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Doctor, what can I do to have a longer than average life, and good health?, he asked. …And the doctor answered,

“For a smart fellow like you that’s the easiest question to answer. In easy steps you can start from your head and learn down to your toes and you’ll know how to live longer and be healthy all of your life!”

Here, Right Now, You’ll Discover The Entrée To All You Need to Know. FREE!

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If I can show you how to have a long healthy life and avoid most of the expensive doctor visits you or family members are paying for now, … is that worth your time? …. and right now, I’m asking for nothing more.

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Dear Health Conscious Friend,

You wake up in the rainy dark at 2 AM with the worst pain in your left side under your ribs, and it’s spreading to your back between your shoulder blades. Is it life threatening? What does it mean? … and … What should you do immediately! This may be a life or death issue. The answer is on page 68 of volume #3.

Volume 1 Cover

Head to Toes Good and Inexpensive Natural Healing Remedies To Stay Healthy and Comfortable Even Past Your 71st Birthday!

(I know because I just observed mine, and I’ve been following this advice since age 28 when it was taught to me.)

Much of what you’ll read are articles from medical clinics compiled to make a logical progression that will help you understand how your body works and how to stay healthy for life. Included in this compilation are my own experiences and of course what came to me through 4-years of physiology courses and 4-more years at The best Chiropractic College in the world and what I’ve learned in the may years of providing health-care. What experience do I have? I’ll cover that shortly.  

I combine this knowledge with the latest articles for the reader who is not a doctor. I’ve brought it all into the best compilation of advisory articles, (many checked over by physicians), that makes finding what you want to know about self-health-care fast, and easy.

Prices For Health-Care, Food, Fuel and Many Manufactured Items Are Heading For The Stars. Some of my friends can barely cover basic expenses.

We MUST know more about how to take care of our own health, because medical care and medicines are less available and more expensive every day!

This extremely informative 3-volume set is intended to guide and advise you through these perilous times arriving in future in good financial and physical condition.

Having This Information At Your Fingertips Is Absolutely Vital. Our Very Survival Is At Stake!


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For your convenience and ease, I have broken this into a Three Volume set of PDF files. They’re inexpensive and will always look clean and new. You won’t wait for shipping. You’ll have them immediately after you approve your purchase. A receipt page comes up with the links to download the volumes immediately.

Volume 1 Cover

The Volumes:


Good Health Guide

Balanced Medical and Natural Approaches:

Treatments You Can Do For Yourself:

When to call a physician for help:

Volume 1 of 3: The Head, & Neck :  258 pages 60,828 words

Volume #1 covers Care for the Head, and Neck,

  • headaches,
  • dental care,
  • nose, sinuses, and throat problems

All of the related issues are covered completely.

Dr. Stephen Newdell’s


Good Health Guide

Volume 2

Are you suffering with digestive distress? Yes? Then, this is the book for you. We’ll cover several internal organs, but the primary focus is everything related to restoring you good digestive system health.

Volumes #2 covers upper trunk and abdominal organs, with a lot of attention paid to the digestive system, because we know that zone is problematic for many readers.

Some of digestion is discussed in volume #1 and we get into that much more completely in volume #2 and a bit more in volume #3. To understand and care for your digestive system you must understand several other functions. That’s why the complete understand about how to heal and restore your digestive system is spread across all three volume.

The digestive system alone cannot be contained in one simple unit. That’s the idea television advertisers would like you to accept, but they never want to get you well. They want only to feed you more of their pills and potions for the rest of our life! My objective is to help you cure your digestive system problems and many other problems at the same time.

Dr. Stephen Newdell’s


Good Health Guide

Volume 3

Volume #3 discusses lower abdominal organs, back-pain avoidance and back care. You’ll discover especially what care you need for the digestive and reproductive systems, spine, legs and feet. This may sound daunting, but it’s all written for the general reader and includes many color photos and illustrations. You don’t need to be a doctor or doctorate student to understand any of this.

There’s advice here about medical issues, when to visit a doctor and what type of practitioner to visit.

This as good a place as any to introduce myself.

Dr. Steve Newdell

I’m Dr. Stephen Newdell, Retired nowadays and living near Cebu, The Philippines. (Call me Steve.) I’m the editor and a contributing writer to the book series and the website you’re on..

I started with a 4-year degree in human physiology, and years of personal nutrition study, then continued into the best Chiropractic College in the United State, which then was Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I found myself in the Ivy League educational institution of Chiropractic studies and wondered if I was good enough to stay there!

I had such a fear of failure, I studied from the time I got home after classes until I went to bed. I was even studying while heating and eating dinner! I was obsessed with study and a bit aghast when a friend from France told me that he and other student friends do little study and mostly socialize.

My mind got comfortable with constant study. If I had an opportunity for an additional seminar and could scratch up the money for it, I took those weekend classes too.

One day while I was doing an assignment and lecturing to a class, I realized I had learned much more than my classmates. I was talking about stress on bone and an electro-magnetic “Piezo-electric effect” that develops which leads to bone cell proliferation. “The stress acting on the bone produces the piezoelectric effect. This effect, in turn, attracts bone-building cells (called osteoblasts) because of the formation of electrical dipoles. This subsequently deposits minerals–primarily calcium–on the stressed side of the bone. 24 Apr 2017” (MORE HERE)

The other students had never heard of it. Suddenly I began to see, I was miles ahead of the average student.

I got a doctor Christopher Kent well. He was a very smart fellow, one of those genius boys who graduated high school and entered college much younger than the rest of us. He had been teaching. He had been sick with sinus trouble for weeks. No one in the entire college could help him. I gave him a cranial adjustment, (which most students had never seen) and I worked gently on his spine and sacrum, worked with the cerebro-spinal fluid pumping mechanism, and he got well. If I remember right, Over Night his sinus problems and throat problems completely cleared up. I never saw him sick again!

I realized then, (even though my sister was a nurse and we were a medically oriented family) I was really onto something big!

A girl friend at the college pulled me into massage school with her. More learning, more tools in my healing arsenal.

We went together as a newly married couple to Washington State and I cared for patients and got them well after they failed in the hands of many other natural healing and medical doctors. My life continued as a long series of studies, massage, teaching Chiropractic and nutrition to patients, and sometimes to doctors until age 50.

For various reasons, in that year I sold my practice and decided to do something else with my life for a while.

Photos of my basic qualifications are on this page:

I hold a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, also graduated with specialty studies in orthopedics (bone disease) and nervous system physiology, then completed a certification as a Swedish Massage therapist. Now I’m age 71, (recent photo above).  Before retirement I worked as a licensed Chiropractor and Massage Therapist and was well known for finding the CAUSE of problems.

I don’t treat symptoms, I treat the cause and get patients well!

Obviously some illnesses require medication but we do our best to really CURE a problem naturally rather than cover symptoms “forever.”

“Other doctors don’t always like me because after patients spend a fortune in their office they come to me and get well. But, that’s life. I insist on doing good quality work. I don’t work for other doctors. I work for you. Other doctors don’t pay me, but when you are sure I can be of good service to you, your payment is “a contribution to the cause.”

Sometimes doctors would ask me to be a seminar leader and teach them! Once in a while I did.

“I have not needed medication for years! Food and some spices in your kitchen can be your medicine!”

“For exercise, I go out and run up a hill. I do push-ups and one-arm push-ups on the floor regularly, and parallel bar dips, and of course squats, abdominal work, general back muscle group work,  and stretching. Measured against other average health statistics my condition indicates a man whose age is 45 or 50. YOU can do this too and you will with my help.

“All of this begins with proper eating, and daily good self-health-care, including a little self-discipline to do exercise and sleep at the same hours every night. You’ll LOVE your health improvements and will be pleased when your accounting indicates you’ve reduce your annual health-care costs.”

Is Dr. Newdell really a doctor?

Look here:

This shows you my formal qualifications. I began with an interest in health care reading my older sister’s nursing college texts. I was age 13 or 14 when I began studying her materials and learning Swedish massage.

At age 22 I completed a 4-year degree in human physiology, did some massage work for a little more than two-years making my own living, and then at age 24 matriculated into “the ivy league of Chiropractic Colleges,” which is Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa (USA) and crammed another 12-quarters into 3-years. (No vacations. 4-years study done in 3.) I got licensed in Washington State and began practice at age 27.

By age 28 I was seeing about 18 patients per day in my own little clinic and I continued that way, caring for about 4,500 patient visits per year until age 55. I decided at that point I wanted to cease working in the health-care field, because laws regarding what doctors would be paid made the work no longer appealing for me, and many other doctors. Enough about me, until later. Let’s talk about YOU.

Do you suffer with headaches? Sometimes, or is it too many times? Let’s look into Volume 1 and see what’s here.

  • The discussion about headaches begins on page 122 and you need to at least see it.

First let’s focus on morning headaches. This will help you understand:

  • Types of headaches that are most common
  • What might cause them
  • What you can do to help find relief

What you see below this line of type is a copy of the Volume 1 Table of Contents   

What You Need to Know About Eye Pain and Eye Care…   7

Common Eye Infections and Treatments …………………….11

Eye infection basics ………………………….……………………..11

Computer Vision Syndrome: May be your problem too!.. 34

Don’t Increase the Volume. ……………………………..………78

Get An Ear Exam. ………………………………………………….78

Ear Disorders ……………………………………………………….81

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Earwax …………….82

Sinus Illness and Infections ……………………………………86

Treat & Avoid Sinus Pain and Infection…………………… 100

Sore Throat Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments……… 104

What is a sore throat? …………………………………………..104

Headaches in the Morning …………………………………….121

 Just looking at the page numbers you can correctly surmise these are serious articles, some run  4 to 7 pages in length.

There are some earlier sold “health guides” around that amount to 1 paragraph per topic. They are insufficient.

What I am offering are serious books for the home reader. We also realize, these volumes would benefit any doctorate student or doctor in practice.

How We Got Into Water Fluoridation ………………………..168

5 Steps to a Flawless Floss ………………………………………173

Oral Care Keep Your Fresh, Confident Smile……………… 183

Get Rid of Cavities ………………………………………………..189

Waterpik vs. Flossing: Pros and Cons ………………………195

  • WaterPik is an expensive item. Is it your best buy or are there better appliances for a lower price? Look at pages 195 to 202 and you’ll know the right decision for YOUR particular case, budget and lifestyle. This one bit of important information could save you more than the cost of the entire book set! Yes, Really!

Best Oral Breeze Irrigators Review …………….…………… 201

How to Treat Swollen Gums with Braces……………..……207

How to Boost Your Oral Hygiene Routine ……….………..220

About brown spots on your teeth ……………………………244

Bad Breath ………………………………………………………….254

          I am a doctor, and advertising writing student. This type of advertising writing is new to me. I’m going to introduce you to Tony. He explains better than I can.

Hi!, We need to talk….

      You can call me Tony. I write advertising for that big publishing company Dr. Newdell consults, as he did for his Eat Better, Eat More, Pay Less! series. Dr. Steve and I have been working together on how to present this book series. It’s a large and serious effort and I’ve been telling him he should charge more for it, but that’s a different story for a different day.

I’ll be explaining more as you go through this with me. You’ll learn a lot just from this letter and understand much better what is offered. You might say I am something like a working partner with Dr. Newdell. I admit this is a long letter. Much of it is tables of contents to let you see what you’re getting. We think this is better for you than showing you a sample of a few pages. You can read all of this on this web page, or if you prefer you can download this letter as a PDF. Save it on your desk top and read it later.

Just click here right now to have the free PDF “booklet.”

(These books are Large. It’s better for some to read a few pages every day.)

This is a lengthy section but Dr. Steve says it’s necessary. Your eyesight is so precious! How could you manage life without it?




What You Need to Know About Eye Pain and Eye Care

  • Causes of ocular pain
  • Causes of orbital pain
  • Emergency situations
  • Treatment
  • Complications
  • Prevention
  • There’s a disinfectant you can apply to your nose, your mouth, your ears, women to their vagina, wounds on your skin, it’s fantastic and often much more effective than antibiotics. Dr. Steve explains about it on page 100.

Here’s another little sample of his writing. You’ll see right away he’s easily “readable.” Comprehension of what he is teaching is no effort.


Eye pain is common, but it’s rarely a symptom of a serious condition. Most often, the pain resolves without medicine or treatment. Eyes are noted to heal quite quickly.

Eye pain is also known as ophthalmalgia.

Depending on where you experience the discomfort, eye pain can fall into one of two categories: Ocular pain occurs on the eye’s surface, and orbital pain occurs within the eye.

Eye pain that occurs on the surface may be a scratching, burning, or itching sensation. Surface pain is usually caused by irritation from a foreign object, infection, or trauma. Often, this type of eye pain is easily treated with eye drops or rest.

Eye pain that occurs deeper within the eye may feel aching, gritty, stabbing, or throbbing. This kind of eye pain may require more in-depth treatment.

Eye pain caused by a trauma, for example your eye was hit by a flying baseball, is reason to see an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) immediately. An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor with a specialty in eye diseases and eye surgery.

By contrast, an Optometrist is generally trained only to deal with exams and prescribing eye glasses or contact lenses. Don’t go to a department-store shopping mall Optometrist with serious eye pain. That’s not within the scope of his/her practice. Call an Ophthalmologist immediately and get help there.

Eye pain accompanied by vision loss may be a symptom of an emergency medical issue. Call your ophthalmologist immediately if you begin to lose your vision while experiencing eye pain.What causes ocular pain?

The following may cause eye pain that originates on the surface of the eye:

Look at all you’ve come to know so easily! We’re only just beginning.

  • What happens if eye pain isn’t treated? The answer is on Page 31
  • Your teeth turn yellow, gray and finally become dark, darker, and finally black. It’s called Colorado Brown Stain. Eeeeuuww, disgusting. What should you do to cure it? It’s on page 170 and 171. I found it an interesting discussion. I think you will too.

Just look at all of these subjects in the table of contents. Just looking you can see Dr. Newdell has researched extensively for articles and deeper research information from all over the Western world,

  •  How to take care of your eyes
  • Your nose and sinuses
  • Your teeth
  • Many causes and cures for bad breath (some are secret or simply little-known!)

You’re expecting this is going to cost a small fortune, aren’t you? Well, my dear new friend, keep on reading, and I promise you it’s affordable and will fit into your budget.

Oh, how precious are your eyes. Dr. Steve at age 71 is struggling with aging eyes. He knows the problem and is working on offering the best nutritional supplements to help us. The older we get the more important to us our eyes become. But how much has anyone ever taught you about caring for them?

Tony here again:  What Dr. Newdell has covered so far is just a flash read of the topics. Sprinkled all through these three fabulous volumes are Dr. Steve’s own experience, short stories, explanations, and his realizations about how what appeared to be disparate organs or functions actually are systems working together or getting sick together. Those Chinese acupuncturists were right about many things after all!  Sometimes, when you understand these connections (some of which harken back to our ancient venerable herbalists and acupuncturists), you’ll be way ahead of the modern doctors!

And the wisdom doesn’t stop with these volumes. Dr. Newdell’s blog articles come to you FREE and they expand on what you’ve learned in the volumes. It just gets better, and better!

This 3-volume series will entertain you, teach you, give you a look over a doctor’s shoulder and gain years of experience in easy minutes! This will save you tens of thousands of dollars and give you better health now and add many more years to your life and much greater quality of life to your years. …And… it really is affordable.

(Actually you’ll own this terrific 3-volume set for less than you’ve paid for a shirt, blouse or a single pair of simple shoes….even less than many friends pay for a better quality lunch!) Let’s have a brief look at Volume 2. 

Dr. Stephen Newdell’s


Good Health Guide

Balanced Medical and Natural Approaches:

Volume 2 of 3:

The Internal Organs, Digestion,

Disease Avoidance, Good Health Habits

263 pages __54,215 words

Legal Disclaimer: Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website, or in any books sold from this site. Any reliance by you on the information contained in this website shall be at your own risk. If you perceive an emergency dial 999 and get professional help immediately.

Table of Contents   (rendered more accurately in the PDF Download it Here)

Brain injuries. 24

Brain tumors. 25

Neurodegenerative diseases. 26

Mental disorders. 27

What are the risk factors for brain disorders?. 28

How are brain disorders diagnosed?. 28

The long-term outlook. 29

What causes a head injury?. 31

Shaken baby syndrome   (SOUCE: Mayo Clinic). 32

Symptoms. 32

When to see a doctor. 33

Causes. 33

Risk factors. 34

Complications. 34

Prevention.. 35

The major types of head injuries. 36

Hematoma. 36

Hemorrhage. 36

Concussion.. 36

Edema. 36

Skull fracture. 37

Types of skull fractures. 37

Closed fracture. 39

Open fracture. 39

Depressed facture. 40

Basal fracture. 40

What are the symptoms of a head injury?. 41

When does a head injury require medical attention?. 42

Medication.. 44

Surgery. 45

Rehabilitation.. 45

What’s to be expected in the long term?. 45

Brain Tumor. 46

Types of brain tumors. 46

Secondary brain tumors. 47

Risk factors for a brain tumor include: 47

Family history. 47

Age. 47

Race. 47

Chemical exposure. 48

Exposure to radiation.. 48

No history of chicken pox. 48

What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?. 48

Symptoms of pituitary tumors. 49

How brain tumors are diagnosed. 50

CT scan of the head. 51

MRI of the head   An MRI is different from a CT scan because it doesn’t use radiation, and it generally provides much more detailed pictures of the structures of the brain itself. 51

Angiography. 51

Skull X-rays. 51

Biopsy. 51

Treatment of brain tumors. 52

Outlook. 52

10 Early Symptoms of Dementia. 53

Symptoms of dementia. 53

  1. Subtle short-term memory changes. 54
  2. Difficulty finding the right words. 56
  3. Changes in mood. 56
  4. Apathy. 57
  5. Difficulty completing normal tasks. 57
  6. Confusion.. 57
  7. Difficulty following storylines. 59
  8. A failing sense of direction.. 59
  9. Being repetitive. 59
  10. Struggling to adapt to change. 59

A Relevant Philosophical View: 59

What causes dementia?. 62

Can you prevent dementia?. 62

How can you get help in an emergency?. 64

Suicide prevention hotlines. 64

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) | Homepage. 65

Singapore Suicide Hotlines. 65

What type of healthcare provider should you see?. 66

Providers who prescribe medicine. 66

Providers who can’t prescribe medicine. 68

How can you find a therapist?. 71

Consider these factors. 71

Contact your insurance provider. 72

Look for therapists online. 73

Find the right fit. 73

Can you get help online or by phone?. 74

Can local services help?. 74

Can hospitalization or inpatient care help?. 74

Types of care. 74

International sources. 75

Canada. 75

United Kingdom… 76

India. 76

Get the support you need to thrive. 76

Chronic Lung Diseases: 77

Causes and Risk Factors. 77

Asthma. 78

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  (COPD). 79

Interstitial lung disease. 80

Pulmonary hypertension.. 81

“Pulmonary” refers to lungs. Don’t confused this term with “Cardiovascular.” The cardiovascular system is sometimes called the blood-vascular, or simply the circulatory, system. It consists of the heart, which is a muscular pumping device, and a closed system of vessels called arteries, veins, and capillaries. 81

Cystic fibrosis. 82

Chronic pneumonia. 83

Lung cancer. 84

How to protect your lungs. 85

COPD’s effect on the lungs. 87

  • Causes of COPD.. 88

Other signs of COPD progression.. 89

Your Life is guided by your Hormones! 91

The Endocrine System… 91

Unexpected relationships to Digestive System Problems. 91

Glands:   A gland is an organ that makes one or more substances, such as hormones, digestive juices, sweat, tears, saliva, reproductive system lubricants, semen, or breast-milk. Endocrine glands release the substances directly into the bloodstream. Exocrine glands release the substances into a duct or opening to the inside or outside of the body. 91

T of contents

The Role of The Pancreas in Digestion.. 95

Pancreatic enzymes. 95

Pancreatic hormones. 96

Common pancreatic problems and digestion.. 96

Care Of Your The Pancreas, The Organ Which Controls Digestion And Insulin Production   98

The Pancreas is an important organ which is responsible for producing digestive enzymes that break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the body, and also producing insulin. Here are some tips to take care of the Pancreas. 98

Tips to Care For Your Pancreas. 99

  1. Poor gall bladder health.. 99
  2. Acidity. 99

What Is Acid-Base Balance?. 100

Controlling Your Acid-Base Balance. 100

Acid-Base Disorders. 101

Alkalosis. 104

Diagnosis of Acid-Base Disorders. 105

Treatment for Acid-Base Disorders. 106

  1. Eat more cruciferous vegetables. 106
  2. Garlic. 106
  3. Stay well-hydrated. 107
  4. Drink less tea and coffee. 107
  5. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 107
  6. Avoid junk food Regular intake of junk food makes the Pancreas work harder to produce more digestive enzymes. Over time, the body falls short of these enzymes and this is what results in acidity and other symptoms of indigestion. Junk food consumption must be limited to the occasional treat to maintain a healthy Pancreas. 107
  7. Avoid eating late-night meals. 108
  8. Have sufficient rest. 108
  9. Avoid alcohol intake. 108
  10. Excessive fat in diet. 108
  11. Exercise regularly. 108

Chia Seed Water: Gain Great Health Benefits. 115

Chia Seed Water Health Benefits. 115

These Fruits And Vegetables May Help Reduce Bloating, Gas, and Heartburn.. 117

Lack of digestive enzymes can result in acidity, bloating, gas, constipation and numerous other indigestion problems. Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables that can help you provide important digestive enzymes. 117

How to improve digestion  The Pancreas is primarily responsible for producing insulin and to secrete digestive enzymes. 118

The Foundation of Your Regular Diet. 119

From Managing High Blood Pressure To Bloating, This Summer Drink Benefits In Many Ways. 122

Buttermilk is made up of curd and some spices like pepper, jeera, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt and green or red chilies. 122

Most Notable Health Benefits of Buttermilk: 123

  1. Nutrient rich.. 123
  2. Helps you cope up with the heat. 123
  3. Good for digestion.. 123
  4. Rich in calcium… 124
  5. Weight loss. 124

Medicinal Value of Garlic. 125

t of contents picture

In ancient Chinese medicine, garlic was prescribed to aid respiration and digestion, most importantly diarrhea and worm infestation (Woodward 1996). As a spicy food, its regular consumption was recommended but in limited quantities. Evidence also suggests that garlic was utilized to treat sadness or depression as well. 125

Garlic, onions, chives and leeks are poisonous to cats and dogs. 128

Non Diabetic Hypoglycemia. 129

Again: What is a gland?. 133

Endocrine System Functions. 133

Parts of the Endocrine System… 133

Health Issues. 136

A Review and a bit more information about. 137

What Happens Inside the Digestive System… 137

What we eat is not in a form the body can use as nourishment. Our food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before they can be absorbed into the blood and carried  to cells throughout the body. Digestion is the process by which food and drink are broken down into their smallest parts so that the body can use them to build and nourish cells and to provide energy. 137

Esophagus. 140

Stomach.. 140

Intestines. 140

If you suffer with digestion problems, we’re really now getting into the information you need to understand why you have these problems and how to cure yourself. 141

Gut Microbes and Digestion.. 141

Digestive System Glands and. 141

Production of Digestive Juices. 141

Signs You Have a Leaky Gut—and How One Woman Healed Hers. 142

This condition is not typically diagnosed but could be affecting the health of many. 142

Dear Reader, I am asking you to be patient. There’s more to read and I’m guessing you want to get done and move on but the truth is there’s more you need to know to handle ALL of your digestion problems (and obviously many other ailments) at a low cost and improve your health dramatically. We’ll soon reach my grand conclusion lecture/article and you’ll know enough as you complete reading it, to heal yourself, help a family member like a husband or wife, and you’ll know even MORE than these other articles have told or will tell you.  For now, just to keep this simple, you probably do not know any simple poor Chinese farmers with all of these health problems. They live on mostly vegetables and eggs, a bit of chicken, duck or pork but not very often. They don’t eat modern chemistry laden foods. They’ve never tasted monosodium glutamate or a thousand other preservatives and flavor enhancers and colors. They are lean, strong and generally healthy unless they’ve been attacked by parasites or viruses. We need to return to real food the way it comes from “the good earth.” (When you read a label and see Natural Flavors, that is a brand name for another chemical monstrosity. It’s not natural.). 146

This is a complicated subject. You really need training and experience to know WHAT to read and in an order that makes sense and truly teaches you what you need to know. That’s what I’ve been striving to accomplish here. When we’re done (about 30 odd pages from here) you’ll be able to change your life and health forever and it will cost you almost nothing! 146

I know because of my training, because I WAS a patient, and because I have treated many patients and helped them.  That’s what I want to do for You. 147

SN:  Please do not skip ahead. Follow through and when you get to the end of this series of articles and my lecture, I’m confident you’ll realize you know what to do to make a big change in your life. 147

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?. 147

Depression is a likely component. 148

CFS often displayed with Depression.. 149

How Are CFS and Depression Diagnosed?. 150

Gut microbiota and leaky gut syndrome. 153

Symptoms. 156

A link with Autism… 161

Gut microbiota and autism… 162

Intestinal permeability and autism… 162

Food sources of probiotics. 164

Summary. 164

Foods to eat. 165

Foods to avoid. 166

Meal ideas. 168

Breakfast. 168

Lunch and dinner. 168

Snacks. 169

What the research says: 169

Summary. 170

Milk alternatives. 171

Almond milk. 171

Soy milk. 172

Coconut milk. 172

Rice milk. 173

Other options. 174

Butter alternatives on next page. 174

Butter alternatives. 175

Cheese alternatives. 175

Soft cheese. 175

Hard cheese. 176

Nutritional yeast. 176

Yogurt alternatives. 177

Ice cream alternatives. 177

Things to consider. 179

Irritable bowel syndrome. 180

Symptoms. 181

When to see a doctor. 181

Another quick story:  I had a patient who was trying to build more muscle and decided to try powdered Whey protein drink. Not long after that he had a lot of intestinal gas and said, “I realized I was filling the toilet with blood!” I realized the whey was causing bleeding in the colon. The blood was being consumed by bacteria which were producing methane gas as part of their metabolic process. When I told the patient to cease using the whey product his problems cleared up in 3-days. 182

From Google Search: 182

Causes. 183

Triggers. 184

More Information is available on the web. 184

Complications. 186

Antacids for Heartburn.. 187

Acid Reducers for Heartburn.. 188

Combination Antacid/Acid Reducer for Heartburn.. 189

So Which Works Best for Heartburn?. 189

Super Enzymes Capsules. 190

Product Description.. 191

Awards. 191

Available Sizes. 192

Supplement Facts. 192

Intelligence Quotient Expansion. 197

Speaking for a moment about skin: 200

Pathophysiology of kidney, gallbladder and urinary stones … 203

Gallbladder – gallstones and surgery – Better Health Channel 203

What Are Common Gallbladder Problems? Symptoms, Causes. 203

Gallstones: Treatment, Definition, Risk Factors & Symptoms. 203

Gallstones: Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Treatment, Diet, & More. 204

Gallbladder disease: Types, diagnosis, and treatment. 204

Gallstones vs. Kidney Stones | Florida Medical Clinic. 204

Prevention and Risk Factors. 206

This is a huge topic and these subheadings next can be typed into Google Search to find more if you need it. 206

Treatments and Therapies. 206

Related Issues. 206

Specifics. 207

Genetics. 207

Statistics and Research.. 208

Clinical Trials. 208

Journal Articles References and abstracts from MEDLINE/PubMed (National Library of Medicine). 209

Find an Expert. 209

Children.. 209

Patient Handouts. 209

Types and causes of kidney disease. 211

Chronic kidney disease. 211

Kidney stones. 212

Glomerulonephritis. 212

Polycystic kidney disease. 212

Urinary tract infections. 212

What are the symptoms of kidney disease?. 212

What are the risk factors for developing kidney disease?. 213

How is kidney disease diagnosed?. 213

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR). 214

Ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) Scan.. 214

Kidney biopsy. 214

Urine test. 214

Blood creatinine test. 214

How is kidney disease treated?. 214

Drugs and medication.. 215

Dietary and lifestyle changes. 215

Dialysis and kidney disease. 216

Hemodialysis. 216

Peritoneal dialysis. 216

What is the long-term outlook for someone with kidney disease?. 217

How can kidney disease be prevented?. 217

Be careful with over-the-counter drugs. 217

Get tested. 217

Limit certain foods. 218

Ask about calcium… 218

Abstract. 219

Cited by 9articles. 221

Heart Disease: Types, Causes, and Symptoms. 222

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). 223

Heart Arrhythmias. 224

Heart Failure. 224

Heart Valve Disease. 224

Pericardial Disease. 225

Cardiomyopathy (Heart Muscle Disease). 226

Congenital Heart Disease. 226

STOMACH:  Gastric Disorders and Treatments. 227

Your stomach’s role in digestion.. 227

Gastroesophageal reflux disease. 227

Gastritis. 228

Peptic ulcer. 229

Viral gastroenteritis. 230

Hiatal hernia. 230

Gastroparesis. 231

Stomach cancer. 232

Here are the 12 best foods for an upset stomach. 234

  1. Ginger Can Relieve Nausea and Vomiting. 234

Travel Advice. 235

  1. Chamomile May Reduce Vomiting and Soothe Intestinal Discomfort. 236
  2. Peppermint May Relieve Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 238
  3. Licorice Can Reduce Indigestion and May Help Prevent Stomach Ulcers. 239
  4. Flaxseed Relieves Constipation and Stomach Pain.. 240
  5. Papaya Can Improve Digestion and May Be Effective for Ulcers and Parasites. 241
  6. Green Bananas Help Relieve Diarrhea. 242
  7. Pectin Supplements Can Prevent Diarrhea and Dysbiosis. 243
  8. Low-FODMAP Foods May Reduce Gas, Bloating and Diarrhea. 244
  9. Probiotic-Rich Foods Can Regulate Bowel Movements. 245
  10. Bland Carbohydrates May Be More Easily Tolerated. 245
  11. Clear Liquids With Electrolytes Can Prevent Dehydration.. 246

The Final Word.. 247

There are many foods that can help relieve an upset stomach. 247

{Bonus Article}. 248

Health Benefits of Digestive Enzymes. 248

These supplements may help improve digestion and reduce inflammation.. 248

Health Benefits of Digestive Enzymes. 249

Some studies indicate their value. Some studies are questionable. Here’s a look at some key findings on the potential health benefits of supplements containing digestive enzymes: 249

Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 249

Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 250

Cancer. 250

Arthritis possibly alleviated with digestive enzyme. 251

Muscle Soreness. 252

Autism… 252

Possible Side Effects. 253

Dosage and Preparation.. 254

What to Look For. 254

Types. 255

Amylase. 255

Maltase. 255

Lactase. 255

Lipase. 256

Proteases. 256

Sucrase. 257

Deficiencies. 257

Lactose Intolerance. 257

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. 258

Supplementation.. 258

Foods. 259

Foods Containing Digestive Enzymes. 259

Nutritional Supplements. 260

 The Table of Contents renders more accurately as the PDF “booklet.”

I can hardly believe it. Even the table of contents is teaching us! I’m learning useful information just reading the table about garlic

Dr. Newdell writes:

Like No Book I’ve Seen

I got interested in exercise, nutrition, massage, and the advertising world around age 14 or 15 and now I’m 71. I’ve been around the health care business a long time. …And… I’ve been around the advertising business since my first interest at around age 15. I’ve seen, read, and remembered a lot of ads! I graduated Chiropractic College and was licensed to practice in 1977.”

I’ve never seen a health book (or books) for the home buyer offering what Dr. Newdell does in these. There may be more in the future according to apparent demand.

There have been books with advertising promising remedies for everything but when you get the book (I’ve purchased 2 of them) you get 1 paragraph about a condition and then you’re on to the next condition. That’s insufficient and I actually felt I and other buyers were cheated.

With this 3-volume series, I realized we are developing a basic Patho-Physiology course for the college student or lay-reader.  (Lay-reader or Lay Public definition: not of a particular profession the lay public also: lacking extensive knowledge of a particular subject.)

This can be useful for health-care students and for lay public readers. No college course teacher has enough time to cover everything. If you want to become a really great doctor or nurse it’s up to you to dig deeper, read more, take more seminars, and learn all you can. You get out of your education as much as the effort you put into it. If don’t know enough, don’t blame the college, blame yourself and read and study more! I do believe this series would benefit any students of nursing, physiology, medicine, massage, chiropractic, or health-care counseling. It will be a very helpful reference and if some of it stays in your memory, that’s so much the better.

(Path = disease [the letter O is a connection] and Physiology=how the body works). I’m including information with remedies both medical and nutritional and I’m packing it all into about 259 pages. More information will come out in my blog and it will be free for you to read and enjoy. path·o·phys·i·ol·o·gy –the disordered physical processes associated with disease or injury

If you have come to know me, you realize I’m less interested in theory based education and more interested in “outcome based education” which is to say, I want what I teach to have a practical application! You have knowledge and know how to put it to good use. That is the outcome of proper education.

What you’re reading is a marketing experiment…as all books are. Some people want to learn this and others never will. Some will read all of it and some will read snips when it seems they need an answer. That’s good. If you care to do it, print it all out and bind it for your future reference.

From what I observe, many people have worries, concerns and health problems. In South East Asia, digestive system problems are everywhere. And then there is cancer and arthritis and stokes and alcoholism and sexually transmitted diseases and baby health problems, and tropical parasites, lack of vitamins and minerals in some diets….and much more.

We want answers and help, but most readers are not getting what they need. I am attempting to fulfill that need and do it at a reasonable price. (We can manage a lower price because we have no paper, printing, and shipping expenses). That provides an additional benefit. I have no limit on length.

You can see I’m able to produce this in a larger type face for easier reading. Young people see well but after age 35 or 40 we really become aware that our eyesight is deteriorating. By age 55 we’re complaining about the inconvenience of wearing eye glasses. By age 70 we’re thankful we can see at all!

I speak from experience. I need eye glasses but that will come after all of this is published. I read this at 140% enlargement on a 14 inch monitor. You can imagine just finding my black slippers in a shadow under a chair can be a challenge some evenings.

I will be thankful for your feedback. Am I meeting your need, answering your questions, is there something more you want me to teach?

We’ll start with a very basic foundation explaining organs and mentioning systems, and then move into material discussing illnesses and treatments both medical and natural, some of which you can do for yourself at home.

I draw material from many articles and books. These sources are mostly from England and the United States.

  • What do you know about how a mother can damage a child’s brain forever? This is a very unpleasant subject and I apologize for bringing it up, but we all (all of us) need to know. How can a baby get something like a whiplash and end up brain damaged? The answer is on page 32. See it to prevent it!

All the other “home health guides” published have nothing like these illustrations. (In the book it takes up most of one page.)  You’ll understand what Dr. Steve is talking about from the beginning. He is a natural teacher and realizes immediately how he must clear up misunderstood words before moving on.  This really makes the book easy to read and fun, and gaining these understandings is a pleasure.

In these illustrations (huge full page size in the book) you see all the skull and facial bones, their locations and names. You won’t be lost when you have these to refer to as you read.

  • Nowadays of course everyone is concerned with lung diseases. We suddenly find ourselves in a Pandemic world, with a billionaire threatening us. Even this threat can be overcome with a strong immune system. There are things we all need to learn about keeping our lungs healthy.

    THIS is one of the most common types of chronic lung disease. When triggered, your lungs become swollen and narrow, making it harder to breathe. Symptoms include:

  • wheezing
  • being unable to take in enough air
  • coughing
  • feeling tightness in your chest

If you experience these symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor….  The rest of the discussion is on page 78. This is worth the price of the entire set of three volumes.

          I think the volumes are priced too low, so from my point of view this information is worth 3 or 4 times the price of the tree volumes.

          Dr. Steve and I have had a little argument about the price. I think the books are worth much more. He says he knows that but also thinks this is a good way for him to introduce himself to interested new friends in Singapore.

 With these books and more health information coming out free for you in his weekly news-letter, (about all kinds of common health issues) you’ll get familiar with him and his work and be inclined to continue reading and being a repeat customer. Of course he makes a good point, but I think he’s giving the work away and deserves to earn more.

He has never been wealthy and he gives a large part of his retirement money to help poor people. I think he deserves more comfort for himself, but that’s Steve and I can’t change him. He’s age 71 now and I don’t think he’s going to change his philosophy about doing good for others and his reasons why.

I can fault his desire to help others learn what he has found so useful all of his life.

          That weekly news-letter available to you, could easily be sold for S$49/year, but again, Steve is giving it away to help new friends like you.

  • There is a lot of beautifully photo illustrated information about exercise beginning on page 111. I think you’ll be happy to have that because it makes good sense, it’s intended for all ages and will help us all be stronger, slimmer, fitter and healthier.
  • Did you know there is a common herb in your kitchen cabinet right now that can actually cure bronchitis? It’s on page 78. When you see this you’ll be adding more of this herb to your cooking and tea. Even better, get in oil form or perhaps grow your own.
  • Everyone is concerned about their “stomach problems” their digestion difficulties. But, did you ever imagine this has something to do with your hormones? Yes it does, and he begins the discussion on page 96. You’ll be amazed!

I’m happy to tell you, we don’t need a doctor to help us with this. Very often eating more of the fruits and vegetables he begins discussing on page 117, will cure the problem at no additional expense.

After I read and learned so much he added:  If you suffer with digestion problems, we’re really now getting into the information you need to understand why you have these problems and how to cure yourself. 141

I was just amazed! I thought I was understanding it and he told me we were just getting started! This doctor knows so much about digestion physiology, he has often cured people who had no one to help them. No doctor, no nurse, no one. Dr. Steve did it with food or a suggested product found in health and vitamin shops. He just loves this subject of study. He reads and learns more, he figures things out and then tests and proves them, and all he learns he passes on to friends like you, often at no charge or packed into a book at a very low cost.

  • Why should we return to “real food” the way nature provides it? Dr. Steve argues forcefully with his answer and some interesting history beginning on page 146. Be sure to see this because it can improve your life for the better — forever.
  • That leads us into a story of a woman who came to him, cold, tired, sexless, depressed, painful and no doctor could help her, or the doctors would not listen, would not believe her, said it was all imaginary, and no one helped, until she met Dr. Newdell. All of these symptoms are part of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Dr. Steve gets into it seriously on pages 148/149, and he may have the only known correction and cure for this.

We are not sure but the results so far seem promising. The strange thing is, you can cure it yourself for nearly no cost! It’s not a disease. It’s a group of symptoms (a syndrome) all caused by a sickly digestive system. Feed yourself right and the illness clears up. The syndrome, like fog in the early morning, melts away and disappears!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dr. Newdell writes:  “Another quick story:  I had a patient who was trying to build more muscle and decided to try powdered Whey protein drink. Not long after that he had a lot of intestinal gas and said, “’I realized I was filling the toilet with blood!’”  The story, cause and solution is on page 180. It’s important, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Just going through the Table of Contents you can see Dr. Newdell covers many causes of digestive system disorders, then on to Kidney disease, Kidney stones, Heart disease and more….

  • What happens when the Pancreas is not sufficiently stimulated? What do bacteria do? What does the rest of the body suffer? You’ll be amazed as Dr. Steve takes you through a summary of a weekend lecture series and explains the cause and cure for most suffers of these many diseases and digestive problems. It begins on page 196, and it really shocked me, because only a week earlier a young man on YouTube, well qualified in Physical Therapy and fitness training told us the entire process of Leaky Gut Syndrome was mysterious to him. It should be well known to him and to you!
  • Steve has a tendency to drop some really interesting comments and useful information that really is off subject but very helpful. On page 197 he explains how to increase your Intelligence Quotient. I’ve tried what he said and it works! Subjects of study that were senseless to me suddenly opened like magic and now I understand them. You have to see this! Volume 2, Page 197.

There’s a bit more about Kidney disease and digestive problems including foods to improve digestive enzyme operation in your stomach and intestine and finally ends with a bonus article.

It’s a wonderful book series, like no other I have seen, better than any health book series for the home user (or college student) I’ve ever read. It has made me healthier and wiser.

We want to put these three beautiful volumes in your hands for a price I still insist is too low. Price should be determined by value – that is, by what it can DO for you. This series can keep you living healthier, and longer and reduce your health-care costs by hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year!

But it’s Dr. Steve’s decision to make the series affordable for everyone so we’re selling it, at least for this first 6-months until April of 2022 at an impossibly low price.

I told him if he insisted on this low price per book he had to sell all three in a package or I wouldn’t help him, so we compromised there.

You’ll refer to them, either occasionally or a little every day or a little on weekends or cover to cover until you’ve “consumed all of it.” These comprise a history making, must have series. You need to know how to get this information fast – and easily and this series brings the information to you as fast as you can read a table of contents.

Next we’ll talk about Volume 3, Back Pain and many other issues that finally sum up the entire understanding so you will have it all together. It will be your own body of useful health-life wisdom you can use for the rest of our lives.

Volume 3

Dr. Stephen Newdell’s


Good Health Guide

Balanced Medical and Natural Approaches:

Volume 3 of 3     284-pages     60,603-words

Dr. Stephen Newdell, Editor and Contributing Author

Intended for those uneducated in health-care

More about Internal Organs, Disease avoidance,

Back Pain Avoidance & Care

Let me ask you a few questions and you can answer to yourself

  • What do you know about the liver? Is it an organ, a gland, or perhaps both? The remarkable answers begin on page 13.
  • Can you remember 10 major factors that cause liver disease? If you can, you’ll exponentially increase your chances of staying healthier for life. The answer is on page 27.
  • Symptoms of Liver Disease are on page 28 and 29. If your urine turned dark what could it mean? See page 29.
  • Sudden pain between your shoulder blades or in your right shoulder: What do these symptoms mean? You’d better see page 34 right away!
  • Could there be a relationship between diabetes, and gallbladder problems? The answer is on page 35, and there’s something there and beyond about ways to lower your risk.
  • Best foods and cooking oils to reduce weight and reduce your chance of gallbladder problems are on page 45. You’ll need to see this and write some of it onto your grocery list.
  • What about coffee? Does it cause gall stones? The answer is on page 47.
  • What major exercises should we all be doing to stay fit and prevent many of these liver and gall bladder problems? Answer are revealed starting on page 47.
  • Who would have thought that exercise can prevent gall stones? Not me! But look at page 47, get fitter and prevent life threatening trouble. Dr Newdell covers important exercises well to page 59.

And then we begin discussing Kidney disease. It’s a huge problem. In the USA over 26-million people suffer with kidney disease. It’s quite prevalent all over South East Asia too.

  • On Page 62 we find the symptoms of kidney disease. I’ll bet you have some of those symptoms right now. It’s a tricky diagnosis and you really should have a medical examination once a year to check for that and other potential problems.

On Page 64 I found this interesting bit of important information.

In South Asia the number of people with kidney disease averages close to 17%.

  • Estimates show 88-Million adults have diabetes in South East Asia. Those with diabetes have a higher risk of developing kidney disease. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease, accounting for about 44 percent of new cases. You can prevent kidney disease if you follow the advice on page 63 and beyond.

Just consider, for a little reading in a series of books that cost less than a better quality lunch, you can discover how to extend your life and prevent kidney disease! Do you think that’s a better than fair trade? I certainly do. You’re getting a great advantage here and you should take it while this low introductory price is available.

  • With such high morbidity (sickness) numbers it’s important to read what we can do to prevent diabetes and kidney disease. Many of the symptoms of these maladies hide and you don’t know you have the disease until you suddenly need serious and expensive medical attention.
  • Are you taking Calcium and Magnesium pills? If you take the wrong kind you raise your chance of kidney stones. You can take safer Calcium Orotate or Calcium Citrate pills but there are items you can eat that are even better, and less expensive. Find out on page 69.
  • You need calcium for bone strength, but how do you get that calcium to stay in the bones? Page 71 answers the question. Also on page 71: If Dr. Newdell knew his patient had osteoporosis, would he recommend she eat mostly animal sourced protein, or vegetable sourced protein? You’ll be surprised by the answer.
  • I’m happy to say; on page 74 Dr. Newdell has a big chart showing what foods to eat to gain more calcium and magnesium. If you’ve passed your 29th birthday, you need this chart and you need this book series!

These books are photo illustrated, and in some places Dr. Newdell has highlighted a sentence or a short paragraph to really get your attention. It can’t be easier or more enjoyable.

  • Are you a bit frightened about heart disease? Heart disease takes many lives and unfortunately there usually are no warning symptoms. The first heart attack is often the last because it kills the patient! Well, it’s a good thing you have me to point to page 79, where we begin an excellent study about heart disease, what it’s about and how to prevent it.
  • There is important information you need about skin problems including its relationship to digestive system issues. That begins on page 82. People in their teenage years with acne will especially appreciate knowing about this. When you buy the books I certainly recommend you encourage your younger people at home to read this information. It will benefit them tremendously.
  • 5 Tips for Healthy Skin is found starting on page 89. Look at all we have learned and we’re net yet half way through volume #3.
  • This seems out of place but Dr. Newdell placed it here because he thought it was fitting. He was discussing a disinfectant you can use on skin to prevent or clear up skin infections. Do you have itching inside your ears? The answer to reduce or cure the problems is on page 99 and I would have given away a year of my lifetime to know this sooner!

Tips for Better Feminine Reproductive Health begins on page 102.  Dr. Steve opens with this set of concerns from a most highly regarded clinic.

What we are seeking is:

  • A safe and fulfilling sex life
  • The capacity to reproduce
  • The freedom to decide if and when you want to reproduce and how often to do so

Dr. Newdell handles this very professionally, as you would expect from a doctor. The emphasis here is on health and healthy pleasing of your partner. Our observation from surveys is that so many have uncertainty about this area of their lives. This is very well worth reading, and applying with your partner.

  • Remarkably on page 105 he also covers nutritional concerns for high energy and better bedroom performance including a glycemic index chart of foods that really everyone needs to have. This is a major key to keeping your energy up and your excess weight down to where it belongs – which is saying it’s important in keeping you younger for years longer.
  • Do you know where to get information about HIV? How to live with it, how to cope with it, what some do when they’re born with it? Maybe you want this information and don’t know where to look for it, or are embarrassed to speak to anyone for advice. Dr. Steve solves most of those problems privately with links at YouTube and they can be extremely helpful and comforting. You’ll find the information between pages 107 and 117.
  • What foods should you eat while trying to conceive? Take a look at page 123. He has notes here about what foods and other items to avoid too
  • There’s a discussion about abortion in Singapore, beginning on page 125
  • Male reproductive system health is equally important and it begins on page 126, continuing past page 133 where he’s explaining exercises for both genders for better health and more pleasurable performance.
  • He covers everything you ever (and maybe never) wanted to know about yeast infections, including a very interesting, if not sarcastic comment about a girl who lit her crotch on fire, on stage. More proof the American lower class society really is going crazy. No wonder upper class Americans are thinking of moving to live and work in Singapore! See it all beginning on pages 135 and 136.
  • Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections. Do you know some or all of them? You should and they’re on page 137.
  • Can some get these infections in their mouth and throat too? Of course they can, and you should know about this beginning on page 138.
  • This discussion goes on for some length including home remedies on pg 143
  • and continues to pg 153. I’m telling you this so you know this is a serious issue and Dr. Steve has brought in several articles from clinics and doctors to cover every detail, and be sure this information goes into your memory banks and stays there.
  • What should you do if you want to use condoms but you’re allergic to latex? Steve told me he met a woman who said she and her man used a latex condom and she was miserable for several days afterward. What can she or your allergic friends do? These important answers are on 152.
  • I want you to recognize, you’re getting a TON of useful information that many would be ashamed to ask of any doctor, nurse, clinic operator or pharmacist. You get it all as part of this volume. Dr. Steve read through many articles so you get a collection of the best without looking for the information elsewhere.
  • At length we get off that topic and get into Back Pain on page 160.

No one else can explain back pain so well as Dr. Newdell. He continues to study it even now.

He got his degree and license to care for patients as a back pain specialist and did that work for his living for 30-years.  You simply will not find anyone else to teach you as Dr. Newdell does and

  • he makes it easy to see what he’s talking about with several colored and labeled illustrations beginning on page 159. He gets into Back Pain Massage too and gives an excellent explanation.


  • What really happens with a whiplash and why the hospitals always give you the wrong advice? Dr Newdell tells all, beginning on pg 165 and then goes into Low Back Pain on page 166.
  • On page 169 he does us all a big favor, explaining how to lift heavy objects and prevent injury. This information is worth the price of the entire book series.

There are more photo illustrations and lots of explanations. And, a link to a bonus PDF handout for employees and YOU, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Lifting” and it’s FREE with your purchase. It will be on your receipt page. Just click and it will download. You’ll have it in a few seconds.

  • On page 177 Newdell teaches you massage type movements you can do for your low back with items you have in your home like a tennis ball or a foam roller You might own these now but don’t know how to use them. Dr. Steve will teach you.
  • Then he gets into massage that is especially intended to relieve your back and neck pain on page 179 and 180. With continued treatment and better attention to posture you can restore your spine to a much better condition.
  • This massage related material includes many color photo illustrations. He even explains how to use a bath towel to heal your back! Just imagine, if you own a bath towel you can heal yourself of neck and low back pain with a simple, easy treatment. He give us a huge amount of information at really, no charge. It’s included in the book. It’s quite a bonus really. Just consider what you would pay to visit a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. You can do a lot of what they do, for yourself, and reduce your expenses by thousands of dollars each year.
  • Steve even covers “Back Pain Relief For Top Heavy Women” on page 184. For the woman who sometimes wishes she had not been so well endowed, this is really a way to have help at no cost.
  • A Bulging Spinal Disc can become a HUGE problem. If you go to an orthopedic surgeon with a bulging spinal disc he’s likely to recommend surgery. But first, try to solve the problem yourself, at home, conveniently and at no cost to you. It’s all explained beginning on page 186. It’s been done many times even by Physical Therapists and in many case it works!
  • And there’s more about caring for your upper back pain on page 188.
  • On the next page we have more about self-treatment at home including exercise, stretching and links to videos at YouTube.

Dr. Newdell goes on at quite a length here teaching us valuable information and some psychological wisdom about how important it is to calm our emotions (page 192)

  • and then he provides a bit more advice about posture at our desk, starting on page 195.
  • He also covers walking and getting into and out of a car. There are many minor back injuries getting into and out of cars. There’s a link to a very good video included. (It’s free of charge at YouTube.) This includes many step-by-step photos so if you can’t see the video, you can still learn to get into and out of a car correctly by reading and seeing the pictures in the book.
  • There are many more ideas to keep your spine properly aligned and then …
  • On page 204 Dr. Steve discusses professional treatments. Knowing what practitioner to choose can save you a fortune. Dr. Steve will help you make the right choice.
  • How Stretching Reduces Upper Back Pain is another excellent lesson and it begins on page 207.
  • There are MANY more photo illustrations of stretching exercises, pictures of spinal vertebra with labels to explain all you should know.

He really created a booklet and fitted it in here running to page 229.

  • Next, he discusses how to have a normal, healthy sex life even if you are being careful about your low back. I should tell you, there are lesser books about spine care at home selling for about 47 dollars. Dr. Steve includes all of this with this volume 3 and there’s no additional charge. This is really the educational bargain of the year.
  • Finally, as I have written about a bit more below, Dr. Newdell ends with information about an electric Massage instrument that is very helpful and many people are buying and using them.

Volume #3 finishes discussing internal organs and covers the spine (that is) your back bone and your back pain.

He said, “Just from reading the articles for the “lay public” (that is those not schooled in health-care) I saw how little is known or explained in articles and how much more the lay public needs to know. I filled the gap and provided that information. 

  • He even continued into hip pains and problems, knees and feet, including shoes. So we started at your hair line and worked all the way down to “street level.” You would be amazed at how many don’t really need hip replacement surgery. The pain feels like you do but really you may not and the pain problem can be relieved with simple massage.

Dr. Newdell tells several interesting stories that help you get a doctor’s view of health care and patient’s problems. Here’s one you’ll like:

It’s amazing how much many people don’t know and need to understand. I remember this young man coming in. He was a logger in the forest. Most of these fellows have a minimal education, but they’re very big and strong so they make their living cutting tress. He said his back hurt and then he said, “You know every time you turn on a bolt you wear it out a bit.” I had no idea where that came from. I just continued my exam and then he said it again. “Every time you twist on a bolt you wear it out a bit more.”

I answered; “What do you mean by that? You’ve said it twice now. What does that have to do with  your back pain?”  

He thought that bones are dead, dry sticks like iron and he expected that if anyone adjusted his spine into proper alignment it would wear the joints out and cause later life arthritis or something. — He had no idea what he was talking about.

I explained how the joint self-lubricates WHEN it is properly aligned and that if it is not properly aligned it ceases to lubricate itself and then it develops arthritis. A continually maintained spine will look excellent by proof of x-ray photos even to age 90.

          In this big picture you see the synovial layer which produces a lubricating fluid. This is an envelope surrounding the joint to hold the synovial fluid in its place to continually lubricate that joint in motion. (This is a knee joint, but all of them work similarly.)

This is a problem I and many other doctors run into with people who dropped out of a poorly run high school and had no college, never read anything but insist they know more than doctors. The nurses tell me they laugh in their discussions about this or that patient who came in and say …. “They’re a bunch of high school dropouts but they all imagine they’ve been through medical college.”  Actually I think that is a symptom of a much larger problem. Lacking education on this subject they want answers and finally accept that what they imagine must be true. Their imagination is not truth. I can provide the truth to help you, and that’s what I’ve done all through these volumes.

Tony here:  I have written advertising for several health-advice books my employer has sold. In over 20-years working with him, I have never seen anything like this 3-volume set. Not printed by my employer’s firm and not by any of our friendly competitors. Over 20-years, I’ve seen a lot. It’s my job to know what’s offered and how the advertising has been written. Nothing compares to what I have seen Dr. Newdell produce. He’s a voracious reader and a prodigious writer.

Let’s look at the opening pages of Volume #3 as Dr. Steve finishes the internal organs and then goes into the most complete back-pain care volume I have ever seen! I’ve learned things from him I have never heard a hint about, or seen until now. I wish I could walk into your home with this as a hard back book and just open it and say, “look at this, and this and this!” ummm, sorry I can’t do that. But this way the book is very complete and much less expensive.

No shipping costs, never gets wet or dog eared. It always looks like new. I think you’ll love it and I’ll tell you in a while that you cannot be dissatisfied. I’ll explain that, how and why in a few moments, but first, take a look at the table of contents to Volume #3.



Good Health Guide

Balanced Medical and Natural Approaches:

Volume 3 of 3  

284  pages  60,603  words

Dr. Stephen Newdell, Editor and Contributing Author

Intended for those uneducated in health-care.

More about Internal Organs, Disease avoidance,

Back Pain Avoidance & Care

Table of Contents Volume 3

The Liver  13

Where your liver is, and what it looks like. 14

How your liver affects digestion and absorption. 14

What are the metabolic functions of your liver?. 14

How does your liver affect blood clotting?. 15

What other proteins does your liver make?. 15

Hormonal functions of your liver. 15

Your liver’s role in breaking down unwanted substances. 16

The liver, truly an amazing organ! 16

Liver Facts. 16

Liver Basics  18

Acute. 19

Chronic. 20

Results of liver enzyme tests. 22

Low level of liver enzymes in blood: 22

Higher than normal level of liver enzymes in blood: 22

Liver disease Overview   25

Symptoms. 26

When to see a doctor. 26

Causes. 26

Infection. 26

Immune system abnormality. 27

Genetics. 27

Examples include: 28

Cancer and other growths. 28

Risk factors. 28

Complications. 29

Prevention. 29

Symptoms. 30

Tendency to bruise easily. 31

When to see a doctor. 31

Common Gallbladder Problems: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention   31

Signs and Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems. 32

Common Questions & Answers. 33

Causes and Risk Factors of 33

Gallbladder Problems. 33

Exercise to Prevent Gallbladder Problems. 34

The Link between Headaches and Gallbladder Problems. 35

Can Acupuncture Cure a Headache or Migraine Headache?. 35

When and Where to Seek Treatment 36

Signs of Gallbladder Complications. 36

The Link Between   37

Gallbladder Problems and Diabetes  37

How to Manage Diabetes to. 38

Prevent Gallbladder Problems. 38

Know the Symptoms of a Gallbladder Problem.. 39

Getting Treatment for Gallbladder Problems When You Have Diabetes. 39

How Are Gallbladder. 40

Problems Diagnosed?. 40

Diagnosing Gallbladder Cancer. 41

Diagnosing Gallbladder Polyps. 42

Prognosis of Gallbladder Problems. 42

Duration of Gallbladder Problems. 42

Treatment and Medication Options. 42

for Gallbladder Problems. 42

Gallbladder Surgery. 43

Medication Options. 44

Alternative and Complementary Therapies. 44

Prevention of Gallbladder Problems. 44

  1. Take Preventative Medication. 45

Complications of Gallbladder Problems. 45

More Ways to Prevent Gallstones — Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise helps to reduce your risk of gallstones. 46

  1. Lose Weight Gradually, Not Rapidly. 47
  2. Eat Healthfully. 48

3 Common Push Up Mistakes & How to Correct Them    51


A newer test doctors use to determine general health and longevity is ability to get down to the floor and up again. The squat ability is important but do it so you can’t fall and be harmed. The chair squat is a safe way to do this. 57

I like this method very much. It’s better for your knees doing this way. You can use your hands to hold something like a table leg for example, or perhaps you have a water spigot/faucet installed somewhere to hold. This will allow you to better stabilize yourself. Do a few daily and finally reach ability to do 18 or 20 repetitions, 2 or 3 sets within a half hour. 57

Recommended Vegetable Oils. 57

These are the “better-for-you” oils. 57

You can usually use cooking oils just like solid cooking fats. For example: 58

Tips for cooking with healthy oils: 58

How Many People Have Gallbladder Trouble?. 59

Ethnicity Related to Gallbladder Problems. 59

Related Conditions of Gallbladder Problems. 60

Gallstones vs. Kidney Stones. 60

Gallstones. 60

Kidney Stones. 61

Symptoms of Gallstones and Kidney Stones. 62

Gallstones and Kidney Stones Can Be Prevented. 62

Kidney Health and Disease Basics  63

Chronic kidney disease. 64

Kidney stones. 64

Glomerulonephritis. 65

Polycystic kidney disease. 65

Urinary tract infections. 65

The symptoms of kidney disease. 65

How is kidney disease diagnosed?. 66

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR). 67

Ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) Scan. 67

Kidney biopsy. 67

Urine test 67

Blood creatinine test 67

How is kidney disease treated?. 67

Drugs and medication. 68

Dietary and lifestyle changes. 68

Dialysis and kidney disease. 68

Hemodialysis. 69

Peritoneal dialysis. 69

The long-term outlook for a kidney disease patiet 70

How to prevent kidney disease. 70

Be careful with over-the-counter drugs. 70

Get tested. 71

Limit certain foods. 71

Calcium Supplements. 71

The preferred calcium supplement for people at risk of stone formation is calcium citrate because it helps to increase urinary citrate excretion. We recommend a dose of 200–400 mg if dietary calcium cannot be increased. 71

Calcium Carbonate Supplements May Be Tied to Kidney Stone Risk. 71

The most healthful calcium sources are green leafy vegetables and legumes, or “greens and beans” for short. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale, mustard greens, and other greens are loaded with highly absorbable calcium and a host of other healthful nutrients. 72

How to Keep It There. 73

Hormone Supplements Have Serious Risks. 74

Reversing Osteoporosis. 74

Osteoporosis in Men. 75

References. 77

Renal diseases in the tropics  79

Abstract 79

Heart Disease: Types, Causes, 80

In this Article. 80

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). 81

Heart Failure. 82

Heart Valve Disease. 82

Pericardial Disease. 83

Cardiomyopathy (Heart Muscle Disease). 83

Congenital Heart Disease. 83

Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin. 85

  1. Protect yourself from the sun. 85
  2. Don’t smoke (we’ve read this before). 85
  3. Treat your skin gently. 86
  4. Eat a healthy diet 86
  5. Manage stress. 87

Preventing Skin Infections  87

“Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. 87

What is the most important way to prevent the spread of skin infections?. 87

As an athlete, what can I do to prevent getting or spreading skin infections?. 88

What should coaches, trainers, or other authorized persons do to reduce the spread of skin infections in athletes?. 90

What should schools and clubs do to prevent the spread of skin infections?. 91

Are there benefits to removing my pubic hair?. 92

Does shaving unwanted body hair make it grow back thicker and darker?. 93

Chronic Skin Problems  93

4 treatable skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer  94

What are skin diseases?. 95

Types of skin diseases. 96

What are the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer?. 96

Causes of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer. 98

Complications of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer. 98

How dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer are diagnosed. 99

How dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer are treated. 99



64 Terms That Describe Gender Identity and Expression. 107


Physically fit women during pregnancy should get their doctor’s advice but generally a gain of 25 pounds or 12 kilos is enough during pregnancy and lose most of it after the child is born. 110

  1. ENGAGE IN SAFE SEX, or abstain.. 110

Global HIV & AIDS statistics — Fact sheet. 116

Global HIV & AIDS statistics — Fact sheet | UNAIDS. 117


Ways to Protect your Sexual & Reproductive Health Simply and Easily  122

Get immediate treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 122

Quit smoking. 123

Getting contraception. 123

Controlling weight. 124

Taking care of your health. 124

Quit drinking. 124

Nurture your relationship. 124

Take supplements. 125

Foods to eat while trying to conceive. 125

Whole grains and fiber-rich foods. 125

Fruits and vegetables that are clean. 125

Omega 3 fatty acids. 126

Plant sources of protein. 126

Foods to avoid while trying to conceive. 126

Processed foods. 126

Avoid Caffeine. 126

In Summary. 127

References. 127

Abortion trends in Singapore: a 25-year review   127

Abstract 127

Ways To Keep The Male Reproductive System Healthy  128

  1. Regularly screen for STD’s. 129
  2. Practice good Hygiene. 129
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 129
  4. Quit smoking. 129
  5. Visit your doctor. 129

Regularly Screen for STD’s. 129

Practice Good Hygiene. 129

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle. 129

Quit Smoking. 130

Visit Your Doctor. 130

Kegel exercises for men: Understand the benefits. 130


Information about the causes of candida albicans (a systemic yeast infection). 140

What is Candida?. 140

Diagnosing Candida. 140

What Causes Candida?. 141

Help for Candida. 141

Additional Information on Candida. 141









YEAST INFECTION is not a Urinary Tract Infection. 146







Infection Recurrence. 149

What is a Yeast infection?. 149

Symptoms. 150

How a yeast infection is diagnosed. 151

Why do yeast infections affect women mostly during pregnancy?. 151

What is the safest way to deal with a yeast infection during pregnancy?. 152

Home remedies for a yeast infection. 152

Pure and unprocessed honey. 153

Coconut oil 153

Apple Cider Vinegar. 153


Nonbarrier contraceptives and vaginitis and vaginosis  154

Abstract 155

Similar articles. 156

Cited by 2 articles. 157

Types of Condoms and Pros and Cons of Each   157

Keeping Your Reproductive System Healthy. 160

Summary. 162

Massage Will Reduce Lower Back Pain   164

What are the causes of lower back pain?. 164

The symptoms of lower back pain. 168

How does massage help lower back pain?. 168

Recommended massage for lower back pain. 169

Get the help you need this week. 170

Safe lifting tips-Healthy body  171

Think before you lift 171

Keep the load close to the waist 172

Adopt a stable position. 173

Ensure a good hold on the load. 173

Do not bend your back when lifting. 173

Do not bend the back any further while lifting. 173

Do not twist when you lift 173

Look ahead. 174

Move smoothly. 174

Know your limits. 174

Lower down, then adjust 174

How to Massage the Lower Back  178

Doing a Massage on Yourself: Several ideas. 179

Self-massage techniques. 181

  1. To relax and get rid of pain in the shoulders and neck with pressure points. 181
  2. Relieve back pain with a tennis ball. 182
  3. Get rid of pain in your neck and back with a hot towel. 183

Getting a massage from a therapist 184

  1. Shiatsu. 184
  2. Hot Stone Massage. 184

As the name suggests, warm smooth stones are placed on key points on your body and their warmth helps to remove tension from the muscles. As the muscles relax the therapist to get access to deeper muscle layers and remove pain. 184

  1. Ayurvedic Potli Massage. 184
  2. Thai “Yoga” Massage. 184
  3. Deep Tissue Massage. 185

I am a proponent of Swedish massage, which is recognized in the Western Hemisphere to be a very effective technique. It is used by nurses is hospitals with excellent results. Surgery patients who get massage regularly get well and are often released from the hospital sooner compared to those surgery patients who do not get massaged. I met a Filipina Nurse who did this in an American hospital. She did it just to help patients, and was not paid extra for it. One day one of the nurse management said, “We observe that your patients get well faster than other nurse’s patients. Why do you think that happens?”. 185

The nurse told me, “I was afraid to tell her. I was afraid I would lose my job if I did.” Now she is back in The Philippines and I’m telling her story. 185

Back Pain Relief for Top Heavy Women   186

  1. Try alternative exercise. 186
  2. Wear the right bra size. 187
  3. Weight Reduction. 187
  4. Medication. 188

Home Treatments for Upper Back Pain. 192

Stretches and Yoga. 192

Exercises. 194

Hot and Cold Therapy. 195

Back Braces. 195

Let’s look at the illustration next. 196

Lifestyle Changes Are More Viable. 197

Improving Posture. 197

Changing Your Environment 198

Design work and home spaces to promote healthy movement and back exercise. 205

Weight Loss. 205

Professional Treatments. 206

Pain Relief Medication. 206

Physical Therapy. 206

Chiropractic Care. 206

Corticosteroid Injections. 207

Surgery. 207

Acupuncture. 207

Massage Therapy. 207

Finding Relief from Upper Back Pain. 208

Safety with Thoracic Spine Treatment 208

How Stretching Reduces Upper Back Pain   209

More next page. 219

Seated Trunk Rotations, do these slowly and gently. I am cautious about you twisting fast with this. Young fitness buffs can do it. Older folks and injured people should be more careful. 220

Quadruped Rotation. 221

Thoracic Rotation Stretch. 222

Thoracic Extension. 225

Posture Stretches. 225

Laying Arm Extensions. 226

Prone W.. 226

Thoracic I, Y, and T Foam Roller Stretch. 227

Neck Stretches. 227

Chin Tucks. 227

Neck Flexion and Extension. 227

Seated Cervical Rotation. 228

How Often Should I Stretch?. 228

When to Stretch. 228

Tools that can help the stretching process: 228

Safe Stretching. 229

Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Your Sex Life  229

Even sex can be unpleasant when you have back pain. Here are some suggestions to help you. 229

Other Ways to Reduce Pain. 237

How to Use a “massage gun”  Effectively  239

Theragun Prime. 240

How Do Massage Guns Work?. 241

How Do You Use a Massage Gun?. 241

How Do You Use a Massage Gun Before a Workout?. 241

Hyperice Hypervolt GO. 242

How Do You Use a Massage Gun During a Workout?. 243

How Do You Use a Massage Gun After a Workout?. 243

How Often Should You Use a Massage Gun?. 243

Sportneer Deep Tissue Massage Gun. 243

AdsFit Mini Massage Gun. 244


You know when I look at all of this I think, “This one volume could easily sell for $35. Is this the big moment when I’m going to drop the big surprise and tell you the book set is over one-hundred dollars? NO. Not even close. You won’t pay that much.

I’m sure I could price the set for $69.99 and many would buy at that price. I’m sure it’s worth it too. But NO, Dr. Newdell won’t allow you to pay that much. He wants a price that fits conveniently for more of the Singapore population. And….We know economics and income are not what they were. We have to be sensitive to that.

I’m continuing with you here to be sure you’re getting a full sampling of these three volumes and all they can do for you at an impossibly low price.

This, for me, is the most controversial part of this discussion. I’m mildly annoyed with Steve. I think he should charge more for these volumes. He finally promised after 2 months we’ll review and perhaps raise prices then.

There is so much here and it’s very well thought out to teach and review simultaneously. As you read through all of it you are learning and reviewing and you are developing complete understanding which you will remember. Dr. Steve is a natural teacher. He has a natural interest since childhood about how teaching and learning works, or should work. I’ve been to a class he ran and he’s very good.

I can’t come to your home and show you these volumes, but I can give you the tables of contents so you saw what’s here. We are continuing to handle the last of organs, liver and gall bladder, and then we’ll move into back care, strength and stretching exercises, kidney and heart and then skin.

The medical doctors see the skins is sick and as always they don’t go find the source of the problem. They attack the symptoms so they wage war against the skin making the problem worse! Who among them would imagine that the digestive system is the source of the skin problems? Dr. Steve knows. He had terrible skin problems from age 12 and it continued to age 27 and then he met a Naturopathic doctor who explained the missing link he needed to know. His skin trouble cleared up in 3 weeks!  So, yes we do go back briefly to discuss the digestion and the review is good because you’ll remember this forever.

I’ve read enough. Take me to the Purchase page!>>>

US Residents Purchase From This Page. 

We continue from head to toes. Dr. Newdell discusses the reproductive system and how to protect and maintain it to be healthy and avoid diseases. This is absolutely vitally important. Americans are afraid to talk about this as educated, civilized people should.

I think Asians are more open minded about regenerative arts and health of the reproductive system. A German actress in the 1920’s once said, sometime like, ‘For Americans sex is always a crisis.’ So the Americans UNDER-did sex for decades and now their young people are OVER-doing it and getting every sexually transmitted disease anyone ever named. Dr. Newdell covers this subject for women and for men.

Briefly Volume 3 goes over this subject in a very professional manner using articles from various clinics. Dr. Steve links them all together with commentary here and there. Finally he gives references for more if you want to read further.

There’s so much valuable information in these books I can hardly believe it.

Finally we get into massage for low back pain. He will be publishing a massage at home book available soon. His massage for couples classes were always filled to capacity. It’s no wonder people even return for refresher courses. He plans to teach readers how to do back pain massage and reduce their health expenses, and pains, even more!

He covers how to lift safely on pg 168

How to do massage for the low back on pg 175


Here’s more for you from the Table of Contents you saw.

Massage Will Reduce Lower Back Pain   161

What are the causes of lower back pain?. 162

The symptoms of lower back pain. 165

How does massage help lower back pain?. 165

Recommended massage for lower back pain. 166

How to Massage the Lower Back  175

Doing a Massage on Yourself: Several ideas. 176

Self-massage techniques. 178

To relax and get rid of pain in the shoulders and neck with pressure points. 178
Relieve back pain with a tennis ball. 179
Get rid of pain in your neck and back with a hot towel. 180

Getting a massage from a therapist 181

Shiatsu. 181
Hot Stone Massage. 181

As the name suggests, warm smooth stones are placed on key points on your body and their warmth helps to  181

Ayurvedic Potli Massage. 181
Thai “Yoga” Massage. 181
Deep Tissue Massage. 182

I am a proponent of Swedish massage, which is recognized in the Western Hemisphere to be a very effective technique. It is used by nurses is hospitals with excellent results. Surgery patients who get massage regularly get well and. 182

The lady told me, “I was afraid to tell her. I was afraid I would lose my job if I did.” Now she is back in The Philippines and I’m telling her story. 182

Back Pain Relief Tips for Top Heavy Women   183

Home Treatments for Upper Back Pain. 189

 Stretches and Yoga. 189

Exercises. 191

Hot and Cold Therapy. 192

Back Braces. 192

Let’s look at the illustration next. 193

Lifestyle Changes Are More Viable. 193

Improving Posture. 194

Changing Your Environment 194

Design work and home spaces to promote healthy movement and back exercise. 202

Weight Loss. 202

Professional Treatments. 203

Pain Relief Medication. 203

Physical Therapy. 203

Chiropractic Care. 203

Corticosteroid Injections. 204

Surgery. 204

Acupuncture. 204

Massage Therapy. 204

Finding Relief from Upper Back Pain. 204

Safety with Thoracic Spine Treatment  ……………………………………………………………………205

On page 183 he gives more back pain relief tips. He goes into at home treatments you can do, posture, weight reduction information.

He even covers how to design your desk work space on page 202.

He covers professional treatments as you see here. No, you do not have to read it all at once but if you read for 10 or 15 minutes every day over a short time you’ll learn more than you ever thought you could. I, Tony, I have done that and I’m very happy I did.

Dr. Steve covers the entire spine up to the neck and to the base of your skull. And then as you see in the Table of Contents he adds a few drawings to help people with back pain have more comfortable and happy sex lives. They’re only drawings and they’re not insulting to the modest man or woman. They really will help you if you need this.

He really is including here some materials from other books he wrote about massage and sensual massage, and exercise, and helping us restore our spine into proper alignment.

Dr. Newdell gives us a LOT of information here. I really am completely amazed.

When I asked him why he gave so much he said it was to prove that he does good quality work and wants a reputation for giving more than you paid for. He certainly did that.

As a final wind up and sort of bonus information he discusses massage machines called a “massage gun” and how they’re used. The professional quality ones are not cheap but they’re very effective and will work for many years if cared for correctly. That takes us to the end of the book on page 241.

I want to remind you there are more articles coming out each week. They are Free to read and of course you can keep them for yourself or go back to the archive and see them again as they are placed on his website. That archive all alone is worth at least $49/year but you’ll get it free!

Good Gracious! The entire book set is worth at least a hundred US dollars but you won’t pay that price because Dr. Newdell insists the book set should be affordable for nearly everyone. He said, “If they can pay so much for shoes or a shirt, they can afford my books and that’s what I want.”

You know what you pay to doctors for visits. Often those doctors rendered an opinion and they were wrong. Their treatment is not working. You might go to several doctors seeking help and what Dr. Newdell teaches could have PREVENTED this, or healed you!

What I’m saying here is, a few useful articles and understandings given to you in these article compilations can keep you healthy and reduce your health care expenses by MUCH more than the cost of doctor’s visits. The book set will repay its cost to you many times over.

In Volume 3 you’ll learn so much you’ll come out of all of this a bit dizzy and amazed. If you tell some of what you know to new acquaintances they may ask if you’re a doctor!

  • Day by day, reading by reading you’ll gain such an advantage over others who don’t know this information,
  • You’ll gain great health and money saving benefits that will serve you all of your life.
  • You’ll really save a fortune in health-care you never needed.
  • You’ll have a much greater quality of life, and
  • The books when applied will prevent diseases and help you enjoy a much longer life.

And to think Dr. Newdell is selling it all for less than the price of a new blouse or a better scarf or tie. It’s really a bit unbelievable to me.

I’ve read enough. Take me to the Purchase page!>>>

US Residents Purchase From This Page. 

As I said, I write advertising for that big publishing company Dr. Newdell consulted. The sales manager said the book set was worth at least $99 and then they conversed and he said, “For you, I’ll produce and sell the set for $89 and Dr. Steve said, “No, because that takes the product out of reach of the audience that needs it most.

Finally Dr. Steve said he would try selling it himself as electronic books – that is PDF files and ….well….We think you’re getting a book set worth more than a hundred dollars for an impossibly low price.

I settled with Dr. Steve and we agreed that I would work with him on this project with the understanding that if the book set sells well we’ll increase the price. He finally said, “Alright, let’s review sales and pricing after 2 months.” So we agreed to talk about it again.

I’m just advising you; This offer is really for a limited time and there’s no way to tell how long that will be. If I have my way we’ll raise the price and continue to do so until we find a price that is comfortable for readers and a bit more profitable. As an advertising writer I get paid based upon sales figures. The more we sell the more I earn. That’s the way it works in the advertising industry.

I’ll work with Steve on the advertising writing and rewriting and improving, and testing and website appearance, colors and pictures and so on. My job is to sell books – or else I’m out of a job!

We’ll give it a few months and see if the price is right or too low.

These books are much more than entertaining reading and a way to reduce health-care costs. Each of the three volumes are also about your survival. They are intended to provide instructions as to how you can live a longer and healthier life free of pain, and full of energy for all the productive work and fun activities you like to do.

There are economic troubles all over the world, growing worse, and many of us really MUST find ways to stay healthy and reduce living expensive.

What would happen to your life if you reduced expenses by another $300/month? Even by $800/month? Steve had a patient whose expenses dropped by $800 per month because of his work and advice. So, you see, it’s not impossible.

When you get well and no longer need to continually buy medicines, you are reminded again of what benefit this set of health-providing volumes has given you.

These book really are about a very practical survival skill. You’ll discover how to stay healthy using natural healing methods that don’t cover symptoms, they REALLY get you WELL!

The FREE newsletter offered with your positive decision will save you even more money; keeping you healthy (avoiding more medical expenses) and living decently. This information is great for use at home, AND also in many ways reduces expenses. You’ll get healthier and stay healthy and able bodied during these difficult times.

The news articles include medical physician’s advice and natural healing and herbal cure advice too. The information coming along about using herbs to stay healthy all by itself will save lives and save a fortune.

Think about this before you jump to an answer. Are you one of those who has been “trained” since youth to believe that pharmaceuticals are the answer to everything? Have you been quick to answer, “They have a medicine for that, don’t they?”

Big surprise; When you look at the numbers carefully you realize patients are not getting well. They’re getting medicated to cover symptoms all of their lives at a vast cost.

Conversely, changing some of our daily eating, sleeping, and exercise habits can dramatically improve our health and get us off the medications. We get healthy and remain healthy for years.

That woman patient who told me, my work had reduced her medications and reduced her expenses by S$1067 per month, surprised me with such a large money figure! All I did was adjust her spine to remove pressure from vital nerves and get her to eat properly and follow a few other simple instructions.

She was amazed at the results. I suppose she may have been skeptical but she tried because she desperately wanted to get well and she not only got well. She cleared up many symptoms she had not mentioned in her health case history and first exam.

As you read and make new discoveries, you’ll realize many questions you have had for years are being answered. You’ll gain a feeling of confidence and a realization of accomplishment. It’s wonderful to know how your body works and how to keep it healthy.

I know because Dr. Newdell has done a great service for me. I thought my writing would only be helpful to him. But, in truth this has been a great exchange. I can help him communicate to you what he offers. He has given me a new body of knowledge and health wisdom I’ll use for the rest of my life, for myself and my family.

You’ll enjoy a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing you are making your body healthier every day, and saving money too. That additional $300 or much more left over at the end of the month can make a huge difference in your life style and future plans.  

There’s More Than Sufficient Justification To Own This Book Series!

And while I’m chatting to you, I’ll say upfront here, Your Purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed or You’ll Get Your Money Back!

I’ve read enough. Take me to the Purchase page!>>>

When you think about that for a moment you realize, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What else is there left to think about? How would you like to pay for it?

Payment is through PayPal. They give you 6-months guaranteed satisfaction or you get your money back and Dr. Newdell guarantees it for that length of time too. You really cannot lose anything on this offer. If after giving the books a careful reading you think they’re not worth their remarkably reasonable price you can keep them (they are pdf documents downloaded to your computer) and request your money back. You’ll be refunded promptly with no protest.

Buy the books and if you think Dr. Newdell and I didn’t live up to our promises, the books are yours to keep and you’ll still get your money back. No one can be fairer than that!

The USA is in real economic trouble and that trouble spills into everyone else’s wok all over the world. Our income may go down and our food and fossil fuel prices are presently rising!

Predictions say we should expect more rising food and fuel costs. We also know health care costs are rising much too fast! At this rate “they” are pushing us into the poor house!

I’m afraid most Asians don’t see American news and watch American economists talking in interviews. Consequently, they don’t understand just how much trouble the American government and central banks really are facing.

This is why….

  • Understanding all you can about how to care for yourself and your family,
  • and how to use natural healing methods to reduce health-care expenses …

… are skills that will rescue you. This can really provide survival money for other expenses day after day, week after week, while the world does whatever it will do and finally restores its financial stability.

The best economists looking at this chain of events say it points to a new reality. They advise us to adapt to problems with weak supply chains, constant shortages, higher food, medicine and housing costs, higher prices for petroleum products, and higher prices for nearly everything manufactured and shipped!

Tourism will pick up in future, but for a different reason. Now it will be tourists looking for a way to settle and live where business life is better. Most of the astute businesspeople want to leave the USA forever! They are looking at Dubai, at European cities, and at Singapore!

Summing Up: Having this inexpensive 3-Volume set will improve your life dramatically and reduce your expenses too. Really, when you think about how much money it will save for you, you should not go through the next years ahead of you without it.

VERY IMPORTANT After you make your payment wait and watch for a receipt page. That page has the links for each of the four volumes. All of it is on that receipt page. Click each link to download your volumes into the Downloads file, or any other file you like. I personally like it copied to my desk top.

Considering the Money Back Guarantee, what justification is there to say “no?” Many people think they’re unique saying, “I have to think about it.” I worked as a salesman for years and heard many say that. It’s not unique. It’s just a subconscious fear of trying anything new. It’s too easy to fear and do nothing and then forget about the offer entirely. Then, one day you wake up sick and painful and you realize, “I should have bought that set of books from Dr. Newdell.”

Right click on all PDF links from an Adobe PDF. Right click on this. or copy/paste this into the address bar above.

I’ve read enough. Take me to the Purchase page!>>>

US Residents Purchase From This Page. 

There’s no risk and only a potential gain. There’s nothing left to think about!

My employer, the publisher who is a friend to Dr. Newdell suggested the price should be 89 dollars!

Dr. Newdell said, “Ahh, No!

Not for $89 no, No! It’s too much. I want this to be affordable for everyone.”

Even with a 33% discount taking the price to under $60 – that’s too much. Dr. Steve thinks, ‘The people who need the book most can’t afford it.’

We decided that we want to make this available for a limited time for a very deep discount. Right now, as a market test, for a limited audience the entire series is selling for S$11.66/book, which is a total of just S$34.99. We don’t sell the volumes separate. You’ll get the entire set for just S$34.99. It’s the best health-care information bargain you’ll see this year.

And the Newsletter articles that are published each week are included FREE. They’re a $49 value but they’ll coming to you FREE.

The series sells through PayPal, which really is everyone’s favorite way to pay. You can pay with most popular bank cards.

From the PayPal Website:  “ PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal balance, a bank account, PayPal Credit, (other non-PayPal) debit or credit cards, and the PayPal rewards balance. More about their up-to-date payment methods here:


You have nothing to lose because




Well, …. what will you lose if you don’t buy? You might never get well of whatever misery you have. You might get a lot sicker. You might have a few symptoms that seem like nothing and they turn into such a torrent of trouble it would seem like the worst disaster of your life! Why lose your health or slip into an even more precarious position when you can prevent this with such an inexpensive purchase? I can’t think of any reason to do that.

I’ve never seen a book like this series. It’s filled with big long articles authored by several health experts and edited by Dr. Newdell. Dr. Newdell has added many pictures to help you see as he explains so you really can understand what he is offering. It’s extremely complete. Even the table of contents is complete, taking you to a point of your interest in seconds!

REMEMBER These volumes are PDF downloads (4 of them) and they’ll come to your desk in less than 1-minute after you make your payment

VERY IMPORTANT After you make your payment wait and watch for a receipt page. That page has the links for each of the four volumes. All of it is on that receipt page. Click each link to download your volumes into the Downloads file, or any other file you like. I personally like it copied to my desk top.

Right now, the 3-Volume set is yours for just S$34.99, and our computer will rush it to you to save on your desk top or in your “Downloads” folder in less than a minute after you complete your purchase. Remember to watch for the receipt page. It comes up immediately after you make your payment and the links you need to download your books are on that page. You can also copy/paste and save the page. Put the books and the receipt into a file folder for future reference.

Dr. Newdell is reachable by email to answer questions. We have never had a problem but there’s always a first time. If there’s a problem for you, Dr. Newdell is committed to resolving all issues fairly and he’ll make every effort to set everything right to your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to write to him. His email address is on the receipt page and in this website.

This book series Dr. Newdell’s Long Life, Good Health Series could save you thousands of dollars year after year. Order Yours Now for the ridiculously low price of just S$34.99..

There are 3 honest reasons why customers don’t buy.

  1. The offer is for a product they don’t want. The prospective buyer sees no use in this product. He/She perceives it won’t help him or her. That’s alright.
  2. The customer doesn’t like the salesperson or the company he represents. Those of us who made our living in sales work must do our best to represent honest businesses. If we get a reputation for representing bad businesses we’ll go hungry!
  3. The price seems too high.

So…. I’ll go through my answers to these:

1. You clicked on the advertisement, so that tells me you would like to know how to stay healthy and retain much of your youth for the rest of your life. You would also like to do this at a lower cost to help keep your costs of living down. That’s a wise decision. I think we are both in 100% agreement about that goal.

2.  If you’re like me and you like my product you might be thinking, “I want to own this, if I can afford it.” As for me, I’m sure I would like you and want to help you. I seem to like every Asian I have ever met! I like Chinese people and Koreans and Thai and Vietnamese, and Filipinos, and Indians. I’ve even met 4 Japanese people on an air-flight, and liked them too.

I researched the material to build these three books and I’ve been as honest as I know how to be, in providing more than I have explained. There are hints and tips all through these books to help you meet our goal of keeping you healthy at lower cost.

3.  I can expect then, that the only issue is about money. If this was a “big ticket item” like real estate I could help you arrange monthly mortgage payments.  That idea won’t apply here. The Weekly Newsletter worth about S$49 is free-of-charge, and the 3 books together are worth at least eighty-nine SG dollars. We know this information will save that much money for you in the first month or two as you apply what it teaches. So really, in my opinion, the book won’t cost, it pays. It will repay its cost and continue to save you much more than you ever might pay for it, even if years from now you can’t remember what you paid for it. That leads me to this conclusion.

There’s really nothing left to “think about.” These three books together will save more than they cost and serve you for the rest of your life. If you don’t buy today you  might forget all about this offer. You’ll trap yourself into being sickly and paying too much for health-care forever!

Get my offer NOW at the low introductory price. 

Right now, the 3-Volume set is yours for just S$34.99

Click the Buy Now Button a little lower down the page and have the three book series sale priced TODAY for just (Singapore Dollars) S$34.99. Pay through Pay Pal, most Credit and Debit Cards are accepted. You don’t need a Pay Pal Account. Just pay with your card as you normally do.

HOW TO GET IT?  When you make your payment just wait for the receipt page to appear. That page contains links to all three books. Click on each link and download each book in turn to your downloads file or desktop, or some other location you prefer. I’m not sending anything to you in email, and I am trusting you to be honest and honorable. Please don’t give my many hours of work away. Your compliments and recommendations to friends are appreciated. I am not in any way “wealthy.” I have to continue working as you do, so the little I earn from these books helps me survive and keep the website operating. That will permit me to send you more health tips so we all can have a healthier future.

What is this bonus book?

Book #4 Free Bonus  is a little course developed in a U.S. Government Department of Labor office explaining safe lifting techniques. It is given to employers and they give copies to employees and also have charts on the walls as reminders. In future issues of my newsletter I will give even more methods I have developed to move heavy items safely and avoid injuring your back. The bonus booklet is free and everyone should have a copy. It appears on the “thank you” also called “receipt page” which comes up after your purchase is completed. Click on each link in turn giving time for each book to download.  Each book will come to you as an Adobe PDF. I suggest you should save them in a file folder on your desk top.

.Right click on the blue link or use this

GO TO THIS PAGE And Get Yours Now>>>

Take me to the Purchase page!>>>

US Residents Purchase From This Page. 

For your kind attention, I sincerely thank you,

Tony Napolitano, and

Dr. Stephen Newdell


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