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Click The PayPal button near the end of this page to Purchase The Classic Massage Course Volume 5 in 3 sections. Presently Priced at Just S$99.49

You are close to the completion of this course and soon you’ll be making your living with this. In a short while you can order your graduation certificate to decorate your massage room. Patients see that and think very well of you, and tell friends who also come to visit you.

Volume 5 is slightly more expensive because it was a LOT of work. It is approximately 500 pages and you will see more videos and get my commentary which really teaches much more than you presently suspect!

Seeing and getting the teacher’s commentary will make learning quick, almost instant and easy. Apply what you learn to be a far superior MT than anyone else in the city’s brick-and-mortar spas. You are among a small group of MTs in the entire world, who already understand how to apply the pleasures of Massage to cure back-pain!

There are 3 Downloads, (three sections) I think these sections are worth more but for now, the price is just $65.25 = $21.75 per section. A piano lesson in the city would cost much more! This course still comes out as the educational bargain of the Century!

The slight price rise is only to keep up with world-wide price inflation. For you now, the course should already be paying for itself, therefore, I think the increased price is completely justified and quite reasonable.

After you complete your payment, WAIT for a combination “Thank You and Receipt page” to appear. You’ll click on the links there to immediately download your 3 volumes. I think you’ll really LOVE learning this way.

Don’t hesitate to write to me and comment. I want to know what you’re thinking and feeling, and what you really want. And, in a few weeks I will offer an advertising grid and pages for you. I’ll provide 90-days of advertising FREE in Singapore Shopper Magazine to get you started. I’m also planning for a Massage Magazine and you can be included there too!

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