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What does branding have to do with your life and work? I contend it has little or nothing to do with your life, and attempting to brand yourself and your business name everywhere is a big mistake.

You’re not trying to be a Coca Cola or a Pfizer. If you are you will not succeed because there’s no one in Africa or Moldova planning to come to dine with you.

Branding for YOUR business should be for your community and for Singapore, and not further. That’s why I said in my first promotional information letter that buying advertising on big broadcast radio or television is a huge waste of money.

“One of the defining characteristics of the modern world is the dizzying number of choices we have in so many areas. There are 12 million products on Amazon, 50 million songs on Spotify, and 1.7 billion websites. There are undoubtedly large numbers of people with millions of followers on social media websites for one reason or another that MOST OF US have never heard of in our lives.”*

We are confronted today with 1.7 public websites and if you’re a military spy the hidden Internet is much larger! You don’t belong there. Stay out of that poisonous region.

To spend a fortune building a website and then host it is to cause yourself to pay a huge sum to reach very few people. From an economics viewpoint, having a single landing page or a 3-page website attached to and within Singapore Shopper magazine is the better, less expensive, and more effective choice. You don’t have to go find the reading public. I have that public. More and more are subscribing! I’m reaching MORE of them daily through various forms of search engine advertising. Why pay for it when I’m already doing it? They won’t go looking for one when they can have a “catalog” of Restaurant and Cafe ads to consider. That’s why I built this site and why I continue to expand it.

If you’re been watching my site for a while you’ve noted there were stages I’ve been through for design, for making it look right, for making the links work right, for security issues, for a thousand other problems that would be impossible for you to handle yourself because you have all the work you can handle now running a café or restaurant or some other Food and Beverage business.

Yes, you should brand yourself within your city and community and you can do this without competing with 1.7 Billion other websites. You can do it by allowing ONE site to help you at a price so low other advertising firms would first laugh when you tell them the price and say it’s impossible, then weep when they see I’m keeping my promises.

(Keeping my promise of reasonable pricing and transparency is a big important issue to me. I want to be truthful and think everyone should be!)

My friend, let’s do more. Let us tell the world about you, your business, what makes you different, and invite them to come and try. You’ll discover more new faces, more sales, more repeat customers, and more earned Net Income by accepting my advice.

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