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Simple Websites Are Best!

This keeps coming up from major advertising writers…

Clean, Easily Navigated, Simple Websites Are Best!

I was honestly surprised that someone else in part of my search for good ideas wrote this. I have advocated a simple, clean design, 3 pages can be quite enough. More is just some Web Designer’s effort to dupe his customers and collect fat fees for websites big, cumbersum websites that cost too much and sell nothing because they are so confusing they chase customers away!

Too many pages for a simple Restaurant website confuse readers. They get disgusted and look elsewhere. The man says,”My wife asked, Where should we go to eat? It shouldn’t turn into a frustrating study.”

I have written, “You don’t need a big, expensive website.” and now I have found another Web Developer company saying the same thing.

Keep Your Website Simple

We’ve seen a lot of restaurant websites and the majority of them have extremely poor delivery. Keep it sweetly Simple (KISS).

A site with moving backgrounds, moving links, moving galleries of photos, music, all sell little to nothing and slow the page down. A slow page can present a problem. So it’s good to keep it sweetly simple, I like the 1 to 3 page sites. I can use your one page and add a second for a photo gallery if you want that at the rate of $1/minute.

An “About” page talking telling readers about the chef is a good idea. Family history is important. Customers like to know more about those with whom they’re doing business. Don’t tell me only about your college studies. Did you begin watching your mother or father cooking? Was your father a chef? Did you begin watching in the kitchen? It’s all interesting and customers do like to know.

A bigger site should include a menu. Any page, even a single landing page must include contact information, location, and hours of operations, and anything about a dress code, pets, children, island-wide delivery, and so forth. I think you should include an email address.

Just think, what do customers want to know? What do they ask when they call? What would you ask?  Pass that information to me and I’ll make sure it is included on any landing page or three-page site I produce for you.


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