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Hello Dear Reader and New Friend,

If you were in a seminar with me today you would hear me say something no one imagines an advertising man would say. It is, “I don’t want to charge high prices.” And Why Not?

It’s because I’m doing my best to help YOU make a living and RIGHT NOW I’m making a special offer.

The First 35-new advertisers who commit to advertising in the Classified Display Section of Singapore Shopper Magazine for a year will get customers at a ridiculously low price.  (The link takes you to an example page  so you’ll see what you can have.)

I’m talking to YOU and I’ll show you how easily you can afford to launch your own business and earn a decent living.

I’m not going to get rich doing this. I only expect to make an honest living and I expect this to continue for several years. So why do it?

Because it helps you, it helps Singapore, and with dark clouds on the economic horizon, we all will have to work more and perhaps earn a little less. But…. “Thank God for the work and keep on working”…. It’s better than no job and often much better than working for someone else! 

I’m talking to YOU about YOUR business

and personal hopes, dreams, and plans.

I’m going to lay out for you the simple truth to tell you how you can have a better income and manage through the developing financial crisis. But, why should you trust and listen to me?

I’ve made my living in advertising sales half of my career life beginning as a teenager. These days I write sales and advertising material for clients. (I’m also an old retired doctor. I write a lot of health care information.) That’s how I’ve made my living for several years. My work is always successful.

Advertising copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Without bragging about “wonderful, glorious me” I’ll just say I understand sales and marketing because I’ve been studying the subject by reading the most successful advertising writers and marketers — essentially all of my life. I’ve been involved in sales and advertising for 55-years. 

They also say: :Don’t chase the newest thing.” Get working with someone who knows the business, and it’s safe to say, I DO know the business and how to guide your advertising to eyes that want what you offer.

The great ad agency managers say the best ad writers were salesman. The best ad men have been in sales work and I have proven after years of continuous study and testing and proving in my own real world, that  I’m qualified. I have the sales awards to prove my success from a big ad agency. You can trust I’ll help you Get More Customer Traffic.

I’m suspecting you have a job of some sort but it’s minimum wage, or the income is “not enough” and it seems endless and leads to retirement with nothing!

I’m guessing You desperately need to get the word out that you provide a service or make something you think the market wants. But, you have had no way to do that cheaply. Well, now you will! AND YOU MUST.

Without going into a discussion of economic cycles, or related Biblical Prophecy which has never been wrong, and which predicted what we’re moving into right now, I will simply tell you I know I’m right about this. Some of the smartest economists and trend analysts like Harry Dent, Peter Shiff, Jim Rogers and, Gerald Calente are saying the same thing.

We are heading into a financial crisis that grows worse and worse between now and the end of the year-2023 or mid-2024. Then we’ll see a gently beginning economic improvement. Our effort working together is to help you create another income stream and you can with your skills IF you can tell the city what you do to help them.

Of course, the problem is, advertising in Singapore is too expensive, and the local available media have been the wrong media reaching the wrong audience. If you’re sending a messae through them it’s going to the wrong audience! I’ll explain more in a minute.

You MUST have an income stream that YOU can control, and your own little business can do that, perhaps out of your home and if licensed, as a sole proprietor it’s simple, direct, and can keep you fed and housed.

The other wonderful things about being your own boss are that you never lose an argument with yourself, and only “the public” can fire you. They will do that, only if you have a reputation for bad work (or bad manners.)

If you do good work you can earn a decent living, take a day off each week, take time off for a vacation, or time to go to an event with your children, work the hours that make good sense to you, and pack money away for your older years.

I’m here to Rescue You!

The only way to survive this developing continuation of economic trouble is to have your own successful business producing a product, or providing a service local Singaporeans want and NEED. I recommend that you seek to provide products and services people can’t live without. When You provide the service or produce the products they NEED at a reasonable price, you’ll survive and prosper through this.

  • I’m not offering get-rich-quick schemes.
  • I’m not playing games with your mind.
  • I’m offering a way for you to tell the world you’re available to do something helpful for them and earn more money doing it.

Singapore Shopper Magazine is at least interesting as a catalog of places to dine out and retail shops to visit. As the magazine grows there will be more to see and enjoy, and the audience is growing and will continue to grow.

It also contains a developing Classified Display section and YOUR business should be in it. In the early 1900’s in the United States these “catalogs” or “Wish Books” as some called them, proved extremely popular. A tremendous sales cash flow was generated by these mail-ordered “Wish Books.” They were entertaining. So also is Singapore Shopper Magazine.

Some readers come to find a restaurant for tonight or the weekend. Others like to look and read because it’s entertaining for them, and they make notes of places they want to try sometime in their future.

I’m offering MORE than a simple small ad. The small boxed ad links to a big “landing page.” Click the dark red links on some of the ads to see what I mean. I will produce the landing page for you for just S$33. Thus, the first monthly fee is just S$63, and then pay just S$30/month thereafter and this can be paid in increments. That really is a bargain price. The monthly continuation of your ad is just $30/month. I think that’s the best offer you’ll find anywhere in Singapore. Actually, comparing with local newspapers in the US and elsewhere, I’m still offering much more for a lower price than anyone else I have seen.

I’ll take your words and up to 3 photos plus your contact information and create a page that will get read, and point readers to you. The page also has a visit counter so you can see how the numbers are progressing. Keep track of these numbers and over a year you’ll see that the advertising is getting visitors. Nothing in print does that for you.

If you wonder, “Is this helping me” the answer is in the page visit counter. You won’t say, “I hope it’s helping.” You can KNOW. You’ll have the numbers written down date by date.

You must reach the right audience with the right message at the right time for Mr. or Ms. Customer to buy. The Singapore Strait Times is not for a general audience. It’s mostly for big business, financial, and banking people. There are not many other papers around town. You’re between times of news print and times of Internet and not much for regular news “in print.”

<Buying a daily newspaper was a normal “way of life” event. Those days are gone.

Singapore lacks a cheap newspaper that generally everyone receives. That was the way of life years ago, before the Internet replaced them. Now, many cities have no newspaper. Advertising in The Strait Times is expensive and every other publication I’ve seen is expensive and does not reach the right readers.  And ….  IS for the audience that dines out or goes shopping. That covers a large percentage of your Singapore population. They also are people with homes and cars and motorcycles and thus needs for repairs and maintenance, and hair care, and clothing alternations or custom tailoring for children. They have many other desires to be fulfilled.

These days, many would be thankful for someone to cook for them, shop for them, deliver food to them, or pick up the dry cleaned clothing and do other odd jobs. 

Let’s presume you have some sort of skill; for example, you repair cell phones or fix cars, motorbikes, bicycles, do woodwork, cabinet making, remodel kitchens, do some seamstress work, do some welding, can do boat repairs, can care for pets, do beautician work; (just a few examples),  and

you know you could earn extra money if you could reach the right people at the right time with the message they need ….

…but you have not been able to do it cheaply.


I’ll help you have more customer traffic and you’ll help me make this magazine the site everyone knows and loves.

Strange little man…why won’t he charge more?

I don’t want to over-charge. I was born to a business family and know what this is about. It’s not a hobby. You NEED a business that meets your daily expenses and earns some extra money for a savings or investment account too.

I’m offering an advertising service for such a ridiculously low price, other media wouldn’t even consider trying to match it. All of this is intended to help you, help Singapore’s economy remain strong, and help me make Singapore Shopper a complete magazine. (As an amateur economist with an interest in geopolitics I have many reasons to want Singapore to continue to be a Free Enterprise Democratically Elected Representative Republic, allowing Free Market Forces to do their natural work. “Central Planning” in another big country cannot do this. All of such efforts have failed miserably. I want YOU and your local people to continue to prove that.)

When you order your ad placement in Singapore Shopper Magazine we reach a growing audience of people with money to buy and who are interested in paying for your help. They’re not across the world, they are In Singapore. They speak your language and understand your laws and culture.

This is important. People like doing business with their local community business operators. The ad I produce for you will always be clean and dry, good-looking, and available 24/7, day and night, every day. Nothing in print can match that statement.

Newspapers and small magazines generally lie around in a home for 3-days and then are thrown into the recycling bin. But YOUR ad will always be fresh, clean, like new, and always available to the right audience when they are ready to see it. You can’t beat that with anything better. There is nothing better.

And…. As new advertisers join in, all the money coming in is going to more and more Google Search and social media related advertising. Because of this ongoing effort, our reader numbers get bigger each month. The magazine has a small and continually growing audience.

I have several ways to give MORE exposure to the first 35-women and men who join me in this effort. You’ll get Much More than you’re buying. More than you expect and it WILL bring you customer traffic that I suspect you really Need! I have a developing blog that will be reaching out to followers and we know that really works. The Classified Display section will also be displayed in the blog. This makes the magazine “a wish book” and interesting to many readers. We’ve seen proof of that “wish book” concept since the early 1900s in the USA.

My point is, you’ll get more exposure than you’re paying for and it will bring customers to you for whatever you offer to do. It will be the best medium in the city. Better than yellow pages, better than newspapers, better than anything else I have seen offered online in Singapore.

The solution to your problem is to reach more eyes and “ears” with your message and Singapore Shopper Magazine is the best medium by which to reach them!

I’ve said enough. The Classified Ads Display page is here:  Look around and then go to the INSERTION ORDER page. There are no secret negotiations here. I’m giving you a direct price and it’s lower than anything else anyone offers. You are welcome to write a note and talk to me. Wire to me at: 

…..Yes  I have website “professional addresses” too. Too many of them. I like just reaching at Google with fewer steps involved.

I want to hear from You a year from now saying that your business is doing well and you’re happy to have decided to advertise in Singapore Shopper Magazine.

Best wishes for Your Success,

Stephen Newdell,


PS. What happens if you do nothing? Probably you’ll get nothing more than you’re getting now! Can you afford that? Would you happy or ashamed, or angry if you are in the same or a worse financial position by this date next year? Think that over. Do Nothing and you’ve made a decision to fail.

Order me to get busy producing advertising for you today. Earn a whole lot more this year.

You’ll be sending me up to 3 photos and your words which, with your permission, I’ll improve. You don’t have to write an advertisement, just explain what you do or what you sell.

Advertising people learn what words and phrases work and which ones don’t, so let me help. No one in the industry would make this service available at such a low price. Only me.

Right now get in for just S$63 to begin (that includes the cost of producing your “landing page”) and then the charge is just $30/month thereafter. I’m sure that’s the best offer you’ll find anywhere in Singapore.

Pay NOTHING until you have seen the ad and are satisfied with it. Working this way you risk nothing and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Once you approve I will invoice/bill you through PayPal. I don’t know any publisher making a fairer offer than this!

Look over and the sample Classified Advertising Page today and begin preparing for a better tomorrow.  Sample page being built now. Get in Early just S$30/month! SPECIAL OFFER: For the first 40 new classified ad clients, be in the classified display grid and several locations throughout the magazine all for just $30/month. These placements are added for you FREE and continue until the end of year 2021. After that you can purchase such placements.

As editor I’m flexible. I can produce ads, short or longer pages of pure advertising, or an advertorial (an article which is an editorial ending as an advertisement, linking to my ad pages or your website.) You just have to contact me and tell me what you want. We’ll work out what must be done and find a price that makes good sense to you!

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