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Poison Ivy

The world is filled with interesting people who sometimes pin interesting names on restaurants. If you were to ask me, an advertising man, “what’s in a name” I would answer you, “EVERYthing!”

This is a a strange name for a restaurant, but, news is, the food is good and the location is very pleasing. They have their own farm and raise their own fresh vegetables. You can’t get better than that! He calls the place….

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Poison Ivy specializes in bringing farm-to-table goodness to your dining table. This bistro belongs to Bollywood Veggies Farm.

This rustic corner in the Kranji countryside serves a painter’s palate full of healthy and wholesome meals like their tender Jackfruit Lemak simmered in coconut milk, fluffy Banana Bread, and tidbits like Tapioca Chips, all utilizing fresh produce grown on their farm.

If you are sharing with your family, order their Family Sharing Meal that includes jackfruit lemak, tangy achar and chap chye, alongside white rice. Otherwise, try their popular-favorite Famous Nasi Lemak Platter comprising blue pea rice and sambal goreng is more than sufficient for solo indulgence.

Poison Ivy is located at Bollywood Veggies , 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026, p.+65 6898 5001. Open for delivery 11am – 1pm, 4pm – 6pm and takeaway 10am – 4pm, Wed-Sun. To order call +65 6898 5001 or WhatsApp +65 82469034.

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