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Info Ltr Pt 3

Business Survival Information Letter Pt 3 of 9

Hello Again Business Builder,

I’m thankful you’re continuing this informative journey with me. This is another 5-minute reading and there will be 5 more installments to finish it. By the time you have read it all, you’ll be in a much better position to maintain and improve your income through this next year and for many years to come.

Why am I qualified to teach you about it?

Drayton Bird, World’s Greatest Marketer

I have been studying at the feet of great advertising masters for many years. These men have done the research, testing, and retesting actually millions of mailed and emailed sales letters, and web pages, changing sometimes just one word and getting better or worse results!

For example, this man, Mr. Drayton Bird, is arguably the greatest advertising writer and marketer the world has ever known. At age 80+ he is still teaching. I listen to and study with him continually.

Many younger people involved in advertising won’t study any of this and they simply don’t know what advertising is about! It’s costing some business operators real money to send out advertising that gets no response! Mr. Bird in a lecture I saw only lately said this is wasting “not thousands, not millions, but Billions of dollars every year.”

Web technicians age 22 don’t know anything about what works and does not work in advertising. They persist in producing expensive web pages that the buyers with real money cannot read!!! Try to write to these technicians. They don’t respond! Many of them don’t speak clear English!

Of course, if you’re past age 50 you already realize this font and black color on a white background, and very dark red and blue colors are better for older eyes.

Who has the money? Mostly mature people nearing and in their retirement years have the most discretionary income. If older eyes can’t see the page, they’re not buying the product that page is selling.

But, what introvert who never studied advertising ever thought about that, or about A/B Split Testing to see what worked best? I’d guess “none of them.” Their mind is exclusively focused on selling an expensive website job to you. They learn more code and technical tricks but (this is a dark secret) they know they have no idea how to sell anything.

I’m sorry to say this, but most of the big ad agencies that are busy being “creative” don’t get good results with their advertising campaigns either. Surveys in London prove this every year! These agencies get awards for the most interesting “Creative work” but almost none of them run tests to discover if the advertising actually brought in more sales! Some of the television advertising in the USA can cost $1,000,000/minute and they get no improved sales! I actually have several times sat with friends watching Television and observing their responses to ads.  They laugh a little at the advertisement. I ask when the ad has ended, “What were they selling?” The view doesn’t know! Someone spent 100-Million dollars last year to sell giggles! This is very sophisticated STEALING. Advertising has one purpose. To inform and SELL something.

The firms that get the best results are involved in direct response, mail order type advertising. They know how much they’ve spent and they can test to see what works best. They can tell you to the penny what you paid to get each new customer!

Agencies that are busy trying to get awards for “being creative” cannot tell you what your return on investment is, and won’t even mention it!

Actually, many of these young people never got any degree in advertising and marketing. They don’t read the great books by the great names in advertising, as I have and continue doing, and as Mr. Bird did and still does. These young people are not qualified to take your money and produce something they imagine is advertising. They may not intend it, but they are in truth stealing because they can produce pages and pages that get No Results!

I’m also sorry to say, most of today’s advertising writers never sold anything face-to-face, and it turns out (again, by survey) the most successful advertising “copy-writers” are those that sold face-to-face in homes and business-to-business. They write the best advertising “copy.” (Ad copy is advertising words like you’re reading now.) The better we know those potential customers the better our writing can be. That’s why we often socialize with those types of customers, or sell to them, listening, observing, and remembering.

I began teaching myself to sell by going door to door offering boxes of Holiday Greeting Cards when I was age 9 or 10. I broke the fear of it then and continued learning ever since!

I was young like this when I began selling.

I have since then sold life insurance in homes and advertising space in newspapers, magazines, and privately published phone directories to business owners — and got good results for them too!

I’ve sold many things in my life including men’s clothing, electronics, kitchenware, insulated energy-saving windows, and powered lawn and garden equipment. The experience made me a better ad copywriter. It is often said the best copywriters were salesmen. No one learns that in a month!

I was too much the flirt in high-school between ages 12 and 15. I knew I was breaking all of my fears about speaking to single young ladies, and even to crowds in a big audience. I took some acting classes for the same purpose! Even when I ran a practice taking care of back pain, I was selling by comparing my services to the prices and services of similar doctors in the community. And it worked! I had a very busy practice!

The best advertising writers have sold and studied advertising and marketing taught to them by the great names of the past who today are our venerated elders. They have “lived the business.” They took what they learned, worked for years as face-to-face salespeople, and finally began writing advertising “sales copy.” They tested and compared more and more until they found the best they could do. That is the way I learned over a span of 58-years. I’m still learning more and can make my skills available to benefit you with more profit.

No web technician ever did that. They probably have never sold or written good advertising for anything in their lives. They probably never will! It takes years to learn to do this well.

Why then are restaurant owners in New York or Los Angeles or Singapore paying a fortune to these “web site developers” to produce advertising that only works one-tenth as well as it should? These guys are NOT qualified to write and produce advertising. They’re wasting your money, whilst making ideas up as they go along; reinventing the wheel, we might say.

True, a beautiful website is attractive, but that’s only one small part of the work to be done. Pictures draw our eyes. The words do the selling. If the words are not doing their job well, the sales response may be a financial disaster, and will waste your money! Web site developers want to push web development to look like a Hollywood movie, but that’s the wrong direction and the wrong place to focus minds and money.

Permit me to introduce myself:

Trusted advertising writer and marketing advisor.

My name is Dr. Stephen Newdell. I go by “Steve”. I had two major careers in my life; Sales and Health Care. I’m an advertising “copywriter” (and past advertising space salesman. (I did some radio announcing for ads too.) Now I’m learning to be a minor “web-page developer.”

I went back to college at age 23, and became a back-pain doctor and nutritionist. (A Chiropractor. This word is mostly known in the United States.) I’m old enough to retire but I want to continue this occupation I love so much. I can be very helpful for the Singapore community by bringing more customers to YOU for many years to come. That is my intention. I’m sure there are many skeptics about this claim but over time I think they will realize I’m not just talking. I am going to get results for clients in Singapore just as I have in New York, and Seattle!

I became interested in advertising and marketing at age 15 when I realized most of it was very badly done. I continued with that avocation all of my life. I spent twenty years as a Chiropractic back pain doctor but always continued to study sales and advertising writing. I just love it! I’ll never “retire.” I’ll do something to help bring more customer traffic to small business owners like YOU until the end of my lifespan. And…. There’s a good personal reason for that.

My family ran a moderate-sized Dry Cleaning business and worked 14-hour days. That is why I know; What YOU do is not a part-time hobby! (and you’re probably not “rich” as many may imagine.)

This is your livelihood, and it’s my job to help you keep it going and growing! I know YOU want a decent retirement. You perhaps aspire to pay for college for your children, and better things for your family. These are your dreams. This is your life path; and it’s my purpose to help you have it! I make my living helping women and men like you, get more customer traffic so you can successfully make your living!

This may surprise you; 80% of everything that happens in our economy happens when someone sells something to someone else! 80% of this economy is driven by sales!!! Selling is not a bad thing to do. It helps everyone live better and earn more. Just remember “Honesty is the best policy.” If you’re dishonest in sales and advertising work or in any work soon you have a bad reputation and no one wants to do business with you. So we always do our best, to be honest, and deliver more than we promise. I deliver what I promise. If I can’t deliver, I won’t make promises I cannot keep.

I continue to learn more from the great advertising writers and salespeople; and this is important to you because you need someone qualified to sell your products and services online, and that is what I do when people pay me to do it.

Thanks for reading today. Let’s go into What advertising really IS and why it’s vital to keep your business busy these next several years. You should receive that part 4 tomorrow.

You can feel confident. Better Days Are Ahead!


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