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Micro Bakery

Micro Bakery

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Micro Bakery is known for its moreish artisanal baked goods. The scent of cakes and freshly baked bread invites you into their shop. Everything is made using only organic ingredients. Their products are excellent and in great demand. It’s better for them and for you to place your orders early, even the day before you want it delivered and ask for delivery to your home, or say you’ll come and pick-up.

Micro Bakery is located at 10 Jln Serene, #01-05 Serene Centre, Singapore 258748, p.+65 8339 4133; The Red House, 63 East Coast Rd, #01-06, Singapore 428776, p.+65 8879 4890. Open Wed-Sun 8:30 am – 5 pm. Delivery is available via Oddle on their website.


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