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Sample Practitioner Ads Grid.

These are photos of models used to depict therapists. Click on the picture to go to a page written for that practitioner.

Understand what our services are, details about how we work,  and what we can do for your back-pain and other muscle and joint pains, and answers to questions most readers have. I plan to display location categories indicating your community, or city neighborhood to make it easier for patients to decide who to contact. I'm open to suggestions. If the potential patient knows what community you're located in, and can see a page written for you, everything will go very efficiently for you and you'll be busy caring for patients almost constantly.

Ms. Mabelline on Orchard road just off the lobby of The Grandly Famous Hotel (this page needs corrections)

Jason Backfixer, in practice since November 2023. Robinson Quay.

Sample Practitioner, Singapore

Sample Practitioner, Sentosa Island

Sample Therapist, New York City

Sample Therapist, Chicago

Sample Therapist, Bridgeport, CT

Sample Therapist, Houston, Tx

This is a sample ad grid.

Each photo will link to a page for the therapist with anything you want to say about yourself, and your contact information. I can provide a reservations form allowing the patient to make his/her appointment without speaking to you, and even pre-pay for it. This makes you much more efficient. Your time and energy goes into patient care and there is reduced need for a receptionist. You earn more and work less. It should be possible for the patient to ask a question or request a chat too. Sometimes they just want to be reassured by your voice and that you do work on the particular problem the patient is distressed about. For example, the patient might read that we can reduce or eliminate the cause of headaches, but she wants to hear it from you. A 5-minute phone call or text chat will reassure her and she may become a regular patient seeing you every 4 weeks for years.

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