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Recommended Singapore Hotels 

Raffles Hotel, Historic Grace,

Grand Elegance Fit For Royals!

Raffles Hotel Grand Facade Entry


Raffles #1 Beach Road Hotel

This magnificent landmark, known all over the world, exudes charm and comfort, and a tie to old British history that trumps any comparison against other hotels.

Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Casino 

There’s no other hotel in Singapore with so many shops to visit, so many fabulous restaurants to experience, so many sights to see, so many smart, capable, well-to-do guests with whom to meet and converse. There’s no other place in town with a casino to rival the best in Las Vegas! THIS is IT! Most important for this publication are some of her restaurants. You’ll find a lot of that information here and more being added.

The St. Regis, Singapore

The more you know the more wisely you will spend or invest. Take the time to discover more about St. Regis and its location starting here.

The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


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Capella Hotel Resort on Sentosa Island

To call this a hotel is a half-truth. This is truly one of the world’s finest RESORTS….


lobby 2



When You Insist On Giving Her

The Very BEST

“The Jeweler of Kings, The King of Jewelers”

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