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La Dame de Pic French Restaurant, at The Raffles Hotel

La Dame de Pic French Restaurant, at The Raffles Hotel


Culinary Delight

Anne-Sophie Pic delights upper-class Asians with culinary creations at La Dame de Pic, in Raffles Hotel. Discover Anne’s culinary identity, reflecting her search for aromatic complexity, with combinations of flavours evoking profound emotions.

Select from a variety of set menu options that change with the seasons. Indulge in many exquisite signature creations, such as the Berlingots – iconic pasta parcels found in all of Anne-Sophie Pic’s restaurants around the world with unique and slight adaptations to reflect the character of each establishment’s locale.

For Example,  The Berlingots at La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore offer a molten French fondue centre paired with almonds and sunflower seeds and a delightful pea broth infused with herb of grace.



An important component of the dining experience, the beverage menu presents an elaborate and diverse collection of pairings to add intensity and harmony; consisting of wines, cocktails, whiskies, sakes, teas, coffees, dashi, broths and consommés.

The wine list, in particular, offers a selection that leans towards the French regions, with a particular focus on the Rhône Valley, where Anne-Sophie Pic began her interest in cooking from her early youth.

As our guest, you may expect to be delighted with most excellent beverage pairing options available on request, with an in-house sommelier on the floor to offer recommendations catered to guests’ personal preferences.

Guests are welcome to bring one bottle of their own wine and enjoy complimentary corkage when they purchase a bottle of wine at La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore.




    As part of the Anne-Sophie Pic dining experience, you should expect to savour refined dishes from a menu that reflects her French origins with interesting adaptions that incorporate the flavour combinations, cooking techniques and produce from local markets.

Anne’s French culinary roots are demonstrated in her work with sauces, where she expresses complex flavour combinations. Anne-Sophie Pic delights in discovering new ingredients and producers each time she travels globally. An inquisitive individual, Anne enjoys meeting farmers and producers to enrich her culinary world and better understand ingredients to gain new inspiration for flavour combination and cooking techniques.

Herbs & Aromatic Plants

Herbs and aromatic plants, leaves, flowers and buds, spices, vegetables and citrus fruits are just a few of her favourite ingredients. Her culinary universe includes saffron, liquorice, green anise, cinnamon tree flowers, fir-tree buds, Tonka beans, rose geranium, orange blossom, sobacha, matcha, and Voatisperifery pepper, among other ingredients.


Sauces are the cornerstone of her creations and every dish is served with a consomme, broth, jus or infusion to reveal their depth. She revels in discovering new produce when she settles in a different country – Meeting local producers helps to enrich her culinary world and give her ideas for new flavours combination or cooking techniques.

 Anne-Sophie Pic

Chef Anne-Sophie-Pic / 3 Michelin Stars

Like Raffles Singapore, the Anne-Sophie Pic family’s illustrious culinary heritage spans more than a century since her great grandmother established L’Auberge du Pin in 1889. A three-Michelin-starred French chef; Anne-Sophie Pic hails from a long line of Michelin-starred chefs, namely her grandfather, André Pic, and father, Jacques Pic. She grew up in her family’s restaurant in Valence, south-east France, which first garnered three Michelin stars in 1934, under her grandfather.

A Special Note From The Website Editor

I’ve been interested in restaurants and cooking and done a little cooking throughout my long life. After this much experience, I am convinced Anne has a talent and ability unique in the world. She has a memory for scent and taste beyond the capability of anyone else I’ve seen, or read about, and can from her memory mix and match what flavors will go well together. In this she is uniquely talented. Therefore, I recommend her restaurant as a “Destination.” If you’re coming to Singapore make it part of your planned schedule to reserve a table for lunch or dinner at Anne’s La Dame de Pic Restaurant. It’s going to be well worth the cost to enjoy this experience with your travel companion. You’ll regret missing this. Be sure to make a reservation for her restaurant and experience some of the world’s best food preparation and cooking. Anne's creations and her restaurants are like no other places in the entire world!

Gigondas-village Rhone Valley




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