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Photographs, getting and sending them.

For Classified Display the photos are small and therefore you can take pictures with your cell phone and that’s usually good enough.


A few notes/comments about cafe/restaurant photos to improve or create a new “big page.”

If you have a preference for pointer ad photos, choose the one you like best and tell me “This is the one I want you to use for Pointer Ads”

You’re welcome to send better photos now or any time in the future. It’s best to hire a photographer who understands food photography and can make photo files that are big enough for magazines. I’ll feature up to 5-photos. Here is an example of a page that came out beautifully using photos he has on his web page. Yours can be just as beautiful and it’s worth doing because it will work for you and continue working for this year and on and on into the future.

In this example, the food looks beautiful and I have seen good reports from customers about his work. These are examples of work done by a professional photographer who understands food photography! You cannot do that with a cell phone. Newer phones are better but they are not able to do this!

I must clarify; I will use any photos of food or the restaurant that you send to me. We get ONE chance to make a first impression. I think making the first BEST impression with excellent photographs is worth whatever you pay for the photographer’s work. But I can put up any photos you send. Read on further to see more about photo sizes. A small photo cannot be enlarged to be very big. It goes blurry.

Your page can also include a photo of anything you want to say in any Chinese dialect you choose to write in. I suppose most will write in Mandarin. I don’t read or write any Chinese dialect. Whatever you send to me will be placed on the page as I receive it. You must send it as a photo. If it’s intended to be read VERTICAL rather than left to right, also tell me or SHOW me what you want. Just to be sure, show me top/bottom or “this end up” because I certainly don’t want to place it upside down!

For food photography I recommend you contact a local professional photographer. Ask if he is familiar with food photography. We will finally find a few we can recommend. Food photography is a specialty and requires time and knowledge to do it well. Continue reading for photo size information.

PLEASE INCLUDE any notes and requests in email to me: explaining what you want. If you’re not much of a writer, it’s okay. Just stumble through it as best you can and I’ll work with you for the rest. Send photos I can use either of yourself, or your business exterior or the reception area, or you and a patient smiling and pleased and anything she said about your care. The more YOU give me to work with the better I can do. No writer works in a vacuum. I need information with which I can build your advertising referral page. Start your note with Your name and the name of your restaurant or cafe.

Small Pointer Ad photos should be 40 – 175 px, larger pictures to 450 kb for higher detail. I can stretch a 450 kb photo to much larger and it will always look good. Larger is always better.

Display sizes will be on the order of (in px): Thumbnail 150 x 150, Medium 300 x 169, Fullsize 930 x 523

It is rare to use larger photos. Sometimes I use one nearly 1015 across but this is generally unnecessary.

Send photos to me with anything else you want to tell me, or anything else you want me to add to the page about the food. You can add prices here but I recommend against that because your prices to do business are likely to change quite a lot over the next 2 or 3 years. You can display a menu with me if you want it, but I must charge $1/minute for my time making frequent changes. Continue to contact me at this same address:


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