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Can you prove God is real? 

Yes, and with good science behind the evidence.


What does God want?

He wants YOU in his family. He wants you to be very happy!


What is the true gospel really about?

There is ONE True (somewhat hidden) gospel. It explains that God is going to return to our eyes on this planet very soon. He’s here, always watching but allowing us to do things our way. He will soon end this and set up His Kingdom on Earth and Jesus the Christ will be the just and morally upright KING of Kings.


What will be the result if I am a citizen of this Kingdom?

You’ll never lack for anything you really need. You’ll be extremely happy, healthy, and capable. You will mature to become ALL God wants you to be! Time will mean nothing. We’ll live forever.


Are you crazy?! That’s impossible! What is this going to cost me?

I’m probably not crazy. The lies “the world” tells are crazy.  It’s not impossible. You’ll shed the meat body and have an energy body and you can live for all eternity. It will cost you NOTHING but taking time to read and learn a little. I find reading and learning very comforting. You might too.


What if I don’t take God’s offer? Then what happens?

My best way to answer is to ask you questions. Are you pleased with society, where it’s leading us, where we’re going? Do you like worrying about money, your health,  and working yourself into your grave. Are you enjoying this experience? Do you want to go on like this to age 60 or 70 or older, decrepit, sickly, and miserable? Going on the wrong road tends to lead us there. If you don’t accept God’s right Way you’ll be going on the wrong road, downhill to a terrible ending, from which there is no escape. That’s why I wrote this. I want you to rise to higher happiness, instead of fall into more sorrow and misery.

I welcome your interest. I don’t want money. I don’t even display a donation request. I do all of this because I’m sure it is what God wants me to do. I think The Creator of Eternity wanted you to visit here and decide to look further. You’re invited.  Click the link. Heavens Way Magazine

NEW ADDRESS CHANGE SOON  (A Sub-domain) Right now it’s a practice spot, where I’m learning to use a different page editor software.  I’d like to suggest a very nice video. Look here   “The 7th Day Beavers.” 

Reach Mr. Cole’s Website and more of his excellent information here:  FREE ONLINE Bible Study about Sabbath


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