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Info Ltr Pt 8 cl [Last of Series]

Part 8 of 9

Good Day Business Builder Friend,

Today’s is the 8th installment of this series. Reading time is estimated under 5-minutes. In this short time and with a final thought sent tomorrow I’m attempting to compare and draw a final logical conclusion for you to seriously consider.

Just to jog your memory yesterday I was saying this at the end: Today is your day to think, compare, and make a decision. Tomorrow I’ll make several comparisons to help you make a logical conclusion about marketing for your business.

This letter runs about 5 – 8 minutes reading time. If you need to look it over when you have a few minutes to yourself that’s the better time.

I’m going into price and wrap-up details today. Please consider I have put a lot of effort into getting this information to you and when you make the time to go through the last of it, you’ll see that your business future may well depend upon accepting what I am offering! I don’t kinow of anyone else in Singapore working this carefully to coach you in how to pull in more customers.


You cannot have what I offer in a newspaper or big glossy magazine without spending $10,000 or more! With me, you can have it all for a petty-cash price.  Your ad can be built, working, and remains on the website for years if you want it to stay!

For anyone else to write all of this as a completed advertisement would cost at least a thousand dollars. I know writers who are charging much more!

I am NOT asking for a credit card number! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I you are pleased with it and I have your approval we’ll arrange payment.

Use the simple instructions and form on this page:>>>


1. Your advertisement is not mixed into the Television News!

2.  Your ad is in the right place

3.  To The Right Audience — this is the “dining-out public” who can afford to eat out and often do!

4.  At the right time to be seen by that reader

5.  With the right message about buying meals

6.  Reaching the reader who wants to buy a prepared meal now!  He’s hungry. He has to buy something. The question then is, to whom will he go to buy? My work is to make him interested in YOU!

7.  I’ll can also arrange for maps to appear to help the reader find his way! What else can you wish for?

You may be the restaurant owner who knows, “This is what I want” and if so, you should respond right now. If you’re still thinking, read the rest of this piece, think, and compare. Shop around Singapore. See what is offered. There is nothing else like Singapore Shopper Magazine. But, don’t take my word for it. Look around and see. If I’m wrong will you please let me know? I’ve looked and haven’t seen anything like what I’m producing here.

You cannot find better than what I offer anywhere! Yes! Compare and decide. I’ll be available to help. Right now for the first 25 new advertising accounts, the price is just $69/month and the 13th month is FREE!  All of this creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again!

Remember it works out right now to a 20% discount, saving you $199 for the year!!! (Prices will rise as I can prove more readership. My honest advice is for you to avail of this offer NOW.)

What follows is a bit of finishing details.

Taking and sending photographs, Look Here (after you read what’s below.)

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed or Pay NOTHING!

When you decided to get started ,you’ll pay nothing until the job is ready for your final viewing and approval. If you decide to wait and do nothing you might be losing a lot of customer traffic, and discounts plus bonuses I am keeping as a surprise “thank you” for those who invest early.

I will do everything you require FIRST.  The pages will be available for you and the world to see! When I have received your approval, THEN I will invoice you. You can pay for it within 5-days. No one in this business is more fair to advertising clients! Presently you are able to pay via PayPal and soon with the most popular credit and debit cards. Next I’ll arrange to do all payments through a local Singapore bank payment gateway and it will all pass through a private accounting firm. An accounting firm in Singapore will watch over everything to be sure we meet every ACRA prescribed legal requirement.

You’ll see, this is my personality. I don’t play games with anyone. I am very serious about my work. I do honest business. Your insertion order does not require payment and does not request a credit card number. I need only your request and information to do the work.

Don’t wait. Get started with my personalized help right away! Your living depends on it! Oh, and I promised you a bonus didn’t I?

Get me started working for you NOW. I am NOT asking for a credit card number! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment. I have links below for more helpful information.

Work with me and gain these 4 big benefits:

(1) More Customer traffic and more NEW faces coming in, and obviously earning more gross income.

(2) More of those new faces becoming “regular customers. ”That brings you greater financial stability!

(3) This archive is growing and the intent is to send to you a Free weekly newsletter (worth $100/year) about marketing for cafe and restaurant managers. This information will help you bring in and retain more customers. ….AND…. You’ll see a copy approximately once each week in your email.

(4) This is also a good reminder so you can reach me any time without wondering how to find my email address. There’s one other thing: If getting started with me right now is “just impossible” the articles are helpful reminders that I am available to help you whenever it’s your right time. 

(5) With the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition and the related opportunities to reach the Singapore dining-out public to announce any sort of “sale” or customer drawing special event. These messages will go out via Blog and email as these two;

Exciting Dining Weekend Edition

Weekly Special Events and Sales   …    and they can be combined mid week. I have a sample of that concept here:   This is part of a Facebook Blog.

This next link is another sample of that concept. This blog with special offers can be up all week, or forever. What makes it valuable is that subscribers have told us they want the information and it appears on their Facebook pages. It also can be automatically emailed to them. See it here:  BLOG – SPECIAL OFFERS   

I know what to do to get a large population following this. This will become a low cost, way for cafes and restaurants exclusively in Singapore to let readers know about special events, sales, and other enticements to draw customers in.

Handled right this will be so powerful I can’t even begin to explain it. You will just have to have some faith and see!

What will you lose if you do nothing? I expect you’ll lose a lot of customers who will ever so slowly but regularly drift away to other cafes and restaurants leaving you with a continual reduction in income. What will that do to your personal pride? To your family and home life? and To your business and debt burdens?

We know 2020 was disappointing. We expect 2021 to be better, improving each month. My point is, Don’t Give Up! What else can you do? Are you going to make your living washing windows? You’re one of the best chefs in the city and the local citizens need to eat! So, Never give up, because if you do, your customers will simply go to someone else. He’ll survive and you’ll be sorry.

Business history has proven many times; businesses that advertise during bad economic times maintain business traffic and grow larger.

Did you know the Japanese government once advised Honda to give up trying to build a car company? Just look at them now! During World War II when they were losing, being bombed, their darkest hour; Honda and his staff refused to quit! Bombs would ruin a wall. The men would run around, gather everything together and rebuild the wall, then back to work! The Bombers dropped spent fuel tanks to lighten their load returning to their base or ship. The Honda staff carried those tanks in, cut them up, and used them to make more motor cycles calling them “Gifts from Mr. Roosevelt.”

Others gave up. They’re gone. Honda is one of the biggest car companies in the world!!! DON’T GIVE UP! Find ways to make a bad situation go right. But, you can’t do advertising yourself with everything else you need to do. Working through Singapore Shopper Magazine we are reaching “The Dining Out Crowd” which is a large “market” or “population” of those who are interested and able to pay for what they want!

Really, when you think about it, the great industrialists who told us our thoughts become our self-fulfilled prophecy were correct in their advice. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company (today’s Ford cars) said, “If you think you can, or think you cannot, you’re right.”

There are people around town, hanging around in the red-light district who believe they’re useless, worthless, and tell themselves they can’t do anything else but waste their lives away.

And there are people elsewhere who say, “Every day I’ll learn a little more until I am a skilled chef.”

One group gives up and the other group tells themselves, “I CAN” and they do! We can. We just have to continue reaching out to customers and never give up.

Businesses that don’t advertise during bad economic times, lose customers to those that advertise. Those managers who think they will “save money” by avoiding advertising grow smaller and finally “disappear.”

Singapore F&B businesses and small shops have needed a good advertising platform at a reasonable price for many years. Now you have one. Don’t waste this opportunity watching others get all the customer traffic. Don’t waste this opportunity to get into the best cafe and restaurant guide in town at a very reasonable price. This is your moment. Make good use of it!

Make A Big Profit Improvement for Just

SG$69/month! Billed Annually or Quarterly!

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Stop Churning Your Stomach Over Bad Business Numbers!

You can and will make the numbers you need WHEN you get enough potential customers to see your offers! If the business numbers are off by 25%, we need to reach 25% more potential customers! It’s that simple!

This really is the smartest and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! We can stay in touch and I’ll provide you with help for getting more customer traffic, and more reliable average income figures. That’s certainly something you want, isn’t it? If it’s just impossible for you to send in an insertion order this week fill in Step 1 of this form to remain on my Newsletter mailing list. HERE   If that page doesn’t appeal to you, (I’m comletely approachable) Just reply to this email with a note back. Tell me anything and let me know you want more information as it goes out weekly.

Below are some final details and links to be sure you have seen everything. I’ll send a last “bonus thought” tomorrow. After that I plan to stay in contact once a week.

Thank you for your kind attention,




PS.  About the Bonus Weekly Letters, You’ll get your first bonus very soon. You may be getting them already. I’ve been sending one each week. We’ll include your email in my More Customers Newsletter List. I’m sending this to you FREE of charge. Also please note: If YOUR page needs “more” send me more, about YOU, Your work, Your food, Your traditions, and photos, and send information about other chefs with whom you are working. Your customers are interested to know the people with whom they are doing business. They’re interested in friendships with YOU!  I’ll be pleased to add this information to enlarge your landing page.

I’m drawing information from many people who have successfully improved customer traffic to many restaurants and cafes, and I’m adding MORE from the great advertising and marketing people of our time and the past 100 years! It’s better than any college course. These newsletter articles are worth at least $100/year, but I’m sending them to you FREE, one each week.

Working on your questions and needs together with hints from my newsletter will bring you more NEW customers AND increase the size of your regular crowd. That means of course increasing the size of your regular average income! This gives you a better estimate of monthly income.

We all want “reliability.” We all want to know our “average” monthly income will rise and we want to be sure we can rely upon that number of dollars in profit coming in every month. If we want, we can enlarge that “regular crowd” at will. Working together we will do that for YOUR business, and I’ll discuss more of that in the weekly articles. They are being set up as an archive so you can access it any time at no charge. It will be the restaurant marketing course you always needed and you’ll get it from me for FREE!

An email will point you to the latest articles. You can read them when you have time for it. I’ll keep these articles short and to-the-point so you can get that promised business advice, and continue your regularly scheduled activities.

I have shown you at the bottom of the cover page several “Pointer Ads.” The cover page is here:  These ads will be appearing on many pages throughout the entire magazine, on the cover page, on a linked grid of ads grouped by ethnicity; Chinese Food, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Thai, Malaysian, and so forth.

We’re doing an attractive job of getting your inviting message to the Potential Customer and I continue to find other ways to get customer attention.

Remember: “Pictures draw the eye. Words Sell!” The photos and pointer ads move eyes to your page, bringing more customers and selling more meals! As for page layers that move and other crazy tricks, none of them are proven to earn any more money. “Creative Advertising that doesn’t create sales is just a waste of money and the advertising industry has had too much of that. Advertising is “salesmanship in print.” It’s supposed to teach and draw in customers. If they doesn’t do that, it’s worthless.

Are you past age 55? Have you noticed my typeface and colors are big and easy to read? Remember that when you see other websites with tiny print that is impossible to read!   

These are some of “the secrets of eyes.” They change and for most of us past age 55 we get a bit more nearsighted and cannot see small, light, gray or pastel color print. One of the younger designers even demonstrates placing dark yellow print against a light yellow background. You can’t do worse! She thinks it’s beautiful.

(With her crazy multi-colored hair and tattoos all over her half bare upper body, she looks like a bird in a forest! I guess she thinks that’s beautiful too. Who wants that personality producing marketing for them? I don’t know. Not me. I want people who have years of experience and a proven record of successes.)

Maybe my letter here is a bit odd with its BIG type, but you were able to read it. Words sell and you’ll buy if and when you can see and “hear” the worlds.

Which type of styling do you prefer for YOUR invitation to the cities dining out public?  Which is the better one to hire to bring you more traffic? A man who has studied and worked in marketing all of his mature life? or Do you want a young “hero” who is “lost in space?” I’ll help you bring in that customer traffic you want and even desperately NEED!

Get Your Free Weekly Marketing Tips,  and Arrange Advertising starting  HERE

Before I go, let me remind you, If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t know this man. Can I trust him to keep his promises?” Just look again at the work I’ve done. Three-fourths of the work YOU need has been done already, at no charge to you. It was all my gamble. The work left to be done is not very difficult and will bring you much more traffic. It is likely what I’ve done already IS bringing you traffic and is paying the cost of the ad before you buy it!

If you want to get started but can’t pay for all of the year’s work at once, just write and tell me. I can arrange to invoice you twice or four times through the year so your payments will be easier. So then your $828 for the year could be 2 payments of $414 or 4 payments of just $207. If you start before the end of February I’ll give you 2 FREE insertions into the Weekly or Weekend Special emailed notices. You can arrange that any week you wish. These insertions sell for $25/week and I’ll give you two of them at no charge. Once we get more readership they’ll really help you boost traffic for special sales or events or for the weekends.

When you get in before the end of February you’ll be buying in at a discount of close to 20%, (the price will go to seventy-nine per month sometime after March 2021.) You’ll be getting more small pointer ads exposing your bigger landing page. In this way, you’re still getting more than you’re paying for. In many cases, I’ll find ways to put your business into social media, into the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition, Into the new Sales and Specials Section, into the Fecebook Blog which is seen on Facebook pages, linked to their timeline, and emailed! I can even place you on the Front Cover (which generally no magazine sells to anyone!)

All that for just $69/month presently. This is the best price for advertising you’ll find in your life. Get started right away before the best slots and prices are taken!

No one else in town is doing this and won’t. This is a service Singapore has needed for years and NOW when you support the service, the service will support and profit YOU. Don’t delay. Send in an insertion order today HERE

Below are examples of “Pointer ads.”  These will appear at the bottom of a page or in a side column. The links below will take you to examples of their Landing Page so you can see what I’m driving at.

I promise you’ll be on at least three pages, BUT, while we’re new you’re likely to be peppered through the pages many more times!

More Great Food! Click & See These!
Arkadas Cafe

Authentic Turkish offerings from Arkadas Cafe.

Enjoy a change from more common Western Foods, you’ll be excited by authentic Turkish offerings from Arkadas Cafe, Fusionopolis’ hidden gastronomic gem. Enjoy famous Chef Mustafa’s fabulous Turkish style.



Amo Group

Acqua e Farina As its name Acqua e Farina – (Italian for water and flour) – suggests, the restaurant’s goal is to spotlight a return to good solid basics of Italian cuisine: simplicity, tradition, and top quality ingredients. Amo is from Amore which is to express love. This is the Italian restaurant you’ve been seeking.  Acqua e Farina, Traditional Italian made with Love.

More like These will be placed into a tighter grid format very soon. I’m working on this NOW.


Adrift by David Myers

Adrift by David Myers 

Asian-inspired dishes and after-work drinks

Adrift’s flavour-forward menu includes small plates, healthy salads, seafood, and meats grilled over bincho charcoal on a traditional robata grill. Dishes are prepared using fresh Californian produce and paired with wines or cocktails.

Please remember, there is an effort toward constant improvement. Get in early at the discounted price. You’ll be well rewarded with more Pointer Ads in more locations, More in Social Media, and you’ll appear higher on the Pointer Ads Page. It all benefits you with More Customer Traffic!

As you support my effort I am pouring all money paid for advertising space into getting more readers.

And YOU, if it is your considered decision to start working with me now before everyone else crowds in,will gain greater benefit because you supported the effort early in its inception.

MY FINAL NOTE: I know this was a difficult year. I’m not a dreamer. I’m a “realist.” I hear and read many predictions. I am confident we are not at the end of the road yet! We’re at the beginning of a new up-trend! The causes of trouble will be suppressed and the forces for good, friendship, happiness, and prosperity will rise powerfully again. The USA is going to have a difficult time. Europe and Asia are going to rise in economic power and greater business opportunity. It may seem impossible, but those predicting the worst are wrong. Their timing is off by several years.

We mostly get what we expect in life.

If you think you can, you’re right. Keep working toward it. If you believe you cannot, you will make yourself right by doing little or nothing to adapt to the changes.

Industry worldwide has proven this many times over the past century. Don’t give up. A new year and a new beginning have been “born.” I am certain of this.

Better Days Are Ahead.

Don’t waste another minute. Contact me HERE.  This link takes you to a request for a short few information bits to send me. I’m not asking for money, just for us to be in contact so I can get to work for you. You must be satisfied with the work or pay nothing!

Taking and sending photographs, Look Here

If you prefer to write something more, this next link allows you to copy-and-type in your information. You can write, copy, and paste into an email and send that to me. They both reach me. Begin the process of arranging Your invitation to the city’s dining-out crowd in

 Get Your Free Newsletter and/or, arrange your message to the world starting with this advertising insertion order HERE

Pay Nothing Until You’re Satisfied The Ad Is Just Right!

Please continue looking through the magazine. It’s really rather self-explanatory.

  • I am presently planning for 125 restaurants, Plus 125 merchants and that 250 will be the presently planned total number of clients for this magazine. So, if you want to get in please don’t decide to wait a few months to do something because by then it might be too late.

No one else offers you so much advertising value, so much exposure for such a low price.  This is a very good advertising product and is improving as I continue working on it.

Don’t waste time because doing nothing is giving someone else the opportunity to take “your” customers.

Alright! I’ve said everything I can say. Look, compare, think, and write back to me. I want YOU to have more success to recoup losses suffered through 2020! I’ll stay in touch. Please be sure to see my future messages. I’ll be sending more tips about what can be done to bring in more customer traffic, and many of these tips cost little to nothing to implement! Combine all of what I’m teaching and you really will have more and Better Days long into Your Future.



You can read ahead using these links or wait for the rest to arrive daily. or download all of it now as a PDF

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Coming Tomorrow 9)   Bonus Thought: Your Life Is Based On Comparison


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