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sample Ms. Maybelline

Enjoy Back Pain Therapy

Dressed Like This!

(Sample) Ms. Maybelline:

Ms. Maybelline maintains an office on Orchard Road just off the lobby of The Grandly Famous Hotel. She is happy to provide a free consultation for all clients, both genders. She will answer questions for you by phone.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM -  5: PM, By Appointment Only.

Call,  +65 6688 9999

Click this NEW link.    (This will lead to a form on which the patient can leave information and make a pre-visit payment.)

Understand More About Our Technique "Natural Spine-Care Therapy 

Be comfortable again and maintain your modesty as you receive care in a simple T-shirt and sweat slax or shorts!



The Practitioner is welcome to send any other information for me to add. Ideally it will be sent via email and I can copy/paste it to your page. It can be in any language. I am able only to read English. Sometimes I can copy/paste into a Google language editor and help improve your English.

I can use a photo of what you have written, or I can copy and paste what you wrote and place it. In the case of Copy/Paste Leave an extra two lines of space and EVERYTHING below that space will be copied and pasted into your page, so think before  you send it to me. Don't include instructions to me in that area because anything you send me will land on your page.

To begin, contact me via the Facebook link (the lighting bolt in the circle lower right) for pricing, and contact information intended only for health-care providers.

Please be reminded you're looking at a sample page. Others will look similar. I can add one or two additional photos and anything you write. It's a good idea to show a photo of the treatment room or area. If you're treating a patient showing that you're working on him/her while he/she is dressed, I think that is an excellent photo because it immediately eliminates all modesty questions.

See This Page To Discover More About Back Pain Manual Therapy

and Natural Spine Care Therapy


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