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Part 7 of 9  Why Singapore Shopper Magazine Is Your Best Investment.

Good Day Business Builder,

Thank you most honored friend for going this far with me. Today’s installment is a bit like sitting in a seminar room while I show and explain magazine and advertising details. You’ll get A LOT of information here.

I’ll also cover the pricing for my work. The reading time is approximately 15 to 20-minutes.

If you can make time to read it now, please do. If not now, be sure to get into this later when you can have some peaceful time to yourself. Parts 8 and 9 will follow, and then you’ll be left to make your own best decisions.

I’m not a high-pressure salesman. I don’t know how to do that. It’s not my personality to push people. I believe “selling” is teaching. I teach and inform and leave the rest of the decisions to you for your best timing.

Additional free information will follow about how to do more to bring in more customers. When you know your timing is right, I’m confident you’ll contact me, because it will become more obvious as time passes, that I have the key to bringing you More Customer Traffic. Let’s consider that more, but first;

What Has Happened That Made Singapore

The Most Admired City In The World?

This is my opinion based upon my personal study of sociology, business, and economics over 45 years.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, First Prime Minister of Singapore

I am extremely impressed that Singapore was built on honest hard work and a community desire to strive for excellence. This is impossible with corrupt courts and a corrupt government. Singapore has always been a society of justice and governmental honesty. THAT fact is what has made Singapore so impressive.

The Singaporean society has maintained the idea that we all pull together to produce something of real value to earn money. This was expressed in a final speech by The Most Honorable Lee Kuan Yew. You probably know Mr. Lee served as the first Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990.

He really made history and was a prime mover and prover of the value of the Free Enterprise system in a Democratically elected representative republic. I am updating this article on January  21, 2021. We are witnesses to what is now a developing dispute between The Socialists/Communists and those believing in the Free Enterprise business and economics model supporting a freely elected representative republic.

Many in the late 1950s said Mr. Lee’s ideas were all wrong, but he proved he was right. In his final speech, he told us again to produce something of true value and do not seek to gain money simply by some sort of monetary trading or another gain-without-honest-production method. Naturally, I truly want to see Singapore continue on an economically successful path through what I believe will be some trying years for our world. This decade will be more difficult than others. It actually is the beginning of a new era. We’re not at the end of the road yet!

I will dare to say this: After years of my own study of economics and free enterprise I am well-convinced Socialism cannot work. Everyone must make an effort to be employed and self-supporting. The more any government gives to support those who are unemployed, the worse the problems become because that money comes from workers like you. You are working, so I doubt you’ll dispute me too vehemently.

Now as promised, I will discuss doing business to bring you More Customer Traffic.

I will tell you the price to advertise with me in Singapore Shopper Magazine and I warn you, this is such a low price most advertising salespeople will laugh and say they don’t believe it. I promise you, there are no “hidden charges.” Nothing like that! This is not a “come on” price. This is the price! We can work up different packages, but what I’m showing you here is the basic package price without any surprises.

I would usually charge $79 per month for a web page plus additional pointer ads. (I’ll show you pointer ads. They are small box ads linked to a page within the website. There are several at the bottom of the Cover Page.) S$79 x 12 = $948. (I’m talking in Singapore dollars, of course! The entire website is in Singapore Dollars.) You will not pay that much. (Big magazines and ad agencies would charge much more!)

While I’m new and this guide is growing, and gaining more readers, you may have seen your own web page is already made and it’s working! If you look at the bottom left of the page it shows how many potential new customers have looked at the page. You can keep track. If 500 see it in a year, it’s likely at least 100 will call you and buy something. That should lead to the advertisement paying for its cost and bringing in a profit. And because I’m new I’m discounting that S$79 price for the first few advertisers who get started earliest. I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment.

We know and Your Page on the site will always be fresh, clean, and bright. It’s not like a newspaper. It works day and night. It’s always the right message in the right place available at the right time, for the right audience hunting for a place to eat. It’s always clean, and good looking.

Newspapers get thrown away often unread, or they are looked at briefly and then thrown away. Advertising in newspapers is very expensive. Your local newspapers refuse to state a price on their web pages. They want to bargain with you and charge a high price. They might place your ad anywhere, even next to a funeral article! (Oh, please! Not that!!)

Newspapers reach everyone at all distances. That means, 90% of the potential readers are too far away to do business with you or have no interest in your message because they can’t afford to eat out or because they prefer to remain at home. That means, with newspapers, 90% of your advertising money is wasted! The same can be said about TV and Radio.

Singapore Shopper Magazine Is Your Best Investment because it directly feeds your business with More Customers and you can control what you do week after week and weekend after weekend to promote more customers coming in. You can’t do that with anything in the financial world. Here, with this shopping guide, you will have much greater control-ability.

Right now, I will make the first 25 advertisement placements available for $69/month. Pay for all of it at once and I’ll give you a 13th month FREE. 12 x S$69 = S$828. (I will make payment terms available for those who request it.)

The price will eventually rise to $79/month x 12 months = $948/year. Or multiply by 13 months and it comes to $1027/year. But you’re not paying that much. Your price is $828 for this year and it’s for 13 months! A generous offer; here’s why.

I’m giving the first 25 new advertisers a package of 13 months for the price of 12 x $69 = $828.

If we calculate 828/1027 that comes out as a 20% Discount! You save $199 right now when you take advantage of this offer. This is for the first 25 businesses. Don’t wait to think about it because there’s nothing left to think about! Getting in early will be well rewarded.

    I am concentrating on restaurants and cafes now, but I will welcome any type of decent/proper and legal business; food, clothing, real estate, photography, flowers; anything morally upright. On the other hand, if the police don’t like it, I don’t want it either.)

Right now I’m reaching out to Restaurants and Cafes as the major focus of the magazine. Join in right away, because I’m sure you want to be listed as one of the city’s best, and at a 20% discounted price!

Of course, the local newspaper seller will say this is impossibly cheap. You can’t even buy a classified ad for that price! I am offering you the advertising bargain of the year! Just observe occasionally as the website gets better and better! I’m learning more “techy skills” and I’ll be hiring technical help to DO little behind the scenes jobs.

If you like me, you understand me already. I want to do more. Like you, I seek perfection. 

As a courtesy bonus, I often clean up English mistakes and improve sentence structure. This gives your webpage a more professional appeal and helps you get more readers to come as customers. There are some phrases and words proven to help with sales and I will apply those to help you further. I’ll do that at no charge. (Everyone else in the ad copywriting business would berate me mercilessly for doing this for free.)

You’re welcome to send better photos now or at any time in the future. It’s best to hire a photographer who understands food photography and can make photo files that are big enough for magazines. I’ll feature up to 5-photos. Here is an example of a page that came out beautifully using photos he has on his web page. Yours can be just as beautiful and it’s worth doing because it will work for you and continue working for this year and on and on into the future.

I could have done more if the chef said more about himself, his history and career in the culinary arts world, but in any event, the food looks beautiful and I have seen good reports from customers about his work. Those are examples of work done by a professional photographer who understands food photography! You cannot do that with a cell phone. Newer phones are better but they are not able to do this!

Go Here for more information about getting and sending photos for your advertising.>>>

Your ad will appear in the listing I have shown you. and…

#1. as the Big Landing Page.  You may have already seen yours, linked within the listing of restaurants. Click the link and see what I’ve done.

If you want more written I’m happy to help but no writer works in a vacuum. You or a young student who likes writing can come to you, take notes about your work, family traditions about cooking, and menus; any interesting discussion about food will be helpful. The student can take notes, in English and email it to me and I’ll work with it and produce a web page for you at a reasonable, negotiable price. If you have more than one chef working get information about each of them. The public is interested in the staff behind the final product! We’ve proven that many times.

2. Your ad will also appear in a grid with all advertisers listed by categories. (The grid is in development. A sample is here.)  Restaurants, hotels, clothing shops, realtors, photoshops, there can be categories for every type of business. That grid page will work in a similar fashion to a telephone business directory but it will be much less expensive. It’s also rather exclusive. I will not advertise for the entire city. Probably I will not take more than 250 restaurant clients. Likely less. The rest of the magazine will open to “Sections” for merchants by category and perhaps in particular neighborhoods. This can be helpful. If YOUR restaurant is in the same area a map can be arranged to show your location relative to a desirable shopping area, so your customer can shop and dine conveniently close.

3. & 4. Your ad will also appear on at least three other pages in the Food and Beverage section. These smaller ads are “pointer ads” and take the reader to your (5) bigger “Landing Page,” such as I’ve just shown you from the listing page and the several red links above.

(6) Your ad will also appear in Social Media at least three times in the year and probably will be noted in Google Search simply because it’s in my e-magazine website and in my blog. I promote it on Facebook and then show it. See it at Facebook here. This page will remain as a sample to push the reader to see the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition.   This also is a sample and likely to change.

    Many of us are NOT fans of Facebook. In that case , or ain all cases, the reader can “subscribe” (no charge) and the notice will be emailed to her. She’ll click and go to the entire page showing what’s going on for the week and the weekend, and of course for holidays too.

Also See These two:

Special Events and Sales   …

sample of email and blog promoting – Weekend Edition, Weekly Special

This is something like a blog but I think better, more controllable.

I will very heavily promote the Exciting Dining and the new Weekly Specials pages all over Singapore and push it to the top of the google listing. (I can pay Google’s fees to do this.) I plan to do a lot with this and for weekends and holidays, this publication arriving in email and pointed to via social media can really tell it to all readers pushing them through your doors! This is a major constant effort to get all the “dining out” audience to constantly refer to the blog and the main pages every time they think of going out to eat. After a while, they’ll know the Web Address or have a “favorites” link to it. (This was planned from the start. That’s why I developed the short name “”

Earn big money promoting through me with Social Media!

Both Exciting Dining and the Weekly Sales & Specials pages are intended to be YOUR controllable page. Never waste a social-media opportunity!  You can reach a tremendous audience at a super-bargain price, so take advantage of this opportunity as often as it suits you! (Actually for you to mess about building and emailing these pages yourself would be more expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. It’s best you leave the work to me.

You can let me know you are planning a price reduction or something about a social event, Breakfast Buffet, High Tea, a wedding, holiday dinners, any sort of sale, any celebration, anything you dream up for any weekend, and for a very reasonable fee I can include a photo and your announcement as an ad in the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition. or the Weekly Sales & Specials or both!

(Just be sure it’s on your calendar because I WILL publish it. Even if there’s a problem with payment until a technical issue at a bank is ironed out, I’ll publish it and invoice you for the work. Occasionally a bank’s “Fraud Prevention” department will stop payment while they ask if you intended to buy “this” whatever it is.)

Everyone connected to these publications and our social media links will see it! Many of them are linked to major social media so they’ll be notified. That population of Singaporean receivers will be growing constantly for years, and telling friends to look too!

Every week it will be more valuable to you because it pulls in more weekend, mid-week-special-event, and Holiday-event customers. You dream up an idea and we’ll promote it to the entire Singapore population that is inclined to dine out! We can do this for a price the local newspaper won’t even try to match.

A few ad suggestions: Nightlife spots might promote any weekend, “Two gentlemen walk in with two ladies, one of the ladies gets a bar drink FREE when you show your reservation number. Call for your reservation now at 67.33 ABCD” I can do a small job like that for you for under S$50. (The price will begin at $30 and will rise slowly and level off as the reader population increases.) For the first 25 new advertisers, the offer will be even better! {I’m not “selling” to you. I’m just telling you the truth. If you help me expand this business I’m going to reward you for trusting me.}

These pages containing your ads will reach a large portion of the Sg population that can and does go to cafes, and restaurants. If they subscribed they’re obviously very interested. I’ll need 4-days or more lead time and the job should be prepaid before I publish.  I will publish on Sundays and Fridays. It remains available to see for a week or longer. The Exciting Dining Weekend Edition will run Friday – Sunday. Avail the advantage of  these and watch your traffic numbers grow! You choose the days! Give customers lead time to make their plans. And… it’s gona make you a small fortune!

Yes! You can write your own ad going into the page of your choice, or both pages, or tell me the details and I’ll write it for you and get your approval before broadcasting (of course!) This is like having me as one of your promotional staff. It’s inexpensive for you and will bring in many more weekend or holiday customers. Don’t pay too much to advertise somewhere else, like on a radio station. (what a money waster that can be!) Get those “warm” well-targeted, local customers, into your business and earn your well-deserved living.

Count up all of this offer and we have at least 9-advertisement placements for just S$69/month! I know the ad agency people are going to write to me and say I have lost my mind. “You’re giving the store away.” (Prices will rise some time after March of 2021. Avail of this offer NOW.)

You cannot buy this sort of service anywhere for any price! No one does it! Most restaurants could never afford it. I’m doing it because I want to help you and help Singapore continue to prove that the Free Enterprise System built within a freely elected representative republic is the best system of governance in the world! I want Singapore to be FREE for many more years. I might make my permanent home in the community and I want to be welcomed as a helpful community member.

Avail of this opportunity while it lasts!

In that I plan at most to publish 250 Food and Beverage advertisers on the website, getting in is a rare opportunity, and being included makes your business really stand out as one of the most highly recommended in Singapore! Be sure to take your best advantage; (in very proper British) ‘avail’ of this Golden Opportunity!!! (Prices will rise after March 2021. Avail of this offer NOW.)

     In case you’re confused: On at least three other pages in the restaurant and/or hotel section there will be a box advertisement like those you’ll see at the end of this letter. I call these “pointer ads.” They all link back to your big Landing page. Your big landing page links to any other page you have online or to your ordering and delivery company. If you don’t have any other online page it will give any ordering or information phone number you choose. (I think Facebook pages will NEVER be a substitute for a properly developed landing page. I can develop a 3-page website for you, and host it on this website saving you a lot of money, time, and frustration.

Your web pages can remain on my magazine website for years. Just continue to pay for it and it will remain there working for you at a small fraction of what it would cost you to try to do all of this yourself! For a small fee, I can update it for holidays, or for example, to show new items added to a menu.

         (Just as aside information to you, this is becoming constant full-time work for me. So far I’ve invested over S$2,000 and at least 1,500 hours over 8-months in this project. I anticipate adding MAPBOX Maps which have much greater readability compared to Google Maps. I’ll pay each time someone uses it. And I expect this expense to come to nearly $500/month. As traffic grows my hosting prices will rise. Now you see why I said doing this yourself is a bad idea unless you intend to make Internet work your new career! Hiring a website production shop to do it will get you nowhere fast. You’ll have a website and no audience, and a big bill to pay!) 

    …. and…I’ve been studying and practicing to be a better and better writer since age 15 — some 55-years! (I get compliments from journalists and ad writing friends.) So you’ll understand, you cannot do this for free. You cannot do this without many years of study. You’re busy running your business. You need the skills I bring to you and you can’t buy them everywhere. Oh, believe me. I carefully read what others write and they are severely lacking in the writers’ arts!

Everything I do is personalized for you.  The forms and email back and forth is all from my fingertips to you. I don’t like “form letters.” Everything I do is personalized to your satisfaction! (and if I ever do make SG my residence, I’ll be available to meet you.)

You’ll get all of this for just S$69/month= $828 for this first year when you take advantage of my limited time offer. This is for the first 25 new business accounts that send in advertising insertion orders and pay the full year’s fee at the beginning. YOU should be one of them! If you’re one of the first 8 to set up an Insertion Order I’ll have a secret surprise bonus for you to save you more money this first year. And if you want my help but $828 is too much right now I’ll bend the rules and set up a multiple-payments schedule.

I’ll tell you shortly how to take action and get me started setting up your package. I am not asking for any money now. I only want your permission to go to work for You! and as you have seen, I’ve already been working in the hope my more than 1,800 hours of work, some dedicated to you, were not wasted effort.

Changes, special notices for holidays, reduced price “sales” can be made to your big landing page at a price of $1/minute. Sometimes the job takes only 10-minutes. Other times the job might require a little more time. Most jobs will cost under $20.

In addition, you’ll get my newsletter FREE in your email teaching more about effective advertising and marketing, and maybe something else important about politics, economics, or health-care in Singapore. I will send that newsletter to you at no charge. It’s a good way for us to stay in contact. When we get near the end of your year the accountant will send you a notice requesting your permission to continue another year.

Of course, I can write anything in the Specials or Exciting Dining pages you need, including your notice about a social event or a special holiday or weekend offer — anything you dream up! Potential customers will read this and make plans and reservations, or walk through your door!

Everyone interested in dating, dining out, ordering food to be delivered, or buying for “take away” will know about these special pages and refer to them regularly. YOU should be included!

Only YOU know your average profit per meal sold. I suspect if we bring you 100 more customers this year, who buy food for themselves, their family, and tell their friends about you, it will all become profit in your pocket.

An important point to remember is, you have a web page visits counter. You can look every week and see how many visits the page received and wisely make a note of it so you can compare and even graph the results.

This is far better than a printed advertisement or a give-away calendar. You don’t know if those types of advertising are working or not. With your web page at, you’ll always know how many visitors the ad is getting! By the end of a year, you will be able to compare what you paid for each actual viewer. One way or another it costs considerable money to get new customers. Getting them through Singapore Shopper will cost much less and be FAR, and away more effective.

You can buy into a newspaper with 100,000 readers but how many readers actually look at your ad? We don’t know. How long does the newspaper stay in the home? (Not longer than 3-days on average. Some newspapers are never opened. They lay around and finally go into the trash bin.)

By comparison; If readers look at your pointer ad on and visit your web page we do know the advertising is getting an effective response. That is the big difference between and newspapers.

I invite you to look at the cost of advertising elsewhere and see what you pay. Make a wise comparison. Also, remember; They cannot tell you if your advertisement is getting readers. My web page counter can!

Oh yes, they’ll say they have readers, and that’s true; But, how many of those readers opened that printed media looking for a new restaurant or cafe? Is it near to them and within their budget range to come to visit you? We can’t tell that. With Singapore Shopper Magazine we know people interested in dining out are searching. We can count them! They are thinking about going out for a meal, often with friends or family, and they are not idly browsing the Internet. They are looking in Singapore for a dining spot and they’re developing trust in what they read in Singapore Shopper!


  1. Your advertisement is not mixed into the Television News!
  2. Your ad is in the right place
  3. To The Right Audience
  4. At the right time to be seen by that reader
  5. With the right message about buying meals
  6. Reaching the reader who wants to buy a prepared meal now!  He’s hungry. He has to buy something. The question then is, to whom will he go to buy? My work is to make that prospective customer interested in YOUR restaurant!

If they want to know about what you sell, where you deliver, and prices, you can show them all you want. I will help you. We can attach a menu to your page if you need it. We’ll have a pop-up map for all ads very soon too!

If you want a much larger page and more photos, including a menu, additions, or changes, just send all of that information to me and I’ll get the work done to your satisfaction at a reasonable price.

I cannot do it alone. I need your photos and information. From there I can write with better English using words and phrases advertisers know will get more sales. We know what works from surveys of millions of mail-order letters. I use better advertising style writing and place photos that are big, bright, and capture attention.

I’m hunting for a skilled food photographer to be available at your request. (Food photography is a specialized skill and is nothing like a quick picture with a cell phone!) If you ask someone to gather notes for your own larger article I’ll send instructions on what information will be helpful.

You cannot do that in a newspaper or big glossy magazine without spending $10,000 or more! With me, you can do it for a petty cash price. it remains on the website for years, if you want it to stay!

For anyone else to write all of this as a completed advertisement would cost at least a thousand dollars. I know writers who are charging much more! It’s common for big-name ad writers to charge $50,000 for a big writing job. In some situations, they charge much more.

You cannot find better than what I offer anywhere! Yes! Compare and decide. I’ll be available to help. Right now for the first 25 new advertising accounts, the price is just $69/month and the 13th month is FREE!  All of this creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! Remember it works out right now to a 20% discount, saving you $199 for the year!!! (Prices will rise after March 2021. Avail of this offer NOW.)

I am NOT asking for a credit card number! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment.

Use the simple instructions and form on this page:

Thank you so very much for reading. I’ll send the final two installments tomorrow or after the weekend.

I’ll see you then! Feel assured, with my help you’ll have Better Days Ahead!



  • I am presently planning for 125 restaurants, Plus 125 merchants and that 250 will be the presently planned total number of clients for this magazine. So, if you want to get in pleased don’t decide to wait a few months to decide because it might be too late.
  • This product works like a phone directory. You buy-in for a year. I make it easy to find you in alphabetical order on a listing page and in a grid, and your ad will also appear on several pages (at least  8 locations), including the Cover Page (!) occasionally, AND in the Weekly Special Offers which is emailed to masses or is linked to them via Facebook, according to how they decided to subscribe.
  • No one else offers you so much advertising value, so much exposure, for such a low price.  I know this is a very good advertising product and is improving as I continue to learn more, talk to more marketing experts and make improvements, or hire technicians to add improvements. Don’t waste time because “your” customers may be going elsewhere while you hesitate.

You can read ahead or refer back, using these links or wait for the rest to arrive daily.  Also see these and more articles at THIS Archive LINK

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