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Good Day to you my Business Builder Friend,

     I’m happy that you’re staying with me through these 5-minute installments. You’ll gain more practical, useful knowledge today.

At the end of the last installment, I said,


What has been going on across the Internet

Is Absolutely Crazy!

Here’s How To Organize Low-Cost Sanity Into Your Marketing

A web developer makes his living by developing complicated and expensive websites. They promote that you should have one of their custom made products. The secret is, they’re young, they love mathematics and writing code and know little to nothing about getting you what you really want. What you want is more buying customers!

Getting your own website developed can easily become a very expensive project! This can become (in “conservative” numbers) US$6,000 to US$8,100 in the first year with increases each time you ask for a website change and most of it is a confusing jumble written by a guy who avoids people, has never sold anything, and “lives in his computer.”

He honestly does not know there are many books teaching about better advertising writing. He couldn’t name even one truly worldwide successful advertising writer or ad agency if his life depended upon it. That tells you he has never studied under any of them! He thinks whatever he can imagine and write will be good enough! It’s like hiring a florist to do eye surgery. You’re in the wrong place with the wrong “expert!”

You do not need all of their web pages! What does your customer want to know? What they want to know is “What’s in here for me?” in different words, “What benefit will I get by reading through this?”

In Most Cases…

  • You need ONE PAGE with pictures,
  • an explanation of what you do,
  • what kind of food you specialize in making,
  • where you are located, and how the customer can call, and order food.
  • or whom to call to reserve a table right now!

This is not supposed to be a “scavenger hunt!” The husband asked his wife, “Where shall we go to eat?” Her husband is not going to search all of Google to find your reservations number. He’s going to call someone else!!!

Always keep in mind, the potential customer is asking, “What benefit is in here for me? How can I have the information I want quickly?” So, You Need…

One Page! And….you need to get that page seen by people who want food and can afford to dine out.

Alright, I can agree some bigger restaurants want more pages and photos and I plan to be in a position to provide that at a reasonable price in the not very distant future. This should not be crazy and look like it’s a cross between a website and a movie. I think we can do an adequate job with 5-pages and keep the price to less than $450. I think we can do a lot for a big restaurant with 3-pages and hold the price under $300.  But, most cafes and small retail shops don’t need that much. They need ONE page (which I presently provide “free” as part of the package price for the year.

This can’t be done on Facebook. They are entirely too restrictive! In fact, a potential customer WILL be prevented from seeing it if he/she is not a Facebook member! That free page may be sending potential customers away! I am presently producing these landing pages at no charge and hosting them in the magazine for a very reasonable monthly fee. You’ll get the pricing when we finish the 8th installment and you can shop and compare. You’ll soon see no other publisher in Singapore offers what I do at this price!

How are you going to achieve one page that works?

  • You need someone who can host that page and reach a broad audience of restaurant food buyers. I called them “The Dining Out Crowd” and they are obviously affluent enough to afford to dine out. They are exactly your right audience!
  • The advertisement must have the message they want. They want food ads when they’re hungry and thinking about where to go, or from whom to order.
  • They need clean, good looking, well-written advertising copy/words.
  • and beautiful photos
  • in the right place
  • at the right time.
  • all well organized so they can learn what they want quickly
  • At A PRICE You Can Live With!

If your ad is in a newspaper next to some article about politics it’s getting you nothing and robbing you plenty! I would no more run a restaurant ad in a newspaper than I would run an ad for ladies underwear in a man’s fishing magazine. The medium (newspaper) is all wrong! If you’re advertising food in a food and small shops guide you’ll earn MUCH more and gain greater return in exchange for your investment.

Customers can go to the small shops advertised near the restaurant so they make a good day of shopping and dining. Your businesses help one another. That’s why I love Google Maps and Map Box maps so much!

Superman writing ad-copy

<I’m here to rescue you!  It’s best for customers and for You if all the excellent cafes and restaurants have food ads in one convenient Free Online guide dedicated to restaurants, cafes, small shops, and perhaps a few hotels that serve food and celebrate weddings and other big gatherings.

All the restaurants together in one guide create a psychological marketplace for dining. That’s very good for you! It’s like going along a road leading to a hospital and every building is a doctor’s office. It makes finding the right place for health-care easier. In a similar fashion…

The Singapore Shopper guide is a catalog that makes finding and comparing dining places convenient, easy, interesting, and fun. Catalogs have proven for over 100-years to be very strong attention gathering print media.

What Singapore has needed for a long time, is ONE guide or magazine that appears on a Personal Desk Top computer, or laptop, or smartphone and tells the reader everything she wants to know, even while she’s sitting in her office or standing on the sidewalk! She could be riding with a friend. She opens her phone, and says, “Let’s go here.” (to your business.) Would you like that? You can have it when you’re in You’re probably in it now. Three-fourths of the job has been done! Good Heavens, Don’t Waste It!

  • This one online Magazine will gather all interested readers,
  • It should do all the advertising at a price you can comfortably fit into your budget!
  • It should tell readers what you offer,
  • It should link to whatever you have online now for the reader to see your menu,
  • It should show your location and phone number quickly, easily found,
  • It must display who to call for reservations or take-away or delivery orders
  • It should assist perhaps also show a map explaining exactly where you are located
  • Such a service should consolidate and reduce the costs of building an Internet presence
  • It should reduce your cost of advertising
  • It should reduce your cost of website hosting
  • It should pay for itself and bring you a profit (a Return On your Investment)
  • It could point to review articles about a restaurant if the restaurant owner wants that. (If you want that I can arrange for writers to come and write for you and then pass the rest of the project to me.)
  • The magazine article writer could create an “advertorial” (an advertisement combined with an editorial) to give you the best appearance. There are several articles about hotels and restaurants in this guide for you to see.

Singapore Shopper is going to be a hugely profitable helper to the few that get into it and YOU should be one of them. With over 4,000 restaurants in town, we certainly cannot carry all of them, and we don’t want to do that! We want the best. The few smart ones who take the opportunity while it’s still available will be glad they did. Others will be feeling sorry and left out. The earlier you get in the better it will be for you.

What you’ve just read about in the bullet points above, IS WHAT I HAVE BUILT and am continuing to expand and improve.

It is listed as

Singapore Shopper

Best Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, & Shops in Singapore

And…. If I began writing to you before Mid November of 2020, you’re already in it!

I could not explain this. I have to SHOW you what I can do as samples of my work and I did a job for YOU. ….and…. As of January 18th, 2021 I have upgraded software and I’m going over all of these “Landing Pages” and improving those that need it.

I haven’t charged you for it.

What you have now is a big landing page. You may also be listed on this Display Ads page.  These are called “pointer ads.” I can do much more with “pointer ads” and our…. When you order advertising you’ll certainly be on the developing Display Ads Grid. I’m improving that too during January 2021.

Take note of the links at the top of the cover page and the Links Page.   Doing this will give you a better understanding of how the magazine is intended to inform your potential customers and draw them to you for special sales during the week or on the weekend …so you will get more readership and customer traffic, for a very reasonable monthly fee.

I will explain more about how we (you and I) working together can bring more readers to the magazine and more customers to you. Be sure to see that next installment, arriving tomorrow because your future hopes and dreams depend upon it! There ARE Better Days Ahead!

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