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Limited-Time Special Book Offer, Buy Two, Get the Third FREE!

Limited-Time Special Book Offer, Buy Two,

Get the Third FREE!

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Excellent Nutrition On A Slim Budget

A compilation of notes and suggestions from many articles

166 pages, 37,916 words

From the previous page, I was talking about the US and European Economic conditions. THIS issue is why YOU must own these books to rescue yourself during difficult economic times!

Is that right? Is the USA really in economic trouble?

Several World Famous Economists Predict U.S. Stockmarket Crash Soon

‘Biggest US Stock Market Crash Ever’

Possibly By The End of July

Several Economists Make Similar Warnings

More Evidence For Why This Book Could Help

Save Your Life!

Harry Dent Warns America: ‘Biggest US Stock Market Crash Ever’ Likely By End of June
From, notes taken from an article in Epic Economist

Who else besides Harry Dent says this? This is only a fraction of the economists in agreement.

  • Martin Weiss, PhD. Noted economist and personal investment advisor/fund manager.
  • Peter Schiff, hedge fund manager
  • Stephen Roach at Yale University (Economist)
  • Robert Shiller, Economist
  • Tim Quinlan, Wells Fargo Senior (Economist)
  • Trend Analyst Gerald Celente
  • Wolf Richter, Wolf Street newsletter.
  • Doug Casey, Economist
  • Dr. Michael Burry, fund manager
  • Ray Dalio, fund manager
  • Nouriel Roubini, fund manager
  • Warren Buffet, fund manager
  • Carl Icon, fund manager
  • Jim Rogers, billionaire investor mostly in China
  • Elon Musk, billionaire investor
  • Gerald Walther, Senior Researcher, Ph.D., Fraunhofer, Institute for Technological Trend Analysis
  • Michael Snyder, economist, author, attorney,
  • and many others in Europe, the USA, and Singapore!

We all know by now that the U.S. stock market is in a huge bubble, and stock bubbles are by no means a new phenomenon in the global equity markets – there are always periods of growth and periods of decline. While some argue that the current valuations mark a booming period for stocks, others are really worried about the recent rally, stressing that we’re on the verge of the biggest stock market crash ever. That’s what financial writer Harry Dent has been warning, saying that the current market is the riskiest since 1929 and we’re about to witness the most catastrophic collapse in all U.S. history. And he is not alone. Several other experts applying multiple different measuring statistical analyses are indicating that we’re fast approaching a disastrous stock bubble burst.

The revolutionary financial writer and market-watcher Harry Dent, is sounding the alarm for stocks, arguing that this is the riskiest market since 1929. Several others have joined in writing and appearing on YouTube broadcasts speaking their agreement.

This is going to affect employment probably with reduced work hours, not just in the US but all over the world. Knowing how to make healthy meals and reduce your monthly food expenses will be a great help to you, and might actually allow you to remain in the rented apartment you have or in some other way allow you to pay your debts and keep your vehicle or make a housing payment or pay for something else important.

For a limited time, buy the package of two books and get the third FREE!

Lets review and I’ll explain them.

With the second book, more than 100 Recipes you’ll have a wide variety of recipes to look over, and let me remind you, all of this is intended to help us survive and even prosper through a developing difficult few years ahead.

I don’t expect you to make almost 250 recipes. This selection gives you a huge variety of recipes and as you read through them you’ll make yourself into a better cook, enjoy the reading and learn many health tips along the way that no doctor will teach you. (To remind you, I’m a doctor, nutritionist and massage therapist. The foods I offer and new material I’m writing now will help you learn to restore better health to you entire digestive system. I’m sorry to say, many S.E. Asians have very serious digestive discomfort. I can help you and these recipes are a good beginning!

Most medical doctors never discuss this, and here’s why. It is because….

Most doctors want to complete their visit in 3 to 5 minutes and move on to another patient. For them, it’s all about earning a good living, dispensing medicine prescriptions, and not very much about getting anyone well. Every time they write a prescription the big drug companies pay them “a commission” for the “sale.” Naturally they want to write  a “script” that will earn money for them for years and years!


Because they don’t have time to sit and talk and they feel that most patients won’t listen and follow the instructions so it becomes a lot of talk for nothing.

But I’m well experienced and well studied. I’ve been studying actually, since age 14 when I picked up my sister’s first nursing texts. I was immediately interested and I’ve been reading books and articles and taking classes ever since! Now at age 71 I’m more qualified to write than ever.

My thought is that I can pack what is practical and useful for you into a book occasionally, sell it for a low price, help you and a few other readers and I’ll feel that I’m doing good for the community. This introduces the services I can provide and offer with the free weekly News Notes.

These days, the way the US Federal Government is running the nation’s economy into the ground, everyone will need to be more careful about expenditures. Even people living outside the U.S. (including all of us in Singapore) are affected by the falling buying power of the US dollar.

The US dollar’s buying power is falling fast, and considering that it has been the world’s reserve currency for many years, this change presents serious problems for costs and the availability of products and services we need and are accustomed to buying. China’s Belt and Road project will probably dominate years from now, but of course it will take time for the free markets to adapt and for supply chains to be restored to the “just-on-time” delivery system to which we’ve become accustomed.

A builder friend lately showed a comparison. To build a wood deck outside their house, in the US, the lumber cost was under $600. Now, in June 2021, the cost is over $3600!  The price of lumber has gone up 6 times = over 600%. Of course, these price changes will affect Singapore too. I expect the present United States Presidential Administration to destroy the nation and I intend to support and help you by writing and teaching.  I’m offering a lot of valuable information to you for FREE, so don’t miss it. It actually could save your life!

One of my publisher friends looked the three books over carefully and told me the entire package now 3-books and the newsletter all combined are worth Ninety-nine dollars, but you’re not going to pay that much! I want your friendship and continued reading for years. This package Instantly Downloaded From The Receipt Page will be offered with bonuses for a very low price intended to put three books on your computer PLUS the newsletter weekly and more future valuable information to help you dine well, live well, be healthier and stronger,  and even house yourself better, for less.

Now, Let’s have a look at Book #2

More Than 100 Recipes

A Plant-Based Dining Lifestyle

Healthy, Low Cost, Add Meat at Your Option

Old British Style Baked Sandwich

Dr. Stephen Newdell

Book #2 of The Healthy ‘Budget Dining’ Series

I am opening with several articles (and bonus recipes) to give you an understanding of the arguments for and against vegetarianism. I am NOT pushing anyone to become a vegetarian. History proves the sensible dining regimen is small portions of meat, fowl, or fish and a lot of vegetable dishes, which is traditional for many people around the world and is particularly well known in the Chinese farming communities. I should tell a quick story.

Mao Zedong was dying of cancer and thought what we eat must relate to cancer. He ordered a survey that continued years after he died. It was very good science and very well done. Today it’s available as a book entitled “The China Study.” It proved that people who lived on 98% vegetables had no cancer. People in the cities who lived mostly on meat had most of the country’s cancer patients. It’s wise for us to find a comfortable middle ratio.


Page # Recipe #                                 Recipe Title

7 Introductory Articles: Why Do This?
13 Really Easy Focaccia Bread
21 Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup
26 How to Become an 80/20 Vegan for Optimal Nutrition
38 A Medical Doctor’s Opinion About Vegetarian Eating
58 #1 Green Tofu and Avocado Scramble
60 2 Avocado & Vegi Stir Fry
62 3 Fried Spinach Balls
63 4 Avocado, Onion and Spinach Bowls
65 5 Zucchini Pizza
66 6 Squash and Avocado Pancakes
67 7 Coconut Pancakes
68 8 Carrot and Avocado Hash
69 9 Western Broccoli Hash
70 10 Zucchinis in Tomato Juice
71 11 Zucchini Casserole
72 12 Tofu Waffles
73 13 Cauliflower and Spinach Salad
74 14 Basil Avocado Mix
75 15 Baked Avocado with Tofu
76 16 Mixed Veggie Hash
77 17 Zucchini Hash
78 18 Almond Granola
80 19 Baked Sprouts Casserole
81 20 Carrot Muffins
82 21 Zucchini and Banana Bread
83 22 Chia Porridge
84 23 Sweet Potato Fritters
86 24 Mushroom and Spinach Bowls
87 25 Kale Muffins
88 26 Walnuts Porridge
89 27 Veggie Salad
90 28 Artichoke Casserole
91 29 Couscous Pudding
92 30 Beans Salad
93 31 Fennel Salad
94 32 Green Beans Bowls
94 33 Big Garden Healthy Weight Reduction Salad
95 34 Spinach and Avocado Salad
96 35 Potato and Vegi Wok Mix
97 36 Kale and Beets Mix
101 38 Hemp Porridge
103 39 Tropical-Italian Vegetable Soup
104 40 Asparagus and Tomato Stew
106 41 Coconut Spinach and Kale Soup
108 42 Ginger Zucchini Cream Soup
109 43 Leek Soup
110 44 Curry Soup
111 45 Carrot and Green Beans Stew
112 46 Broccoli Stew
113 47 Italian Carrot and Celery Stew
114 48 Turnip and Asparagus Chowder
116 49 Tomato and Rutabaga Stew
117 50 Shallot and Endives Stew
118 51 Broccoli, Asparagus and Tomato Stew
119 52 Vegetable Egg Scramble
121 53 Rancher’s Scrambled Eggs
123 54 Make Your Own, Easy Red Enchilada Sauce
124 55 Tomato Zucchini Noodles
125 56 Parsnip and Black Beans
126 57 Coriander Okra and Tomato Stew
127 58 Fennel & Herbs Soup
128 59 Carrot Soup
129 60 About Cooking Black Beans
134 60A How to Cook Black Beans from Scratch
136 61 Bean & Beef Quesadillas
137 62 Coconut Lentil Soup
138 63 Chickpeas Vegetable Mix
139 64 Broccoli Salad
140 65 Herb seasoned Mushrooms
141 66 Balsamic Sprouts
142 67 Creamy Mushroom-Garlic Soup
143 68 Garlic and Herb Roasted Potatoes
144 69 Easy Seasoned Roasted Potatoes
149 70 Lentil Cakes
150 71 Coconut and Lime Sweet Potatoes
151 72 Classic Sweet Potato Casserole
153 How to Quickly Make Sweet Potato Mash
155 73 Cheddar Green Bean Casserole
157 74 Cauliflower and Cheese Casserole
160 75 Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole With Crumb Topping
162 75 Scalloped Corn Casserole
164 77 Hash Brown Potatoes Casserole With Sour Cream
166 78 Loaded Baked Cauliflower Casserole
169 79 Brussels Sprouts Gratin Casserole
Page Recipe # Recipe Title
171 80 Chicken and Dressing Casserole
174 81 Zucchini and Stuffing Casserole
177 82 Easy Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Cheddar Cheese Topping
179 83 Chicken with Dressing Casserole
181 84 Easy Asparagus With Mushrooms Casserole
183 85 Broccoli Casserole With Stuffing Crumb Topping
185 86 Easy Asparagus Casserole With Mushrooms
187 87 Cornbread Pudding Topped with Green Scallions
189 88 Leek gratin with fontina cheese and cream
192 89 Carrot Casserole With Cheddar Cheese Sauce
194 90 Cheddar Cheese Scalloped Potatoes
196 91 Easy Brussels Sprouts Gratin
198 92 Summer Squash Casserole
200 93 Rutabaga Puff Casserole
202 94 Broccoli Casserole With Cheese
203 95 Scalloped Vegetable Casserole
206 96 Easy Cheesy Corn Bake Casserole
208 97 Tennessee Light Corn Bread
210 98 Srpska Proja / Serbian Corn Bread
213 99  Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread
216 100 Cornbread Pudding Casserole with Green Scallions and Cheese
218 101 How to Make Wheat Bread
224 102 Traditional Wheat Bread
225 103 Sesame Wheat Bread
227 104 Portuguese Corn Bread (Broa)
230 105 Coal Miners Pasties
233 106 Vegetable Cornish Pasties
235 107 Pasties II
237 108 Great Grandma Johns’ Pasties
240 109 Cornish Finnish Michigan Pasties
242 110 Cornish Pastie II
243 111 Anna’s Pan Pasty


245 112 Steak and Ale Pie
246 113 Lancashire Hot Pot
248 114 Fluffy Haddock and Potato Pie
249 115 Mum’s Cottage Pie
251 116 English Cottage Pie
253 117 Burgundy Chicken Pie
254 118 Meat and Cheese Stuffed French Bread
256 119 Slavic Stuffed Flat Bread
259 120 Gourmet Lasagna-Stuffed Garlic Bread
262 121 Stuffed Shells With Garlic Bread
264 122 Stuffed French Bread
266 123 Meat Buns
270 124 Gluten-Free Biscuits
272 125

Healthy Avocado Pineapple Muffins

125 recipes counted + the four in the introduction = 129. A lot of good information for a low price.

Why Would We Slowly Adapt To An Eating Lifestyle That Is Plant-Based?

Four Opening Articles interspersed with pleasing recipes, explain the urgency and benefits. And the book is full of articles and important hints, including…

  • A Discussion about storing food safely
  • A Medical Doctor’s Opinion About Vegetarian Eating
  • How will weather and climate changes affect us, and how to prepare
  • What’s happening with world economics and food prices….
  • My short health tips are observed at the end of several recipes. And more are coming in the FREE weekly News Notes.
  • In some articles, there are color photo illustrations to help you see better what to do.

This book normally sells for S$7.99 (Singapore Dollars) all used through this website to Singapore.

But right now as an “Early Bird Introductory Offer,” you’ll get both book 1 and 2 for $7.99 each and the bonus THIRD BOOK comes with it FREE. And I’ve decided while I’m writing here, to discount the offer a little more. You’ll find out at the end of this information letter.

My Publisher friend looked book #3 over carefully and said the two books alone could sell for US$14.99 or S$19.88, but RIGHT NOW FOR YOU for this limited-time special offer the third book comes along FREE!

Let me say something to you about what might make you hesitate.

There are 3 honest reasons why customers don’t buy.

  1. The offer is for a product they don’t want. The prospective buyer sees no use in this product. He/She perceives it won’t help him or her. That’s alright.
  2. The customer doesn’t like the salesperson or the company he represents. Those of us who made our living in sales work must do our best to represent honest businesses. If we get a reputation for representing bad businesses we’ll go hungry!
  3. The price seems too high.

So…. I’ll go through my answers to these:

1. You clicked on the advertisement, so that tells me you would like to eat well and be healthier and do it at a lower cost to help keep your costs of living down. That’s a wise decision. I think we are both in 100% agreement about that goal.

2.  If you’re like me and you like my product you might be thinking, “I want to own this, if I can afford it.” As for me, I’m sure I would like you and want to help you. I seem to like every Asian I have ever met! I like Chinese people and Koreans and Thai and Vietnamese, and Filipinos, and Indians. I’ve even met 4 Japanese people on an air-flight, and liked them too.

I researched the material to build these three books and I’ve been as honest as I know how to be, in providing more than I have explained. There are hints and tips all through these books to help you meet our goal of keeping you healthy and well fed at lower cost.

3.  I can expect then, that the only issue is about money. If this was a “big ticket item” like real estate I could help you arrange monthly mortgage payments.  That idea won’t apply here. The Weekly Newsletter is free-of-charge, and the 3 books together are worth at least Thirty-Five dollars. We know this information will save that much money for you in the first month or two as you apply what it teaches. So really, in my opinion, the book won’t cost, it pays. It will repay its cost and continue to save you much more than you ever might pay for it, even if years from now you can’t remember what you paid for it. That leads me to this conclusion.

There’s really nothing left to “think about.” These three books together will save more than they cost and serve you for the rest of your life. If you don’t buy today you  might forget all about this offer. You’ll trap yourself into paying too much for food and health-care forever!

Get my offer NOW at the low introductory price. 

Click the Buy Now Button a little lower down the page and have the three book series sale priced TODAY for just (Singapore Dollars) S$14.98. Pay through Pay Pal, most Credit and Debit Cards are accepted. You don’t need a Pay Pal Account. Just pay with your card as you normally do.


When you make your payment just wait for the receipt page to appear. That page contains links to all three books. Click on each link and download each book in turn to your downloads file or desktop, or some other location you prefer. I’m not sending anything to you in email, and I am trusting you to be honest and honorable. Please don’t give my many hours of work away. Your compliments and recommendations to friends are appreciated. I am not in any way “wealthy.” I have to continue working as you do, so the little I earn from these books helps me survive and keep the website operating. That will permit me to send you more health tips so we all can have a healthier future.

What is this bonus book?

Let’s take a short look.  Book #3 Bonus FREE!

Excellent Nutrition On A Slim Budget

Dr. Stephen Newdell, Editor

A compilation of notes and suggestions from many articles

166 pages, 37,916 words

I opened the book with this explanation:

I’m pulling this together after researching several articles. I do it with mixed feelings.  Most of the people buying my books are in The USA and Singapore. Both nations have a small population of very wealthy people and a larger population struggling to remain housed and fed. Many are leaving both countries to live cheaper elsewhere. I left America and moved to The Philippines when I was able to retire with a modest pension….and people around me are so poor, often I give half of my pension away! I just “have” to. Many in Singapore from Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian nations say the cost of housing is too much and they finally must leave.

Cafe Operators; What can I do to help You? What can small café and restaurant owners do to help? This booklet is intended to give us useful information and in those situations where the buyer can afford to buy two of my books at once (and they certainly are inexpensive).

I’m giving this third book away as an incentive to buy two recipe books of compiled recipes for good healthy dining on a low budget.

Those two with this third book are intended to help your local citizens manage on a reduced income, and keep your café busy.

Singapore is famous for excellent cooking and fabulous (and fabulously expensive) restaurants. For some, dining out in expensive restaurants has been a status symbol. A few have likened it to “a national sport.”

The world has been changing. We’re moving into a difficult period. There can be better and more hopeful days ahead if we recognize that all food must not necessarily be gourmet food. A mix of raw or “cooked” vegetables, a smaller portion of meat, and a flavorsome sauce can make a good meal at a lower cost to produce, and it can sell at a lower price. This will encourage your regular customer to return for meals again and again. That was the strategy that worked in the 1930s in the US and even earlier in Europe after World War I. It’s still a workable solution.

Go anywhere in South East Asia

 East Timor

Or to India and Pakistan, and many other places in middle Asia, and you’ll find “street food” vendors along the sidewalk cooking and serving meals to hungry people who are forced to manage on a small income. And… lately oh! I feel so sorry for the Main Land Chinese People! (My distant cousins)  Who can help them? Only small sidewalk cooks!

Look at YouTube and type in “Street food in Singapore” and a ton of information comes up. Singapore, as wealthy as it is, has “hawkers” and small vendors cooking and serving right along the sidewalks. See if this video is still available. I immediately liked this man. This should open in a separate tab so you can finish reading here before you see the video.

All of this shows me I can do more to help others “eat healthy” on a slim budget, and I’d like to hear back from readers who think I helped them. To them, I will send a gift explaining 4 of the most important herbal antibiotics in your kitchen. You probably own at least 2 of them right now!

There are several articles edited by Dr. Stephen Newdell. I’m adding more information to them. Doing so makes what I’m doing legally acceptable. As a body of work together this can help everyone stay healthy and well-fed at a reduced food cost.

Surviving the Café Business:

The comments continue and help us warm up to the following articles and a few more recipes at the end of the book fill in as examples and provide more useful information. The entire effort is intended to give you a lot of value at no additional cost. My business comments about surviving the cafe business come from other cafe operators and come out of history.  How did they survive the depression years in 1929 – 1940? I’ve explained it at length in the give-away materials. You can believe me when I say; this information is worth every bit of fifteen or twenty dollars but, it’s yours free, the book is free and I want to give it to you whether you do, or do not run a cafe, as an extension of goodwill and a friendship offering.

This third book is not very long but it’s packed with money-saving information and is sure to help you eat healthier and better. If you only read two pages each day and apply what you can of them, it will help you earn more money.

Following this advice you will eat better for less, and stay healthier. A cook or chef can produce good food for less and sell at a lower price keeping himself busy, helping his community, thus continuing to earn his living in his chosen career path.

There are several articles here. I recommend you make notes from them and plan your cooking and dining around what they teach.


29 Healthy Foods You Can Afford on a Slim Budget .…..Page 30

  1. Broccoli 30
  2. Onions. 31
  3. Bagged Spinach.. 31
  4. Russet Potatoes. 32
  5. Sweet Potatoes. 32
  6. Canned Tomatoes. 33
  7. Carrots. 34
  8. Green Cabbage. 35
  9. Butternut Squash.. 35
  10. Brown Rice. 36
  11. Oatmeal 36
  12. Canned Beans. 37
  13. Dried Lentils. 38
  14. Edamame. 39
  15. Quinoa. 39
  16. Air-Popped Popcorn.. 40.

#’s 17–22: Fruits. 40

  1. Bananas. 40
  2. Oranges. 43
  3. Frozen Berries. 43
  4. Apples. 44
  5. Cantaloupe. 45
  6. Kiwi 46
  7. Canned Fish.. 47
  8. Pork. 48
  9. Eggs. 49
  10. Chicken Breast. 49

27–29: Dairy. 50

  1. Cottage Cheese. 50
  2. Yogurt. 50
  3. Milk. 52

Chinese style cooking is completely compatible with “The Mediterranean”  style.

What is a Mediterranean style diet? 

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy-eating lifestyle. It is not a restrictive diet. It emphasizes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as well as regularly eating fish, nuts, and other foods with healthy fats while limiting processed foods, red meats in excess, and refined grains, like white bread. 63

(For several years followers of a website that promotes various diets and nutrition information have, by survey, indicated they like and follow the Mediterranean diet and they are much healthier after a few months of following this eating lifestyle.)

How to make your dining style more Mediterranean.  64

The Mediterranean Dining Style. and How To Follow It.  65

What do you eat on the Mediterranean style diet?. 68

Advice for Beginners. 71

Ways to follow the Natural or “Mediterranean” Dining Lifestyle. 72

  • How To Avoid Wasting Leftovers 74

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew… 75

Description.. 76

Ingredients. 76

Instructions. 76

Notes. 77

How to Serve this chickpea stew: This chickpea stew goes very well on top of quick-cooked couscous or Lebanese Rice. If nothing else, grab a piece of warm pita or some good crusty bread to sop up all the goodness. 77

Mediterranean Spicy. 78

Spinach Lentil Soup.. 78

Here are the step-by-step instructions for today’s Spicy Spinach Lentil Soup   79

Eating Healthy Meals on a Slim Budget At Home and Dining Out. 83

The Benefits of Healthy Dining: There are many benefits to eating a healthy, well-balanced diet/eating regimen including helping you save money in the long run. Either you spend money on quality, healthy food, or you’re going to spend money on increased health care costs later on. And typically, those health care costs will be much, much higher than what you’d pay at the grocery store. 84

Quite truthfully all people (and their animals) are healthier, better behaved, and longer-lived when they eat healthfully. 84

How to Eat Well on a Budget. 91

  1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables. 91
  2. Eat Healthier Proteins. 95
  3. Make Homemade Sauces. 98
  4. Make Homemade Popcorn.. 99
  5. Make Homemade Granola. 99

The Very Best Granola. 100

Healthy Granola. 101

Ingredients. 101

Instructions. 101

Chunky Granola Tips. 105

The Nutritional Profile of dried fruit. 106

Buy dried fruit at its best. 106

Tips for storing dried fruit. 107

5 Things to Do with Dried Fruit. 107

Protein: How Much Is Right For You?. 108

What are proteins?. 108

How much protein do we need? (and an easy way to measure what’s right for YOU) on page  109

Foods containing a lot of protein.. 111

Tips for Making. 117

Healthier Restaurant Choices. 117

  1. Eat Before You Go Out. 117
  2. Do Your Homework on Restaurant Options. 117
  3. Look for a Healthy or Smaller-Portion Section on the Menu.. 118
  4. Go to Independently Owned Restaurants. 118
  5. Practice Moderation.. 119
  6. Try Mediterranean Restaurants. 119

Final Word. 120

The Covid-19 issue has been awash in lies and incorrect and insufficient information. Generally, the people dying from this particular strain are older and sickly. If you’re healthy you may exhibit few or no symptoms and get over it. As for other strains similar to Covid-19, no one knows for sure, and no one knows what evil lurks in the minds of (some) men.  See YouTube Gravitas: Why is China a hot spot for new diseases?

How to Make Stovetop Popcorn.. 130

Cooking Oil Options. 132

Recommended Popcorn Seasonings. 133

Is popcorn healthy?. 134

Ingredients. 135

Instructions. 135

Notes. 136

Kitchen Safety: How to Put Out a Grease Fire. 139

  1. Black Bean Burger. 155
  2. Easy Roast Chicken Recipe. 161

20 Simple and Wise Ideas to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

There’s much more than I have listed above. You’ll gain a lot of useful information and a lot of really honest value.

Excellent Nutrition On A Slim Budget extends 166 pages, 37,916 words, it will save you money and help you in many ways. It’s a Fifteen Dollar value But Right Now it’s Yours FREE when you receive the 3 book package, both recipe books and this third one, all for the generously low price of just S$14.98 for the package of three  books. PLUS the weekly news notes newsletter. It includes articles to stay healthier and other news that can save you money and help you along your path! It’s worth forty-nine dollars but click the bell icon and it comes to you FREE.

Total it all up. Three books and the news letter. Total value is Seventy-Eight-Ninty-Nine

This offer includes All Three Book

Book #1

Book #1 — 99+ Easy Cooking Healthy Low Cost Meals and More!

You’ll get both books 1 and 2 specially priced now for $7.49 each (Discounted) and the bonus THIRD BOOK comes in the package FREE. Take the package, save money and have all the information you’ll need to buy and eat even on a limited budget. I know you’ll be glad you took my advice, and you have the opportunity to receive the weekly News Notes FREE (a $49 value). Considered all together the entire package has been valued by an experienced publisher at ninety-nine dollars. But I’m not asking for that much… Not even half that much!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

The total value of this package is S$ Seventy-Eight-Ninety-Nine.

Get the entire package sale priced TODAY for just (Singapore Dollars) S$14.98

Place your order and download each book from the receipt page that comes up after your payment.

You’ll have it all on your computer in less than 3-minutes from now.

You have just proven yourself to be more intelligent than most who see a long explanation like this one. Be as smart as I think you are.  Buy Now.  Please keep a copy of the receipt pages from PayPal including the date of purchase so I can look it up at PayPal.


US Residents Purchase From The Page here>>>

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