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More Customer Traffic Lesson 1 Sample

More Customer Traffic

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 The e-Magazine As A Marketing Medium

Lesson 1

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We have arrived in a digital age, and while print has its place, it is much less expensive to produce an Internet or Electronic Magazine that brings YOUR OFFER to customers.

E-magazines are an ideal medium with the ability to bring exposure and customers to restaurants and merchants.

The e-magazine can be changed any time. If there’s a mistake, or necessary change the work can be done without delay, and often at very low cost. Compare this to print (ink on paper.) Once the paper is released to the public what is there is permanent. If you accidentally told the world you are open until 2 AM but meant 2 PM, you’re stuck now with this problem you have created. But with an electronic magazine, you can call and the change can be made instantly.

E-magazines can link a small ad to a bigger “Landing Page” or a single-page website all housed within the e-magazine. The Single Page Website can be expanded into 3 or 5 pages for relatively low cost and all of it hosted within the e-magazine reducing your cost and the myriad troubles that are involved in producing and publishing websites.

Additionally, the “magazine” can be seen on a desktop PC, Lap Top computer, a cell phone, or a tablet phone. A lady standing on a sidewalk can look up the advertiser she wanted to visit on her phone, and even be directed there with an online map! No one in the recent past had such convenience, and it’s certainly not available in print.

More….the web page can contain a short video movie. Show your line of clothing or the interior of your restaurant or a 3-minute conversation with the Chef. No print magazine can do that.

Merchants, Cafes, and Restaurants can take the best advantage of a magazine’s niche audiences, reaching interested people at the time they are ready to buy. Your ad is not wasted on someone who doesn’t eat out, or can’t afford the cost of dining out.

As an example: A lady on the sidewalk meets a friend, they do some shopping and then one says, “Where can we go to eat?” They look through magazine for restaurants and cafes and find an alphabetical list of all advertisers therein, or look at a grid of advertising cafes and click on several that sound good. They make a choice, a map can be available. They can phone in to ask questions and arrive at the café they wanted, all of it taking place in an office or standing together on the sidewalk. It’s just amazing what new technology can do for us in Singapore!

We can reach the Dining-Out public any minute of the day or night and the advertisement is always clean, crisp and “just like new.”

Compare this to, for example, television and radio shows. In that medium, you pay much more to reach a huge audience, and most of them have no interest and are too far away to even consider coming to you. The ad comes on in the middle of the show and your intended audience gets up to go to the washroom! Your advertising dollars are being washed down the drain!

Being able to advertise to specific audiences also allows for the business manager to inform a current audience of a new product, a sale, a special offering for this weekend or the upcoming Holiday.

Place an ad to appear in Exciting Dining Weekend Edition and it appears on Wednesday, in time for everyone to plan the weekend. The ad is seen from Wednesday morning until Sunday night or very early Monday morning. It’s instant, it’s inexpensive, it reaches the right people in the right place at the right time, and then it vanishes. The café or restaurant manager made his/her special offer, gained more customer traffic and the offer vanishes on Sunday night. What can be better?

E-Magazines allow for fine color reproduction, which enhances and makes an advertisement appear more vibrant. That never happens with a newspaper ad. The newspaper gets wet, crumpled, ugly, leaves newsprint on hands and clothing, and is simply undesirable. It’s usually thrown away within 1 to 3 days. But the e-magazine article is neat and clean and is available any time the reader has decided, “This is the day. This is the right hour to do business.” There’s nothing to store and carry. The website is available anytime.

E-Magazines also have a high “pass along” value through social media and email. Friends tell friends and before long a special event at a hotel Chinese Restaurant can be known to the entire Singapore Chinese Community! What would YOU like to tell them? Perhaps you’ll announce a wedding or a newly born baby. Friends can send the link to the article and suddenly everyone is sending the link to ten friends. This is impossible with print but is a normal daily occurrence with a website magazine. Present your desire. I’ll happily open a Society Section and add a linking headline for this purpose.  is FREE. Everyone is welcome to see it. There’s no request to subscribe or sign in. Just go to and it opens. Click on a link to Restaurant and Café listings and every advertiser becomes immediately available. This helps customers who know your name. But, if they don’t know where to visit, the small display section will draw the eye and help the prospective customer find you! The magazine is extremely easy to navigate.

E-Magazines provide an obvious audience and are always up-to-date, stylish, and “trendy.”

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, and Merchants realize there is no other medium that so perfectly creates and fits a market audience and gets so much return for their advertising investment.

Singapore has no other medium that can do for your business what Singapore Shopper E-Magazine can do. The need has been unfulfilled for a long time. Now, we’re making headway to bring you more customer traffic and you’ll have an inexpensive way to bring in more customers and earn more money.

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