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Singapore Shopper Magazine — Summer 2023

Raffles Hotel Historic Grace,

More Elegant Than Ever!

~Grand Elegance Fit For Royalty~

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 Proper British High Tea -The Grand Lobby at Raffles Hotel   In Royal Raffles style.  Her majesty has been a guest here. How About YOU?

Chye Seng Huat Hardware  excellence is “to naturally be expected.”  MORE>>>

Listing of Cafes & Restos

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Tiong Bahru Bakery  well-known for its coffee and freshly baked premium French breads, croissants, and heavenly Kouign-Amann. MORE>>>

Buona Terra Restaurant    Buona Terra means “Good Earth,” photos show his appreciation for excellent food and presentation as brilliant art.  MORE>>>

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Blue Jasmine Restaurant Authentic Thai flavors, contemporary setting in Farrier Park.

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Fullerton Lighthouse Bistro Restaurant  freshest ingredients and an eclectic blend of herbs and spices, chefs create a carefully developed menu.___________

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Good Chance Restaurant & Catering  …Signature popiah (spring rolls), a traditional dish from Xia Men, Fu Jian, traditional Hokkien cuisines MORE>>>.

Dining OutRaffles Courtyard Restaurant  The Lushly Landscaped Alfresco Courtyard at Raffles Arcade is the place to socialize under the memorable cast-iron pavilion.

Rasapura MastersRasapura Masters Local Cuisine. food paradise of Singapore sample local and regional delights  B2-50, Canal Level, Amongst The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands

Dining OutKoma Japanese Restaurant    KOMA,  new concept modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine. 


Grissini Italian Grill Restaurant at The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Dining Out

LAVO: The Best of Modern Italian-American Dining.      Unforgettable Lavo, Fabulous Dining 57 stories above the Singapore harbor lights;  One might say, Marina Bay Sands, is Many Brilliant Restaurants with an attached casino-hotel.


When You Insist On Giving Her The Very BEST

“The Jeweler of Kings, The King of Jewelers”

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Yan Ting Dim Sum

Yan Ting Dim Sum at The St. Regis Hotel:  This is one of your best Chinese Dining destinations. The prosperous proud Chinese people naturally want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They like to dress well, behave as civilized, proper ladies and gentlemen, and relax together enjoying the very best Cantonese food on the planet! And this is one of the primary places. See why some call it, “Best dim sum buffet brunch in Singapore.” And This Year Yan Tin Dim Sum was one of the very best places for celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year./// Please Tell business owners, “I saw your ad in”

Canopy Restaurants

dining out

Canopy Restaurants    Welcome to Canopy! Enjoy a biophilic dining experience from sunrise to sunset, and bask in the warm and welcoming ambiance. Gather with your family, friends and bring along your pets! Furry friends are welcome in our alfresco dining area! || Be spoilt for choice with our extensive all day dining menu, featuring pastas, pizzas, burgers and more! Indulge in the comfort of surrounding nature only at Canopy!

Located in the heart of Bishan Park, Canopy is open from sunrise to sunset. Gather with friends, family and your furry pets in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Wind down In the comfort of the surrounding nature, and enjoy a delectable dining experience at Canopy Bishan Park.  Note from Dr. Newdell: Dining in a well ventilated outdoor space is safer and healthier. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Canopy. Please Tell business owners, “I saw your ad in”

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Black & Ink Cafe

Black & Ink Cafe  Years of serving honest good cooking. Coffee, Cakes, and wonderful meals. Look more, they’ve relocated!

Gim Tim Catering  Since‭ ‬1975; ‬Excellence ‬serving exquisite Hokkien,‭ ‬SzeChuan and Cantonese cuisine.

SPRMRKT You’ll really like the comfort cafe food delivered to your home. Enjoy SPRMRKT’s all-day favorites


Common Man Coffee Roasters  delivery and takeaway options. Stay well-nourished with best quality brews and tasty brunches.

 Cat and the Fiddle   does a superb job of producing the most beautiful and delicious cakes for any occasion. Photo is Cheese cake. Buy one. We both know you can’t live without it….


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Sonya the Seamstress

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Typhoon Odette Over Cebu Story and Photos/Passage 21-hours, 65-Days: Dec. 16, 2022: Typhoon “Odette” comes to Cebu, Philippines. Rebuilding After a Super Typhoon   Story>>>

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