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Invoice Example

This invoice is similar to what you will receive from PayPal. Soon a local Singapore Accounting firm will send invoices and those will look different. In the PayPal invoice, I have rounded off figures because currency exchange rates change several times throughout the day.

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828 SGD to USD = 600 US Dollars   See for the instant currency converter

Your invoice will look very similar to this:

Singapore Shopper Online Magazine

Stephen Newdell


Invoice #:

Invoice date:


Due date:

xxxx, 2020

Amount due:

$828.00 USD

Description Quantity Price Amount
Advertisement in as seen and agreed via email. Prices shown are US$

Dear Sir/Madam, This is intended to remind you, You have given your approval. Please pay within 5-working days.

1 600
Advertising As outlined in the information letter
Big page, + link listing, + 3 pointer ads, + box ad on “Advertiser’s” page + occasional social media, and at Google’s option in their search listings.
1 0.00
All of this statement is in United States Dollars Subtotal $600
Item discounts $0.00
Total $600 USD
Minimum amount due $300 USD


(Prices will rise in mid-September. Avail of this offer NOW.)

TOTAL DUE for the year:$US 600.= S$828.00 (828/12 = $69/month /// US$600/12=$50)

If you must; Pay Half now

TOTAL DUE for the year 828 Sg. Dollars.= US $600.(rounding figures due to currency exchange rate changes.) You May Pay Half Now: US Dollars 300 = S$414.00, You will be billed for the rest in 1 or 2 additional payments 3 months and 6 months hence. This will be handled by a local Sg. Accounting Firm.

PayPal does not allow showing Sg Dollars here, thus I am forced to show figures in U.S. Dollars. This will change very soon as the local Sg accountant begins handling all invoicing.

Terms and Conditions

Please complete payment within 5-working days. Dr. Newdell or his accountant will reply with an acknowledgment letting you know we have received your payment. Thank You for doing business with us.


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