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The Email I Could Not Send You…

Because I Don’t Have Your Email Address

Restore Spines To Normal Good Posture and Health! 

A lot of us really dislike email. There’s too much of it and it intrudes on our lives and fills the inbox. But, that’s okay! I can reach you here and you’re here for a good reason that is not exactly earthy and not completely apparent. 

They’ll Pay Handsomely For Your Help.

I think there are higher intelligence forces guiding all of our lives. Maybe you suspect so too. I think you’re here because someone important to your life, wants you to see what I’m offering. So, I’d like to make an offer to you. I’ll GIVE YOU A GIFT. 

I want for you to have your own copy of the Massage Course Career Development Report. This is not a 10-page letter. It’s not a 30-page letter. It’s a booklet filled with charts and beautiful photos and explanations about how YOU can learn massage from me, Dr. Stephen Newdell, online and with the materials I offer. Study at your own pace. Buy one volume at a time at your own pace.

Massage relatives and friends dressed like the lady on the table above and you may have seen this photo too. There is no need to request a patient to disrobe. This give more people comfort about a first visit, and it reduces your labor and expansive massively!

Many of your patients will be so pleased, they’ll drop a donation gift into your vase or donation box and say they want to help you with your continuing education, and I’ll even tell you how to get them to do that more often and leave bigger gifts! It’s quite remarkable how you can actually begin a career starting from little knowledge, nearly nothing for equipment, and beginning without charge.

Yes, No Charge, and no special equipment needed!  I’ll give this starter knowledge to you FREE. And… Then if you want to expand and learn to help patients with back-pain, you will learn to restore their normal lives and restore their ability to work again.

What will people in your community say when they hear that YOU restored this person’s ability to have a normal, healthy life again?   

I know because I’ve heard and seen people talking about me. I’ve seen women weeping when they have seen their friend walking again. I want the same experience for YOU.

 I’ll teach you how to do that in The Back-Pain Course which will be renamed as “The Manual Spine-Care Therapy Course.”   

I’ve been doing this work since the start of 1974. That is 49-years of successful experience helping people in pain, and making many friends along the way.

We can stay in contact via email or chat line or blog and I’ll be here to help you. This is a developing new profession in Singapore and you, as a Back-Pain Massage Therapist, may be a perfect fit! 

Oh yes. It can earn a VERY  admirable living too!

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