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Set Up A Kitchen Webcam

Set Up A Kitchen Webcam

Having a good Webcam in your kitchen at all times is worthy of your investment. Surveys prove that customers really LIKE to see the staff working and get to know the people with whom they’re doing business.

While you’re at it, they can see everyone is wearing a facemask or surgical gloves, and you might even produce a short video talking about why we wash hands and utensils, cutting boards, and knives so often! Nothing is more reassuring about health maintenance worries than knowing the restaurant owner keeps a “nearly laboratory clean” kitchen.

You can produce a short video with the web cam and software to answer questions, even do a 3-minute teaching session. “You see me washing knives so often. Here’s why.” Or “You see me cutting away parts of the tomato and throwing it away. I’ll explain why.” Or “You might like to watch our pastry chef. He has magic hands.” What seems common to you is remarkable to people who are not chefs or full-time kitchen workers.

My favorite marketing teacher spoke again about honesty in advertising. So many advertising writers skip the bad news and try to say everything is wonderful.

When you tell customers the truth it’s a big surprise and they fall in love with you! If people wonder, “What do you do to prevent flies?” you can show them. “The best method we have found to get rid of flies is THIS” and show them. “Using this constantly we never have flies in the kitchen.



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