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The Forage Cafe

The Forage Cafe

The Forage Cafe

phone:+65 8869 7131

Brighten up your day with fabulously delicious memorable meals from The Forage Cafe by 13 Honey. If the bee pun isn’t obvious enough, this cafe incorporates multi-floral honey sourced straight from their farm in Malaysia into a variety of their food items.

Drizzle their liquid gold into your beverages or over mouth-watering signatures like Smoked Salmon and Egg Grilled Waffle Sandwich, or try a Jalapeno Beef Ragu Grilled Waffle Sandwich for a hint of subtle sweetness.

Jalapeno Beef Ragu

If you’re not enticed by the sweet-savoury combination, look over their selection of savoury rice bowls and pasta like St Louis Pork Rib Rice Bowl or Spicy Carbonara Pasta.

Spicy Carbonara Pasta

No meal is complete without dessert. Order a coffee-liqueur laced Kahlua Tiramisu layered with mascarpone cheese. It’s absolutely delicious and, we haven’t yet heard of anyone getting an alcohol buzz from this delicious coffee cheese combination dessert.

The Forage Cafe  located at 30 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488696,

phone:+65 8869 7131.

Open for delivery and takeaway from 10am – 10pm daily.

Delivery is available via Deliveroo and foodpanda.

Call +65 8869 7131 to place your order.

Their menu is an art piece! See it here.


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