles! Who does that? Body builders, farmers, and other men and women doing heavy labor like brick layers, loggers, and house builders do that. If you live in Singapore your work is probably not heavy labor. I’m guessing it’s more mental and stressful. And STRESS causes your adrenal glands to produce from the core of the adrenals “cortisol,” which produces more fat!

Either gender, as we gain fat, tend to produce more estrogen, and estrogen is a growth hormone that also is involved in growth and development of more fat cells. This is particularly notable after age 23 or 25 when we reduce our production of growth hormone and testosterone.

     This, by the way, helps you to understand why teenage girls have a bigger more uplifted bust and after age 25 the breast shape and size change — unless she’s taking birth-control pills or subdermal implants for the same purpose. In that case the additional estrogen may make her bust remain as it was in her teens and early 20’s. 

After age 18, and most notably past age 25, the normal growth hormone (“GH”) that children produce to “grow up” reduces and that GH causes us to burn fat and gain muscle mass. This happens especially with women and young men whose work is hard labor.  

Go to any big market where you find young men carrying sacks of rice or agricultural feed, and seeds, or bags of cement, and you will see young men who look like they might be Olympic athletes. They are working hard, producing a lot of testosterone and Growth Hormone, and they often are 3 or 5% body fat, glistening with sweat, and I’m guessing, many young women can’t stop thinking about some of those “boyz.”

Past age 25 several changes occur and we don’t maintain that posture and strength and we begin to be less sexual, less energetic, and we tend to gain more fat.

Dr. Robert Atkins’ ideas were first published in his 1972 book Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution: The High Calorie Way to Stay Thin Forever. The diet gained widespread popularity in 2003 and 2004. At the height of its popularity one in eleven North American adults claimed to be on a “low-carb diet” such as Atkins.

His books were extremely well documented and sited many studies in Europe and the US proving that a high protein, and high fat or high oil, low refined carbohydrate diet PLUS lots of exercise caused people to lose fat.

In one study I read, a college Ph.D. student ran a survey about older people and concluded they needed to eat more protein. He completely ignored their digestive system problems.

In another famous “Nurses Health Study” which began in 1976 and still continue in the US no one discussed what these nurses ate, or what their digestive system condition was. Their simply observed these women were gaining fat and concluded this was “average” or “normal.” Then the medical profession claims this provides an informed decision! I don’t agree.  (Endless weight gain is NOT normal. Average is not normal. If the Average person is sick then they all are abnormal and someone had better find out why, and what to do about it.)

Combined with what I explain in books #2 and #3 of the …. Long-Life, Good Heath Series we can restore normal healthy weight, reduce the causes and symptoms of diabetes, fibro-myalgia and many other digestive system diseases and conditions, and end up with happier, healthier “patients.” (Including YOU.) This may included the cause and cure from chronic and migraine headaches. 

It’s important to realize that more than refined sugar can lead to belly fat gain. Even healthier sugars, such as real honey, should be used sparingly.

In Summary

Excessive sugar, white flour, and refined carbohydrate intake is a major cause of weight gain in many people. It is vital to limit your intake of candy and processed foods which contain added sugar, including high energy drinks which are loaded with caffeine.

I’ve given you a lot to think about and we’ll cover more of this as Part 3 in the next article which will be dated 25 October 2021

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